1. W Tucker

    I’m very interested in L-carnitine and was glad I came across this article talking about the benefits and explaining how it works.

    I understand that because it’s simply an amino acid that it had fewer side effects than some other supplements/nutritional products.

    I am gonna try it because it seems like it is beneficial, especially for folks like me who are not 20 anymore.

    I saw a reference to Alzheimer’s and how it protects the sheath that encloses the brain nerves. I guess it helps with Alzheimer’s. I assume it does because of all the other brain functions it seems to improve.

    I benefited from the video as sometimes it’s easier to hear and see someone talk about a subject that is not always easily understandable. that helped.

    thanks for the review. It helped me decide to add it to my regimen.

    • Dave

      Hey Tuck,

      I’m glad you loved the review.

      About alcar treating Alzheimer’s disease, there are no studies that have proven that it completely treats Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, but there is sufficient evidence that it helps delay the onset of the disease.

      But if you have already been found suffering from it, the supplement will help slow its development and keep you brain functioning elevated.

      Ideally, I would say this makes a great supplement for people who are suspecting that they might be suffering from Alzheimer’s or those that have already been diagnosed with it and are in their early stages of it.

  2. Pam

    I was getting all excited reading your information until I got to the part about hypothyroidism and not taking it if you have it. Why is that? What are the issues if you take this supplement and have hypothryroidism? I would be really curious to know since I have it. Am I doomed on my brain power because of it? Thanks for a great article.

    • Dave

      You are welcome Pam,

      The reason I advise people not to take alcar if they have hypothyroidism is because it comes with disturbing stomach issues and other effects as well depending on other conditions you may be suffering from. You may not notice the moment you take it, but you will feel it a while later.

      And yes, it’s something you don’t want to experience with this condition. Although some people say that taking it on the short term can help and keep the stomach effects away, but I would rather you don’t test the waters.

      The supplements I would advise you use if you have hypothyroidism is Zinc, Vitamin A, Iron and B Vitamins. Tyrosine and ashwagandha are also great because they make the ingredients of most brain power supplements.

      I hope this helps.

  3. andrejs

    Thanks for very comprehensive and honest review of Acetyl-L-Carnitine. Actually, I hardly believe on so widespread online men erection wonder pills but this could be an exception. Need to check in the local pharmacy luckily you stated ingredients as I think that in Latvian market these pills could have another name.

    • Dave

      Hey Andre,

      This supplement is not one of the those hyped up pills you get on male enhancement. They are an improved version of the ingredients people have used for years.

      Checking in with your doc is actually a great idea. He’ll even tell you if it will be great for you. Hope you find it useful. 🙂

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