Addium Pill Reviews – Is it Really The Limitless Pill? (Updated)

I was digging deep into Addium, and found really strong sentiments expressed towards this supplement. And these kind of opinions are what determine how trustworthy a product is and how often we will buy them, right?

Well, I’ll be addressing much of those in my Addium review. I will also give you the key details of the product like the ingredients, how long it takes to kick in, if it is really effective, the recommended dose, the benefits, side effects, the aspects of the supplement that people are pissed about, if the product is a scam, what people who’ve bought it are saying, and my final thoughts on it.

I hope this review will be of great help to you towards making a well informed decision.

And if by any chance you want to know more about a certain aspect of the product that hasn’t been addressed here, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below indicating the actual aspect and I’ll get back to you in a short while. Promise?

Great! Let’s go ahead and see what Addium is like. 🙂

Product: Addium

Best Place to Buy:

Servings: 60 capsules

Guarantee: Not Indicated


Addium like almost all other brain supplements has used a good number of ingredients that are known to improve the brain in a huge way.

And the ingredients I am talking of are:

• Tyrosine Addium Pill Reviews


• Bacopa Monierri

• Alpha GPC

• Vinpocetine

• Huperzine A

These are what has made some people get good results with it. Although there is more to the product that I will be telling you about in a short while, I can say for sure that the ingredients used to make addium are popular and effective in enhancing cognitive abilities.

If you want to more how each ingredient helps, read the “how the ingredients help” section below.

How long it Takes to Kick in

For those who saw good results with the product, the effect started kicking in at around 30 minutes after consumption. You are going to start slowly feeling a boost in your alertness, focus and concentration.

You will start noticing how well you are thinking outside of how you usually reason and argue your cases.

And the best part is that you will know you are thinking this well which will even make you want to think deeper.

Customer Reviews

I believe you would want to know how people who’ve used it are saying about it to help you get the idea of its effectiveness. Isn’t it?

Well, I also look at that before buying into any product out there as it helps me assess how well it is working.

And in the case of addium, the customers’ reviews are not all that promising.

The nootropic has received a lot of bad ratings and criticism compared to the good reviews.

Actually, most of the places I looked, the bad ratings were more than good ratings.

The main reasons for this are not based on the quality of the product though.

It is in the way the company that created it marketed it, the poor and seemingly deceptive strategies that misled folks. (I will be explaining this issue at length in a few)

A good deal of people who actually went ahead and gave it a try said it worked for them, but there were a few who didn’t see any results, and others who weren’t happy with the results they got based on the expectations they had of it.

If you want to know what the customers said about it exactly, you can see the reviews here. (Search for addium there and you will see them)

Why Most People Are Pissed By Addium Marketing Strategies

The people who marketed addium clearly used deceptive and quite misleading methods that I guess got many cringes.Addium Pill Reviews

Firstly, the tried comparing it to a very popular drug called Adderall that is used to treat ADHD symptoms.

They even went as far as coming up with fake CNN posts and other articles on Medium and LegalAdderall that have now been removed for the controversy they have brought.

Secondly, the people behind addium said that it has ability to help you unlock 100% of your brain power. This means that you will be pretty much getting the effects like those in the “limitless” movie and series by Bradley Cooper.

If you have seen that movie, and then happened to see addium’s promotional resources, you would have bought it because the effects as seen in the movie are things you want to get for yourself.

And I guess that is why the owners gave it the name “Addium Limitless pills”. To kind of associate themselves with the actual movie.

But to be quite frank, addium does not have as great effects as the pill in the movie. No where close to that.

Thirdly, you are told that you don’t have to worry about getting a crush after the effects wear out. You know it is very common with nootropics for one to get a crush when their power goes off.

But addium was made to appear very effective and harmless as well, which isn’t really the case.

In summary, the company and the marketers of this supplement tried to create a huge buzz around it and paint it as the perfect nootropic in the world when it wasn’t.

In terms of quality, it is not at all as it is made to appear. It may work for people, but as well as it is claimed by the owners.


You are required to take just a single pill per day.

Going by the most common 2 capsules each day for other nootropics, it seems like this one is a bit powerful to have you focused for many hours than the regular ones.

Although they don’t clearly specify if you should take it on an empty or full stomach, I would recommend you take on an empty stomach to have it release its effects in around 30 minutes.

On a full stomach it takes a bit longer.

How the Ingredients Help

Bacopa Monierri has got quite a reputation of improving cognitive function while tyrosine helps with boosting the performance of your brain when you are oftenly in stressful places, or handling serious Addium Pill Reviewscases, like soldiers in a battlefield.

Vinpocetine helps to increase the levels of ATP energy being produced as well as allowing more flow of oxygen and nutrient rich blood into the brain. This goes a long way in slowing cognitive decline and improving your memory.

Alpha GPC, on the other hand, boosts the effectiveness of a few essential neurotransmitters in the brain that enhance cognitive performance especially the memory.

GABA has been found to reduce over excitement, anxiety and help you calm down, focus and improve your memory.

Huperzine A will get you a good night sleep and help fight off the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. It also gets rid of free radicals that bring body upset.


I like listed benefits because they help catch a handful of benefits just by a simple glance, and I’m guessing you love them too. Don’t you? I see you nodding.

Well, here you go. These are the benefits you are told you will be getting from this pill:

* If you are tired, you will have your alertness heightened.

* If you are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, you will get a great boost in your thinking abilities.

* Reducing high blood pressure

* Increasing your energy levels

* Elevating your cognitive performance

* Improving your memory

Pro’s and Con’s

The Pro’s

– It works for some people

– Ingredients used are safe and well known cognitive boosters

The Con’s

– Very deceptive marketing strategies used

– Product quality was overhyped

– It is only available online

Side Effects

I have to agree this product does come with quite some side effects. The mild ones include overstimulation by caffeine, and sometimes getting jitters.

The one effect that made me a bit skeptical about buying it was the fact that it sometimes makes a rash to develop on the face, neck and other body parts.

I know ladies don’t want this, and I happen to be “ladyish” when it comes to my face and rashes.

When the company got the feedback, they said they would be taking away niacin from it that was the main cause of this.

Please note that there could be other serious side effects for people who use it while they are on other medication without consulting with the doctor first.

So if you are going to get it, make sure you have checked with a doctor first to be sure that you are safe enough to use it.

Where to Buy Addium Online

Well, there are a number of places you can purchase this product. But the place I would advise you to buy from is It is quite convenient to use it especially if you are planning to shop for other stuff online.

Although it is not available at the time I updated this post, it could be that they added stock by the time you are reading this post.

So be sure to look for it there.

Get Addium from here

Want to hear someone who tried out addium has to say about it? Watch the video below.

My Final Thoughts on Addium

Well, I would say that addium has some good potential of helping you improve your memory, blood flow in the brain which comes with many great benefits, increasing alertness and boosting mental performance to name just a few.

However, they way the company that made it got it into the market has really destroyed its reputation because they made really big claims which they didn’t deliver.

There are actually many supplements that are far better than addium in terms of performance and quality like Mind Lab Pro, Alpha Brain and Qualia.

These are the ones I would recommend you try out.

But if you are still convinced to test out Addium, by all means do.

It will help you see if it works for you.

But do not expect the “Bradely Cooper’s limitless” kind of results because you are going to be hugely disappointed.

And that is pretty much it with addium.

Let me know your thoughts about it.

Again, If you have any questions about this product, or any others based on brain supplements, you can drop a note below and I will be more than happy to help you out. 🙂

I will be waiting for them.

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