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What the Raikov Effect is About – How it Trains For Genius!

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If you are wondering what the Raikov effect is about, how it uses deep trance identification (as most people are saying), and how these two are related, then you will want to read this.

The Raikov effect that was launched in December last year by the Inspire 3 team really piqued my interest after I saw so much buzz about it and I decided to dig deep into the technique and discover all about to determine if it is something that is really as interesting as it sounds or just another blurb on the web.

And I did get a handful of information on it.

I’ve managed to trace the Raikov Effect technique from its root, how it developed from a really fascinating science called deep trance identification, and how it has evolved through the years.

I was also able to reach out to a few well known experts on this subject and other people who have greatly influenced deep trance identification to what it is at the moment.

They were kind enough to share their thoughts and perspectives which made a huge contribution to this Raikov effect review.

So I believe I will be able to offer a completely detailed look at the Raikov effect and help you understand well before you make your final decision on if to use it or not.

Without any further ado, let’s jump right in and see what we’ve got here.

First, allow me to summarize Inspire 3’s Raikov effect program as this is what made me want to know about the science. It is also what I will be using to explain everything about the deep trance identification method used here.

Also, if you want a brief but detailed review on Inspire3’s raikov effect only, then you should check out this quick but well detailed raikov effect review.

If you want everything there is to know about the technique, keep reading.

Product name: Raikov effectraikov effect discount
Developers: Karl Moore and the Inspire 3 team
Best known for: Becoming a better version of you
Cost: $237 (there’s a 100 discount if you buy soon)
Best Place to Buy: www.raikov.com
Overall Rankings: 96 out of 100

What Is the Raikov Effect?

Well, the Raikov effect is a hypnotic strategy that helps you, for a brief period of time, to ‘become’ someone else, taking on their beliefs, values, emotions, thoughts and behaviors in order to enhance your own skills and life.

It helps you get in the shoe of that person and understand how they are in every way, how they feel, how they think, what they believe in, how they perceive life and what values they hold high in their lives.

With this understanding, you will be able to know what makes the person as great as they are in their areas of expertise as well as help you improve your skills in that area like them in good time, and your overall life as a whole.

What happens is, this strategy offers you unique insights and perspectives of that particular skill you want to get better at, from that highly skilled person you admire, that you wouldn’t have gotten using your mind alone.

By stepping in another person’s life and getting to experience life like they do, you will be able to see things from another unique perspective which is deeper and better than yours, thus elevating your thought and mind.

The Raikov Effect was made from an old process called Deep Trance Identification.

Deep trance identification (DTI) is a process that has proven successful in helpingwhat the Raikov effect is about people sharpen their skills by assuming themselves to be a person they know to be a master of that actual skill.

Here, they are made to feel like the master himself in every way so that they are able to see the skill from this great perspective the master has, and in turn better their own skills.

A good example of this is the way kids pretend to be some super heros they love like Superman, Batman, spiderman, to name a few, and try to imitate their words, actions and feelings, which helps them grow and learn in huge way.

Raikov Effect is the advanced version of deep trance identification . And the science they both use are the same.

In fact Jess Marion, a DTI and hypnosis expert of The Intellgent Hypnotist, who is a huge figure in the DTI industry says, “DTI and Raikov effect, as far as I’m concerned, are inseparable.”

The thing is, DTI in the past was only a process of learning but Vladimir Raikov, the well known Russian brain scientist (more about him in a few), was the one who made it a formal hypnotic strategy that can be applied in any area of life to help people learn different skill sets and improve the quality of their life.

That is why it is now referred to as as the ‘Raikov effect‘ as it was named after him.

Speaking about Vladimir Raikov, one of the developers of deep trance identification, let’s take a brief look at the history of DTI to best understand where it comes from and why it is highly effective.

A Quick History of Deep Trance Identification (DTI)

Before being developed and taken up as the highly effective hypnotic strategy it now is, DTI can be traced back in the 1930’s where it was used in different aspects of traditional cultures and religion in Bali.

It may have been used even before this period of time by the same people and others throughout the world, but the only records there are about it start from the 1930’s.

In Bali, a story is told of a witch who had a daughter she wanted to marry off to a certain king. The king rejected the lady and the witch was so angry about this that he cast a spell on the king, and turned him into a dragon.

Seeing this, the servants of the king set out to kill the witch and restore the king into his natural human form. The plan wasn’t that easy as the witch had great powers that got the servants into deep trance states whenever they tried to kill her.

Immediately they came close to the witch with small knives to stab her to death, she would get them into really deep trance states that would have them experience convulsions and catalepsy, which made them turn the knives they were to use to kill the witch, on themselves.

They didn’t kill themselves though.

It was actually said that if someone hurt himself while in a trance, then that wouldn’t be a true deep trance state.

Later on, the servants were taken out of their trance states by a priest who purified them with holy water.

