Aniracetam Reviews – Customer Reviews and What You Need to Know (Updated)

You want to get aniracetam reviews to determine if it really is a good fit for you, right? You would want to know how it is doing in the market as well as what it does and exactly how it does it, isn’t it?

Well, my aniracetam review will address various aspects like customer reviews of aniracetam, where to buy it online, what is aniracetam, its benefits, side effects, dosage, stacking and my final thoughts on it.

And if you have a burning question which you feel wasn’t fully or not at all tackled here, please feel free to leave a comment below and try to be specific. I will get back to you soonest, usually within minutes or a few hours (but I try to keep it within minutes). Okay?

Great! Let’s take a delve straight into aniracetam. 🙂

Product: Aniracetam

Best Place to Buy:

Servings: 100 capsules

Guarantee: 100% money back guarantee

Could Aniracetam Users Be Any More Pleased With Nootropics?

Well, I took some time to look for customer reviews for this supplement from a number of trusted places. And I have to say the feedback was very positive. There are many people who reported good results with it.

There are actually more people who rated it well than those who rated it badly.

Here is what one of them said:

Aniracetam Reviews

And another one…

Aniracetam Reviews

And this shows you just how this product is effective.

Although, as with any product out there, you get to have a few complaints.

And this is not because the product doesn’t work, the complaints are often linked with people’s health issues prior to taking it or sometimes, overdosing.

That is why you are recommended to stick to the recommended dose and be sure to visit a doctor first before you use it. It will help assure you of good results, if you are fit for it.

Video Review

If you want to know what someone who has been using it for a good while now, here is a video for you.

Where to Buy Aniracetam Online

There are many places you can get aniracetam pills online but the best place I recommend you buy from is AbsorbYourHealth. It is a store that has proven to be quite reliable and has grown to become authoritative within the nootropics industry.

It is also where you can get almost all other brain power supplements and ingredients of the supplements, in good quality and best deals, like oxiracetam, adrafinil and more.

Acutally, they offer huge discounts when you decide to buy in bulk plus they give you free shipping for orders above $75. You can get it if you are living in the United States, UK, Canada, Australia or anywhere else in the world.

Aniracetam Reviews

There are other places like gnc, walmart and walgreens where you will find other brands of aniracetam.

I don’t know well about them. They may or may not be as good as for absorb health, you should test them out to confirm that.

What I can only assure you is the high quality absorb health store offers.

Buy aniracetam from Absorb Your Health here

What is Aniracetam? Really.

Away with the brands. Now, what is aniracetam?

If you haven’t been on nootropics or are just getting to know them, you might be wondering what this product is and what it really does.

To give you the simplest definition, aniracetam is a nootropic drug that will help you improve upon your cognitive abilities like learning and creativity, hiking your moods and bringing down your anxiety levels.

It has attracted much attention in Europe especially after it was approved as a pharmaceutical product. Many people were using it before and were getting pretty good results, so I guess they thought, if it works this great why don’t we just approve it and get everyone to use it?

But it has not yet been approved by the FDA in the United States, that is why you won’t find it many stores out there.

Aniracetam Reviews

Aniracetam is also known as ampamet, Referan, Draganon, Pergamid, Memodrin and Sarpul.

It is in the family of the racetams which means it shares the pyyrolidone nucleus. If I go deep into this classification, it may get a bit technical.

But the idea is racetams help to regulate neurotransmitters, which play a big role in the brain.

And Its Mechanics are Amazing Too!

What makes it special is the fact that it is fat soluble which makes it easy for it to go past the brain barrier with more ease compared to its “big brother”, Piracetam which is water soluble.

This makes it more potent.

And it is actually synthetic, so you won’t find it in any plants or foods.

If you like scientific stuff and techy information on how it works, this should get you going.

This is exactly how it works.

Aniracetam has the ability to cause a stimulation of two major glutamate receptors, Kainate and ampa receptors, which are linked to general excitement.

This stimulation in turn causes a boost in release of noradreanline in the hippocampal nuerons.

And this causes a huge amount of activities in the brain through the neurotransmitters.

Aniracetam also helps to keep the receptors of GABA-a inactive which allows for more stimulation that will get and keep you active for a good while.

It also takes up the role of acetylcholine as it boosts the signals of acetylcholine receptors in the mind which bring about increased focus, learning, memory and thinking abilities.

So What Exactly Are You Getting off of it?

Here is a list of benefits you will be taking home with aniracetam:

• Improved moods

• A huge boost in creativity

• Improved memory retention

• Better vision

• Increased motivation and focus

• Reduces stress and anxiety

* Better thinking and learning abilities

How Much of it Should You Take?Aniracetam Reviews

Well, the half life of this pill is 1 to 3 hours. That is why you are advised to take 1 to 3 pills per day. This is the perfect dosage.

The stimulating effects will to start to kick in after 30 minutes.

But if you overdose, you are in for some serious side effects.


You can choose to have aniractam alone or you can combine it with other well known brain supplements as it works well alone and while stacked.

The most common stacks you can with include:

1. The Racetams Stack

This stack includes 3 of the most popular racetams, that is, Piracetam, Oxiracetam and Aniracetam. The beauty of this stack is that it increases the quality of effects you get from each of the supplements and the effects actually stay longer than an individual racetam would.

When doing this stack it is also a good thing to include a choline based supplement like CDP Choline.

You should also keep in mind that when you combine the supplements, you should reduce the dosage because when together they are quite powerful.

You should consult with your doctor to know if you are safe, health wise, to take them and how much you should take.

It is also highly recommended that you first use each of the racetams individually so that you know how your body reacts to them. After that, you can go for the stack.

2. Aniracetam and Choline

It is always a good idea to take choline with a racetam as they both work towards maximising the potency of each of the nootropics while reducing the possible occurrence of side effects like headache which may be brought by insufficient amounts of choline in the body.

Choline is very important as it is linked to a neurotransmitter called Acetylcholine that is responsible for various cognitive functions including the memory.

Taking a choline supplement makes way for powering up acetylcholine.

It is recommended you take about 750mg of Aniracetam together with about 300mg of Alpha GPC. You can have this dose once to twice per day.

3. Mind Lab Pro and Aniracetam

Another great option to go with is working with Mind Lab Pro and Aniracetam. Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic that has become quite popular due its effectiveness.

It has more than 10 natural ingredients in it that help with proper cognitive performance, moods, memory, brain repair and reducing stress.

The recommended dose for this stack is taking 750 mg of Aniracetam and 2 capsules of mind lab pro once to twice per day.

What Could Possibly Happen if You Overdosed?

If you happen to be too generous with the dosage, you suffer the risk of insomnia, diarrhea, nausea, anxiety and vertigo.

This isn’t something you want to have when you are sitting for a paper or wanting to handle some demanding tasks.

Generally, there have been no serious reported side effects of aniracetam for people who have used it the right way.

Also, if you are just starting out, you may get a bit of mental fogginess but that should go away in a day or two.

It’s Conclusive, Aniracetam Rocks!

I believe you have now seen how aniracetam is such a wonderful product to consider if you want any of its listed benefits.

From not having any dangerous side effects with it to having thousands of folks reporting pretty good results with it, it really is THE brain supplement to go for.

So I suggest you get your bottle and get started on the daunting tasks you have set for the day, they will be piece of cake once you have swallowed the first pill.

Order your bottle of Aniracetam here

Plus, if you need help with anything related to aniracetam or nootropics in general, feel free to drop a comment below and  I will be more than happy to help you out.

I’ll be just around the corner waiting. 🙂

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