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You might have heard something interesting about phosphatidylserine out there right?

And am guessing you want to know more about it as well how people who have used it are saying about it, isn’t it?

Well, my Phosphatidylserine (ps) review will help you get customer reviews of it and also give you other important bits of it that you may not have had the chance to really go deep into like what exactly it is, the benefits, right dose, how it works, side effects, where best to buy it and my final thoughts on it.

I believe this short but comprehensive review will serve to be helpful to you as you decide on whether to go for this dietary pill.

And in any case you had a burning question about it that I may not have looked into here, please feel more than welcomed to ask me in the comments I will get to it as soon as I can (in under 12 hours, or much less). Okay?Phosphatidylserine Reviews

Awesome! 🙂 Let’s now take a deep look into Phosphatidylserine.

Product: Phosphatidylserine

Best Place to Buy:

Servings: 100 Capsules

Guarantee: 100% Money Back Guarantee

What Frequent Users are Saying

I always make an effort of looking through the user reviews of every product out there to get an idea of its overall performance in the market and evaluate its credibility.

I did look at the customer reviews stats of phosphatidylserine supplement and it has received quite some positive feedback from most people.

There are many people who rated it highly than the ones who rated it poorly.

Those people who used for concentration, cognitive performance and enhancing their memory reported really good results.

phosphatidylserine reviews

So it is definitely worth the try.

But as I always say, it’s really important to pay a quick visit to a doctor and have them tell you if the pill will personally work for you based on your current health condition.

You don’t want to ignore this and find your body not having any substantial amount of effects off of it or suffer a worse condition because of them.

You will have lost a lot in terms of money and health.

So please be sure to check with your doctor before using it so that you are sure it will help.

What Exactly is Phosphatidylserine?

Simply put, Phosphatidylserine is basically a chemical in the body that helps improve many areas of the body.

Some of these areas include increasing brain power, treating Alzheimer’s disease, lowering cortisol levels (thus improving performance for athletes), preventing too much stress that comes with exercising, depression and a lot more, as we are going to see.

It occurs naturally in the body but in low amounts which can’t possibly help with all the listed benefits.

In almost all human beings, there is 60 grams of it, half of which is located in the brain cells.

Phosphatidylserine Reviews

Most of it comes from the foods we eat.

Phosphatidylserine supplements are mostly made from soy and cabbage.

We actually take in 130mg of it per day from foods.

Before we started getting Phosphatidylserine supplement from the veggies, it was initially taken from cow brains, but you know how animals get at times.

They’re always looking for chances to “poison” the human race. Lol

Studies showed that there are risks of getting infections from the cow brain like mad cow disease, which is quite something.

So the manufacturers swiched to veggies.

Another name for Phosphatidylserine is PS.

How Phosphatidlyserine Does Its Thing

The secret behind the super performance of Phosphatidylserine is basically in the ability to go through the brain barrier, which draws the line between the brain cells and blood.

With this ability, it is able to pass on active ingredients to the brain, which helps out in different ways.

And these benefits include getting the brain to be more thorough with the metabolism of glucose, improving the signals of communication from one neurotransmitter to the other and making the cell membrane more fluid.

When someone takes this supplement, there is often many beneficial changes that happen.

It has also shown great abilities to help in the production of more acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, which helps out with memory and Dopamine, another neurotransmitter which helps with boosting mood.

Phosphatidylserine also plays a big role in regulating cortisol levels which are responsible for anxiety, stress, depression, weight gain, cell damage and uneven sleeping patterns.

That is why you will find anyone taking it having an easy time when exercising as they are seeing faster results with the workouts, better sleep and being in generally high moods.

The Goodies You Get From it

These are the benefits you will be getting when you choose to get into this pill for the next couple of weeks or months:

• Boost memory to old people with memory issues

• Treat less severe symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

• Improve cognitive abilities

• Treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

• Hike performance of athletes

• Reduce stress that comes with exercising

• Help you sleep like a baby (at night)

• Improve your moods

• Boost overall brain health

WebMD claims that most of the listed benefits will come from the cow’s brain version of Phosphatidylserine while there is no solid evidence for the veggie version of the supplement.

But you should know that there are people who have gotten great results with vegetarian capsules.

My advise with this?

Go for the vegetarian options no matter what. (You don’t want to risk getting mad cow disease, not to mention that United States are no longer using the cows brains version)


The best recommended dose of PS is taking 100mg to 500mg a day by mouth. (1 capsule Per day)

You should take it depending on the size of your body and your tolerance to nootropics.

Personally, I would start low and assess my tolerance to it.

Phosphatidylserine Reviews

If you are just starting out with supplements, you should start low and then increase the dose with time and as you get used to them.

This is the best approach to all supplements, applying moderation.

Top Nootropics That Have Phosphatidylserine

Considering the effectiveness of phosphatidylserine, and the fact that it has been used for decades with good results, there are many formulated nootropics that use it as one of the ingredients.

Some of these nootropics include:

1. Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is one of the top nootropic in the industry. It has a good deal of popular ingredients in the brain improvement industry and it delivers fast and long term brain improvement effects.

Among the many ingredients is Phosphatidylderine that gives a hand with the short as well as long term memory and mental clarity.