There is actually a film that was made by Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson, that they named “Trance and Dance in Bali” which represents the story and deep trance identification in a great way.

It is on YouTube and it takes about 21 minutes. You should check it out in the video below.

Later on, the two producers combined efforts with Milton Erickson, who helped create a theory from the video and then released another video called the “Balinese Trance Dance” in early 1950’s.

Vladimir Raikov Formalizes the DTI Process…And Changes its name!

In the period the 1960’s and 1970’s, Vladimir Raikov, is said to have worked with doctor Milan Ryzl, a Czech psychologist on a series of hypnotic experiments that the two set out to perform.

They were mainly aiming at getting an effective way that would help increase the Raikov Effect Review vladimir raikovmusical and artistic skills of the students at Moscow conservatory, in music and also get them to score high in their exams.

So they took the students and divided them into 3 groups.

The first group never had anything done to them. They were used the way they were. The second group however, was hypnotized and also had a number of positive suggestions given to them.

The third group was also hypnotized but were then taken through deep trance identification where they were made to feel in the shoes of masters of the skills they were being trained for.

In this process, they were taken back to old days and they were made to identify with the masters of the skills. While in the old days, and in deep trance states, they were made to believe that they grew up playing the instruments and mastering the skills they way the masters did it.

This gave them great confidence and mastery of the skills.

After this, all the groups were put to the test to determine which method worked best. And as you would imagine, the third group that got hypnotized and taken through deep trance identification had the best results.

They performed well in the technical aspect of the exam, which was playing the instruments and accurately interpreting the whole art they were being taught.

And the best part is, the ‘genius’ abilities they had received from the technique used on them stuck even when they were out of class and far beyond.

It was after confirming deep trance identification extremely useful in learning, that Dr. Vladimir Raikov decided to formalize it as a hypnotic process. This is where people associated the DTI method with the doctor, and nicknamed it “The Raikov Effect”.

If you’d like to take a peek at one of the recorded DTI sessions with Vladimir Raikov, you can check out the 14 minutes video below.

It will give you a good idea of how he did his hypnotic trance identification on people. But it’s in Russian language .

John Overdurf Takes DTI Yet Another Step Ahead

In the 1990’s, John Overdurf decided to apply DTI, to the students he was teaching. He had a a few workshops where he tried to help students increase their skills in photo reading.

The purpose was to get the students to read books faster than they were, at the time, and also understand the concept easily at that high speed.

So what he did was, to use DTI to get the students to “become” the authors of the books they were reading, for a short period of time.

This helped the students understand the perspective of the authors and really connect with the books at deeper levels which hiked their reading speed and comprehension skills.

Another success with the science.

More Experiments With DTI by Jess Marion and Shawn Carson

In 2012, Hypnosis and NLP modeling expert, Jess Marion and her colleague, Shawn Carson took DTI to the test again wishing to see if it could help boost generation of skills and therapeutic techniques.

They used it on their students, their clients as well as on themselves.

After spending a whole year researching, experimenting and analyzing things, they were able to come up with a really effective protocol that would come in handy for hypnotists and hypnotherapists in working with their clients and in their lives as well.

So they pretty much changed the hypnosis industry for good.

Afterwards, they both joined hands with John Overdurf and wrote the book, “Deep what the Raikov effect is aboutTrance Identification: Unconscious Modeling and Mastery for Hypnosis Practitioners, Coaches, and Everyday People

This book was written to give people a good starting point for DTI, so that they would go as deep into it as they wanted after understanding the essential basics.

This book has been credited by many respected organizations and companies to be the most comprehensive book that handles every aspect of DTI in the best way possible.

I also agree with this completely. It is the best one out there.

So if you would want to get into this amazing science, this is a book I highly recommend you check out.

Get the book on Amazon here

The three experts, John Overdurf, Jess Marion and Shawn Carson really put in a lot of effort into this book as they had to first translate the concepts and techniques of DTI from Russian language to English, since Raikov Vladimir used it and wrote about it in his native Russian language.

So thumbs up to these awesome people!

Jess Marion and Shawn Carson still promote this science and even have their own organization called The Intelligent Hypnotist. They have a main website and a YouTube channel with the same name which you may find useful if you love this stuff.

Then Enters Inspire 3’s…. With The More Developed Raikov Effect!

In December 2017, the Inspire 3 team led by Karl Moore launched the Raikov Effect System which was a more modern version of the technique Vladimir Raikov used.

This program includes the procedure the doctor got, along with the findings which Jess Marion, John Overdurf and Shawn Carson.

The modern part of it is that, unlike the old technique which doctor administered toRaikov Effect Review (what the Raikov effect is about) his patients and students one on one, this new one has been designed to be used at home without the help of a doctor.

And many more rewarding brain improving techniques like the as-if technique has been used to make it as effective as the original version was, if not more.

