1. Liz

    I am intrigued. I have often bought magnesium as a supplement, but not magnesium threonate. In fact had not heard of threonate until now. Is this what makes it a nootropic? Is there a limit for how long you should take this supplement -eg should it only be used when you fell you ‘need’ it, or can it be used on an ongoing basis without disturbing your biochemistry in ways that could have a knock on affect on other areas? Thanks for the info. Your site is really interesting too.

    • Dave

      Hi Liz, 

      You are welcome and I am glad to hear that you find the site interesting. 🙂

      Magnesium threonate helps with crossing the blood brain barrier in the brain which brings the benefit of boosting your cognitive abilities. That is why the supplement has been found to be pretty effective as you can see in the customer reviews.

      When it comes to the usage, daily usage is recommended as this does not have any effects on your body.

      I hope I have answered all your questions adequately.

      Have a good day.

  2. Sierra

    Hi Dave,
    I have been looking for a supplement that would help me with sleep as well as improving my cognitive abilities. I am surely getting a bottle of magnesium threonate after this.

    Thanks a lot for the review. It has really been helpful. I will be stopping frequently to read more of your posts.


    • Dave

      Way to go Sierra, 🙂

      I am happy you found your right fit! The supplement will surely come in handy for you considering how well it has been reviewed by other people who have used, and others still using it.

      I also encourage you to be stopping by every so often as I will be posting fresh and interesting content regularly.

      Have a great day.

  3. Julian

    I have been hearing of magnesium threonate but I have not been paying too much attention to it. I see that it works very well with issues like hair loss and sleep. These are the main things I am currently struggling with and would really love to have them completely solved. 

    I will be giving this Magnesium threonate supplement a go and see how well it will work for me. Thank you for the information and the customer reviews.

    • Dave

      Hey there Julian,

      The supplement has been closely associated with helping in those areas so it is something you can rely on. Do use it and then let me know the kind of results you get with it. I will be waiting to hear from you.

      Have a fantastic day.

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