If you are not above 55 years old (which has been found to be the age group that enjoys the full benefits of PS), then you may want to use Mind Lab Pro as it offers both the young and the old all the benefits you get from PS.

Learn more about Mind Lab Pro Here

2. Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind is yer another supplement you are going to love as a brain improvement enthusiast.Qualia Mind Review

It comes with 28 ingredients that are all well known to boost cognitive performance as well as other areas of the body.

It offers 100mg concentration of PS which has been made from green sunflower and its overall formulation offers a highly efficient product that does a good job with the brain.

It also makes one of the best stacks with almost all other nootropics.

Learn more about Qualia Mind here

Side Effects

If you are wondering what could possibly go wrong with taking huge doses of Phosphatidylserine, here is something for you.

Well, while there is not much harm PS could do except for a mild stomach ache and insomnia, especially if you are taking doses above 300mg for the first time.

You simply want to be careful for you don’t know how it’s going to behave in your body.

Mad cow disease is on the loose for those who wish to purchase the cow brain version, so you may want to stick to the plant based version just to be safe.

But be sure to check with a doctor first to know how fit you are for it especially if you are sensitive to supplements.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you simply want to avoid it, even though there is no evidence it’s bad for you.

You can also follow up on that with your doctor if you are thinking about taking it.

Generally, this is a safe supplement to use by children and adults by mouth. Up to 6 months of studies have proven it.

Where to Buy Phosphatidylserine Online

The best place I recommend you buy the veggies’ version of phosphatidylserine (which is the best) is at AbsorbHealth. This is the only store that I have come to trust when it comes to nootropics.

They have the best concentration of supplements for the brain including Adrafinil, noopept and many others.

They even add other essential ingredients that stack well with the actual pill you want, to bring full blast results.

And they will also give you huge discounts if you decide to buy in bulk, not to mention free shipping to anywhere in the world, UK, Australia, United States, Canada, you name it.

Buy Phosphatidylserine from Absorb Health Here

You can also get the same Absorb Health bottle of Phosphatidylserine on Amazon. So if you would like to buy it from Amazon, you can easily do it.

I always recommend using Amazon to buy Absorb health supplements when you are shopping for other products their as well, but the supplements alone as it can be very expensive, compared to buying from the main website.

Buy Absorb Health’s Phosphatidylserine supplement from Amazon here

It’s Conclusive, Phosphatidylserine is Awesome!

I believe you have seen how great this dose is when it comes to weight loss, moods and improving brain power especially for old people.

So now is your time to start get your bottle to help you with boosting your memory, give you much ease with lifting weights and keep your moods at all time highs.

Order your bottle of this mind preserving pill here

Plus, if you have any questions about it or nootropics, or want help with a specific issue related to brain supplements, please leave your comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

I’ll be around the corner waiting. 🙂


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  1. Hi Dave,

    Great stuff, I think that would not be bad to take. Phosphatidylserine.

    But I felt at ease to hear this product has only two side effects. I had previously bought the cow brain version but had not yet used it.

    Thank God I escaped the mad cow disease by a whisker. I’ll be using this one instead.

    Thanks for the info and have a good time.

    1. Ha! You sure did escape it by a whisker. 🙂

      But the good thing is, it is most people who suffer the risk of getting the disease, not all who use it.

      But to be safe, it is best to use this other one to keep the slightest risks of getting mad cow disease at bay.

  2. Hello,

    i have never come across phosphatidylserine before or any of its interesting facts but from what I just read from your post I realised it’s a dietary pills with wonderful work and features. Going by its review, it appears to be a wonderful product and I’ll not only try it out alone, I’ll also inform people about it. Thanks

    1. Hey Salim, 

      Thanks for stoppping by. 

      We are happy you got to learn about it.

      You are surely going to love it as well as the people you will inform about it.

      We look forward to getting your feedback and your friends’ on it when you get to use it.

      We will be here waiting for them.

      Cheers. 🙂

  3. afolabi anumicheal says:

    Thanks for writing this review on phosphatidylserine and all about it. I must commend you for doing your research and findings before writing this review on this product.although this is my first time of reading or hearing about this product and am really impressed with advantage of phosphatidylserine supplement  and I will love to have it at home for personal use. Before then I will like to ask, is it additive in any way?

    1. Hey there Afolabi, 

      We are happy you loved the review.

      About your question on whether the supplement is addictive, I would say I haven’t heard any cases where users become addicted to it.

      However, this does not mean that it is okay to overdose as you won’t be addicted to it. Please be sure to work with the recommended dosage for your own safety.

      Hope I have answered your question.

      Have a fantastic day ahead!

  4. I learned alot from your Phosphatidylserine review, it was very enlightening. 

    I never heard the word Phosphatidylserine before. But your article has introduced me to the term and I think I am in need of this supplement in my diet, seeing that I want to improve my brain’s memorization power. 

    Thanks for this much needed review on Phosphatidylserine, I enjoyed it

    1. You are always welcome peace, 🙂

      You are surely going to love it. 

  5. Thank you for this informative article on phosphatidylserine. I had not heard of this chemical or supplement before you I had read this article. It’s pretty cool how natural supplements have so many positive effects on the body. I will be giving it a go to see how it works out for me.

    1. Awesome to hear that Jon, 

      Please, do remember to pass on your feedback on it to us when you use it.

      We will be happy to feature it here. 

      Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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