The as-if technique is a technique that lets you do things ‘as if’ you were another person. And it is mainly used to get a low performer to feel as if he is a high performer through getting them to think and feel like a high performer.

It has been converting very well.

This means that, if you want to have a good taste of what the Raikov effect and DTI is, in this new generation, Inspire3’s program is the one you should go for.

Other than DTI and the as-if technique, it has also brought together a number of brain techniques that have been working very effectively on their own and have been well respected within the industry.

I’m guessing you have used one or some of the in the past.

Let’s take a look at them at fair depth.

Some of the techniques Used in the New Raikov Effect

1. Visualization – This technique is just as it sounds and it is pretty much based on visualizing stuff. It is where you draw continuous mental pictures and events in your mind and see them as real, which in turn changes the way you think and feel.

A good example of visualization is guided meditation.

If you have meditation using meditation programs like Zen 12 to train yourself to meditate, you must have done a lot visualization. When you are starting out, you are told to picture yourself by the shores of a lake, feeling the breeze go against your face and the roaring waters in front you.

Then you are told, as you breath slowly, write a certain number, say 400, and then letwhat the Raikov effect is about the waves of the waters come and wash it away. You go to 399, all the way to 1, letting the waters wash the numbers away and by the time you are done, you are calm and relaxed.

All this is done in your head, but imagining that what you are seeing in your mind is happening in the real world brings you the same effects you would get when you are doing it for real, if you do it right.

And that is why this method has proven very effective over time.

In the Raikov effect program, you will be using visualization to identify yourself with the person you want to be like. It will be helping you get in their shoes and really understand how life for them means, or meant if they are dead.

2. Positive Thinking – This is all about allowing only positive thoughts to occupy the biggest part of your mind.

The good thoughts help you see the things you are working on or getting into as easy and fun, and therefore give you an easy time doing them. It also increases your faith that they are sure to work.

Doing this will make your mind receptive to the new things and see you through them successfully. In Raikov effect, positive thinking helps to make your mind more welcoming to the instructions you’ll be getting in the program, which will lead to increasing your mental ability and skills

3. Modeling – This is a technique that it closely linked to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming, I will be talking about this in a few) that works with hypnosis.

It mainly seeks to help you become like someone else by learning his inner and outer presentations to make you fully understand how he does it and why. You get to learn perceptions, thought patterns, beliefs and all inner aspects they have contributed to making the person you want to be like, as great as they are.

And this is what we need to become like the people we admire in the areas of life we want to get better at.

4. Believing – This is simply perceiving everything you set your mind on as achievable even before you get to start working on it. You see the things you want to achieve as already yours even before you get there so that it is an easy path for you when you actually start doing it.

It is used here to help you make the learning experience easy and the mastering of skills in any area of expertise as achievable in order to see the program work for you.

5. Suggestion – This is a technique that involves implying certain facts and ideas into your mind to help boost its power. Normally, we think of ourselves as inferior when it comes to making use of our brains.

Since the rumor of us using only 10% of our brains went viral, it kind of lowered many people’s esteem and made us appear “very useless” but the suggestion technique here is supposed to change that and help us go beyond what we have been led to believe.

It is used to make the things you learn get into your subconscious mind and get them to stick completely which will improve the overall functioning of your mind.

6. Relaxation – As with all other brain improving methods out there, relaxation has been used with the new Raikov effect. The thing is, relaxation and being fairly comfortable when working on your brain has been proven to be a key factor.

When you meditate, you have to be relaxed, so it is with yoga and all other methods.

The brain is responsible for keeping you relaxed, and when you are not relaxed, it puts pressure on your thoughts as well as your body.

This, in turn, will make you have a terrible time and experience trying to improve your brain in that situation.

7. NLP modeling – To start with, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a science that shows there is a deep connection between language (known here as linguistics)what the Raikov effect is about and patterns of behaviors that have been gotten by a person through the many experiences they have had and the processes of their mind.

This science has shown great benefits with increasing the effectiveness of hypnosis as it makes way for really rewarding hypnosis sessions.

Robert Dilts of NLPU.com says that, In NLP modeling, the Raikov effect is perceived to be a form of modeling another person’s mindset through what is known as “second position” (putting yourself into the perceptual position of another person). Neurologically, this process is a function of what are known as “mirror neurons”.

He also says that, there are different levels of mindset that can be activated through this process.

Levels like behavior, capabilities, beliefs identity and many more. You can read more on this aspect here.

Ideally, pure NLP modeling uses deep hypnotic trance states and it has a structure that is quite similar to that of perceptual positions.

I believe you now see how the Raikov effect has been enhanced in a huge way. This is actually the reason many folks have been happy with the results they got immediately after using it.

