1. Anfernee Clark

    Wow! I didn’t know that sleep salon can be very useful to help fall asleep faster. Sometimes I’m having trouble with sleeping and as well as having trouble waking up due to bad sleeping habit at night. Your blog post did inform me a lot about the power of vicks when it comes to aiding sleep.

    But I am also with you on using sleep salon instead of Vicks.

     I will definitely try it 🙂 thank you for this insightful review!

    • Dave

      Yes Clark, 

      Sleep salon really does wonders. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I knew it would be something great. You are also going to see that.

      Cheers! 🙂

  2. Wilson C.

    Hey Oscar,

    Thank you for the detail article! I just bought my own pack Zzzquil to try it out.

    I had been having trouble sleeping lately because of work stress. Sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night and only can sleep a few hours later. But it still hasn’t helped me with the problems.

    I had been looking for natural remedies to help me sleep and that’s how I came across your article. I will try sleep salon instead as you recommend, and see how it goes. I don’t mind giving it a try!

    Thank you.

    • Dave

      Hey Wilson, 

      As I said, zzquil doesn’t always work for everyone. But I am sure you are going to get some real help with sleep salon. Be sure to let me know how you find it.


  3. Emma

    I struggle with getting good sleep sometimes and i never knew there was such a thing. so it keeps you awake in the day time and make you have a good sleep? theres 26% 1 star so thats half 5 star , i guess it either works great for people or cause side effects to the others. Zzzquil is definitely not worth the shot for me. 

    Might try it out sleep salon instead and hope i don’t get any side efects.

    • Dave

      Hey Emma, 

      Zzzquil is more of a gamble as you say.

      Do try out Sleep Salon, it is much better. And there are no side effects, so you can rest easy with it.


  4. Vee

    My boyfriend has pretty bad issues with Restless leg syndrome. He has trouble sleeping every night because of it. He’s tried all sorts of stuff. do you think this product would help? or do you recommend any other products? he tosses and turns every night. the poor guy is miserable.

    • Dave

      Hey Vee, 

      Sorry to hear that, 

      The sleeping aid I strongly recommend, Sleep Salon, will be of great help to him. It will get him sleeping fast and better throughout the night. 

      To be more specific, I encourage him to listen to the sleep induction sessions in sleep salon. They are going to put him to sleep real fast in his condition. 

  5. June Danks

    I could most definitely do with a dose of ZzzQuil, that’s for sure.

    Vicks are a well known brand, really appreciate your link too, had no idea that you can purchase directly from “Vicks”, fantastic, make my job much easier.

    I’m on heart medication, do you think this could be a contraindication?

    I go through rough patches of not being able to sleep, I end up lying in bed for hours wondering what time it is, one of the worst things to do, I know.

    I like your links connecting to the “Sleep Salon” again, brilliant.

    I’ve learnt so much from your post – thank you.

    • Dave

      Hey June, 

      You are welcome.

      About using Zzzquil together with the heart medications you are currently on, I would suggest you get professional advice from your doctor based on the specific kind of medication you are taking. 

      It will be best for them to evaluate the health risks involved with you taking the two drugs at the same time as I don’t know how severe the heart condition you have is.

      I hope this helps. 

  6. Frederick

    Great article Dave,
    I found this very helpful because I suffer from insomnia myself on occasions.

    I’ve never heard of diphenhydramine HCl but as article states it can truly help and I thank you so much for that.

    Thanks so much for a great review!

    P.S. How often will I have to take it?

    • Dave

      Hey Frederick, 

      You should take it once per day for about 2 weeks. 

  7. Christian

    Great detailed article Dave! One question is if it works, do you have to commit a certain amount of hours before you take it? I know personally I have trouble falling asleep, but once I do I Have even more trouble waking up lol. Do you think this will make it even harder?

    • Dave

      Hallo there Christian,

      I would have to say that these occurrences are rare but they may depend more on the individual. If you usually have a hard time waking up once you sleep, it may also happen when you are using the product, but in a slightly higher intensity than when you are not any medication.

      Although this may be the case, there are low chances of it happening. The best advice I would give to you is to consult with your doctor so that you are sure of what you will be getting once you decide to go through with the sleep aid.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

      Have an awesome day. 

  8. Peter

    I confirm that antihistamines can help you fall asleep. I have been taking them for years. The brand I use is Panadol which is easy to get in Taiwan but expensive.

    I will look around the stores and see if I can find ZzzQuil. I am familiar with Nyquil from commercials that I say when I was younger in America. Perhaps this new, for me at least, product will be a better solution.

    Are there any seriously bad effects if I use the product every day for a long period?

    • Dave

      Hallo there Peter, 

      If you use any products based on antihistamines for a long time, you run the real risk of suffering from dementia. I think it would be wise to follow the instructions because the creators would also love to say it works longer than two weeks to make their product have an upper hand, but they don’t. And that is for a good reason.

      Hope this helps you understand why it is important to work with 2 weeks.

      Have a great day.

  9. Danny

    Hey, thanks for this interesting post! It’s funny, because I should probably be sleeping right now as I write this comment, so this post came at the right time! This product certainly looks interesting but I would always be wary of putting any substance in my body- I know you’ve broken down what’s inside it but to a layman like me those names don’t mean a whole lot; but based on the customer reviews, I see it is something worth the shot. I will use it for a few weeks and see if it will work for me.

    • Dave

      Do use it Danny, 

      Remember to come and let us know how it went for you.

      We will be waiting for your feedback in a couple of weeks.

      Have a good day.

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