1. Salvatore V Jenkins Jr.

    I have never heard of Noopept, never taking any supplements other then vitamins and I stopped taking those a while ago.

    I’m sure we all can use a brain boost! I know I would like to top my cognitive functions and make decisions alittle faster.

    Just out of curiosity because I know nothing about supplements what is silica and maltodextrin?

    • Hey Salvatore,

      Silica had got a wide range of benefits. I think it has been used in Noopept to help with Alzheimer’s disease and removal of aluminum which oftenly clogs in the mind. Other than that, it is used in nail, skin and heart health.

      It comes quite in handy with Noopept, especially without the extra costs.:)

      As for maltodextrin, it has been used as a sweetener but also comes with anti aging benefits and anti irritation benefits as well.

      These are supplements sold separately in various skin and nail supplement stores.

      But by consuming absorb health’s Noopept, you are getting all the benefits without paying any extra dime.

      That is why I prefer this store over the others.

  2. ChazzBrown

    I never heard of this product before but it sounds exciting. It definitely reminds me of the fictional NZT drug in the movie Limitless.

    I noted on the page they recommend you take it with Choline which is a supplement I am familiar with.

    I’m glad I stopped by. This seems like a product I can absolutely use in my life.

    • Dave

      Hey Chazz,

      Noopept is one great pill you are going to love.

      I have seen it work amazing always.

      If you have checked with a doctor and they’ve said it’s okay, I’m sure you are going to love the experience.

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