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5 Facts Help You Achieve a Safe Method of Mind Empowerment Based on Wisdom

Brain improvement

Modern science claims that the brain can transform every day, and you could be the one who administers that transformation. It is believed that as we age, our brain loses its power, memory, and agility as a normal fact for decades.

This decline was accepted to progress without any effort to enhance brainpower. It is essential to take care of your mental health from the initial years.

Some might play brain training games; some may go for therapies or medications, while others obtain ESA certification from their doctors or therapists. It is supposed to be a treatment plan that helps in treating an individual’s psychological issues.

You are not born wiser; wisdom is a virtue that is gained through experience and trying new things in life.

You don’t need to invest hugely on expensive technologies to boost your brainpower; you need to spend a little time to train your brain.

Various facts have been scientifically investigated with convincing pieces of evidence to achieve mind empowerment based on wisdom. Some of them mentioned below.


Meditation renders various health benefits, and it takes only a few minutes of your daily life. Multiple techniques mostly involve a focus on breathing while closing your eyes.

There are lots of types of meditation that have been formulated for different needs and desires and each carries its own set of benefits.

Meditation not only helps you achieve calm and relaxes your mind but improves your overall mental health, including memory and concentration.

It effectively reduces stress and assists in enhancing general intelligence.

According to research published in 2011, in the journal Neuroimaging, portrayed that the participants who practiced mindfulness meditation showed changes in the gray matter of their brains that functions to regulate learning processes and modulate memory and emotions.

Meditation only requires several minutes of mindful movement and quieting your mind.

Proper Nutrition 

A healthy diet is right for physical well-being as well as for mental health. Intake of fresh vegetables and fruits and food rich in vitamins and antioxidants renders a massive impact on brain activity.

Our brain consumes around 20 percent of the nutrients and oxygen from the diet.

A high protein diet stimulates the production of certain neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine that increases the mental alertness.

A recent study portrayed that the consumption of green leafy vegetables alleviates the rate of cognitive decline in older people. The nutrients present in leafy green vegetables possess neuroprotective properties that keep the cognitive functions higher.

According to various studies, breakfast has proved to improve attention, concentration, mood, and short-term memory, thus one should start their day with a healthy breakfast, which includes whole grain bread, cereals, nuts, fresh fruits, beans, soy milk, yogurt, etc.

You might have heard about various supplements that claim to boost your brainpower, but those are needed by people who cannot ingest certain foods or their diets lack essential nutrients.

Maintain a Diary 

Start maintaining journals where you write daily about the day you spent and your emotional stability throughout the day. Keeping a diary is one of the memory exercises usually advised for better brain functioning.

Journaling helps in boosting the cognitive function as well as it stimulates the thinking process and enhances memory. A researchwriting a diary performed by UCLA psychologists concluded that journaling allows people to express their feelings on a page and fight against depression and anxiety.

You could also jot down your plans for the future that helps in enhancing thinking and planning skills.

Maintaining a diary makes us observe and interact more with our environment, which helps sharpen our memory, preventing further cognitive decline as we age.

Journaling daily is the best habit you can acquire because it boosts your quality of life by organizing your emotions and experiences, keeping the brain active and alert, enhancing focus and stability, and increasing the creative potential.

Thus, writing a diary is not only advised for the kids but the adults as it helps with mental health and clarifies the thoughts.

Increase Social Interaction 

Social interaction is one of the best ways to boost brainpower. Meeting people from various backgrounds with different perspectives and learning from their stories and experiences is great for the cognitive function.

According to a study, positive social interactions play a significant role in enhancing mental health and reducing stress.

Discussing different movies and books, chatting about daily lives, debates about politics and current affairs help spark our imaginations and interests.

Meeting new people, listening to their point of view without judging, helps broaden your perspectives, and makes you wiser.

As you already know that memory tends to decline with age, and as you grow, a lot of older inflammation starts taking place in the brain that leads to neurodegeneration.

Therefore, later life accommodation choices are essential because they either facilitate or inhibit individuals’ social activities.

Listening to different stories and relating your life experiences is another type of memory exercise that helps brain empowerment. The more diverse people you meet, the more they push you to think creatively.

Physical Exercise good for Mind Empowerment 

Physical Exercise is beneficial for physical well-being and the brain as it renders aerobic health benefits to the mind. Exercising not only improves the quality of life but builds self-esteem and confidence.

According to a recent study published by the University of South Carolina, physical Exercise stimulates the brain’s mitochondrial development, which helps reduce mental fatigue and improves memory and thinking processes.

The study proved that various neurodegenerative and psychological diseases are caused due to mitochondrial dysfunction.

Recent developments declared that squats have proved as a beneficial exercise for mental health as it alleviates mental dullness by improving thinking skills and memory.

Also, holding a plank enhances focus and energy that helps clear the mind and relieves all the stress. Another study published by the Department of Exercise Science at the University of Georgia declared that 20 minutes of Exercise improves memory functions and information processing.

Regular exercise is healthy for brain functioning as it lowers the blood pressure and improves the general physical condition. Therefore, make time for yourself and do physical activity to achieve maximum benefits for both the brain and the body.


4 thoughts on “5 Facts Help You Achieve a Safe Method of Mind Empowerment Based on Wisdom

  1. Emma Viney says:

    What a lovely read and a wonderful reminder of ways to look after brain health. 

    Meditation is important in my life and I can feel the benefits of meditating daily and I also feel the decline when I don’t. 

    Nutrition is again, so powerful and very transformative for health if used correctly. 

    I started a food diary yesterday but haven’t filled it in today so I need to work on that one. 

    The social aspect is difficult at the moment with COVID but it’s important to stay as connected as we can. 

    Finally, physical exercise can make so much difference to my mental alertness, a good reminder thank you.

    1. Improve Your Brain Power Team says:

      Hallo there Emma, 

      Thanks for stopping by and for your encouraging words as well as sharing the techniques you use.

      We really appreciate the gesture. 🙂

      We all need to keep our mental health at peak performance every time.

      And taking up one or two habits and working with them consistently is going to come in handy for our health in the long run.

      We wish you the best.


      The IYBP Team

  2. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure these quality informations in this post will be of great help to anyone who come across it. My favorite method of mind empowerment is meditation as Meditation can wipe away the day’s stress, bringing with it inner peace.

    Thanks for sharing this with me!

    1. Improve Your Brain Power Team says:

      Hallo there Joy, 

      Thanks for stopping and for sharing your experience.

      Meditation does come with many great benefits and we are happy you are finding it useful.

      We wish you the best with the practice. 🙂


      The IYBP Team

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