1. Romon7324

    Hey there, I have been having many issues going on in my life because of tinnitus. I have tried all sorts of medications and therapy but they don’t seem to be helping in any way. I have read about widex zen therapy from your website and have seen it is much more promising than the previous ones that I have used.

    You have said that I will get constant check up and follow up from a health specialist. I wanted to know if it will be a constant thing, and how constant it actually is, or will just help for a short period of time and that’s it. 

    Thanks in advance.

    • Dave

      Hey there Romon, 

      You will be having a constant check up based on how severe the specialist will find your case. Although, you are sure to have proper care both physically and mentally. This therapy is really trustworthy and their services are quality, so you are sure to get help through to when they are sure you are feeling fairly well.

  2. jCamden

    My ears are frequently ringing and I’ve wondered so many times what’s causing it and what I can do to stop it. I didn’t think there was and actual solution for it though so in the past I’ve just done my best to deal with it. Is zen therapy something you have to do for a certain amount of time or does it become a regular part of your life? Can it cure tinnitus?

    • Dave

      Hey JCamden, 

      This therapy does not cure tinnitus, it only helps you manage the symptoms. So you cannot rely on it to eliminate the ringing in your ears, although it will help make it bearable.

      Coming to how often you should use it, there is no set time range of using it. However, it is recommended that you be getting the therapy every so often. Say after every 2 weeks, or 1 month, or 2 months, or even 6 months based on how disturbing it feels.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

  3. Julien

    Hello Dave,
    This looks like a great solution for people suffering from Tinnitus. I am sure this post will help many people. It looks like the company gives an efficient support to their users and that’s a clear sign of quality.
    With the follow up process (counselling, amplification, fractal tones and the relaxation strategy progam), I understand that the product and the related services are very personalized.
    Thank you for sharing your solutions!

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