How the New Raikov Effect Works

When you use the audios you will receive when you order this system, these are the 5 main steps you will be working with, which highlights the main idea of the way the system works:

Step 1: Visualization of the modeler

This is where it starts. And here, you are required to visualize the person you want to become like.

The person may be alive or dead. It can even be you in your best days.

Basically, it can be anyone based on the skills, characteristics you want to gain from them.

Step 2: Swapping heads

It starts getting interesting here.

In this step, you will be visualizing yourself exchanging your minds with the model, the person you want to be like. In your mind, you will be getting into their lives and acting like them.

This will help you know what they think, what they feel and even know how they were able to handle the challenges and different things in their lives.

This will increase the power of your brain in a great way and give you special insight that you would probably have never gotten with your mind alone.

Step 3: Becoming the Modeler

Now that you have gotten into their mind and have actually traded minds with them, you are to completely own his body and life.

By this, I mean you start visualizing yourself doing the things the modeler does. what the Raikov effect is aboutImagine yourself laughing, reasoning and talking like the modeler.

Sit in a posture that resembles the way they do it. Do things exactly they way you see them doing.

This section needs you to have closely studied the modeler so that you know what you are working with.

When you know them well and do this step, you will find it very easy to do the things they usually do or did.

Step 4: Setting an Anchor

This is the part where you get to have all the concepts you have learnt and perspectives you have fetched from the other steps be built into your mind.

Within this section, you will be setting an anchor, the thing that will keep the insights you have gained with you even after you are done using the program.

Step 5: Getting into Action

This section is where you now apply all that you have learnt from the modeler.

It starts with you making a firm decision to be the person you used as your model.

This means you can choose to start working on the same hobbies the model had, or what the Raikov effect is abouteat the same food they did or still do, or go to places they have gone to.

The best thing you can also top up the exercise and the last step with is, watching the model do his thing and then doing it yourself.

This will further your build your skill and expertise in the areas you are trying to improve upon in your life.

Just as Dr. Raikov had his students imitate the models and do the things he did, after performing the exercise on them, he’d have them put their newly acquired skills into action.

You too should make the effort of doing the same.

And that’s pretty much it.

What You Get With the New Raikov Effect System

Unlike the old Raikov effect where you went to doctor Raikov and let him work on you, you will be getting a number of resources to use with the new Raikov effect so that you are able to do it at home effectively.

The resources you will receive when you buy the system are:

1. The 10 Minutes Main Raikov Effect Audio – This is the main meat of the whole system. It is an audio lasting for ten minutes that carries the main procedure of the Raikov effect, as enhanced by the company, to be applied to any of life.

With this you can better your personal attributes, sportsmanship, career, verbal skills, reasoning skills, and many more. Your potential with this is unlimited. I believe you will see why I say “is unlimited” in the next section.

2. The 5 Raikov Effect Audios for 5 main Areas of Life – Here, you will be raikov effect audio mp3getting a total of 5 videos made specifically for certain areas of life that most people struggle with and want to make better.

These areas are wealth and abundance, weight loss, improved brain power, the law of attraction and having greater level of confidence.

Unlike the first resource, which lets you use it on any area, these ones can only be used to better your brain power, wealth, help you understand and implement the law of attraction in your life, increase your level of confidence and for losing weight.

Now I’m sure you’ve seen why I said the first resource has unlimited potential for you.

3. The three-part Raikov Effect Course – This is more of a PDF file that has defined everything about the Raikov effect for you.

Starting from its history, like I what I did, but with more details, how the founder of this technique, Vladimir Raikov, did it himself, and the exact way it was enhanced by inspire 3 team to become more potent than the original version.

Along with this file, there are some free resources that have used some of the techniques used in the Raikov effect which you are given access to, to help you weigh the value of each technique you get in the system.

These techniques are among the many techniques applied in the program and you are really going to love them. I encourage you to try them out and see how great they are.

The free resources am talking about include:

The Secret – for body language secrets
The Power of Placebo – Which uses the Placebo effect
The Hack
– The as if technique
Chat with a genius mind

4. Free Cheat Sheet – This is also another pdf that has been created to help you get in good touch with the Raikov effect even with the few minutes you may have, on the go.

5. Quick start guide in Audio format

6. A whooping $100 (one hundred dollars) discount if you get it soon. You’ll get the code on your email.

Why I Like The New Raikov Effect

Well, after helping you understand how the Raikov effect is engineered to work, I think it is time I explain why I have come to really admire this newly enhanced program.

Firstly, I have to say that it really intrigued me to know this science because I had never thought that there would be a science that would help with making you as smart as someone else.

Before knowing about it, I always thought you had to do it on your own and cook upwhat the Raikov effect is about your own strategy to really master the skills of people you admire in life.

Personally, I have admired quite a number of folks since childhood, from footballers to people who have been perceived as geniuses, and many more.

And what I did to try to grow their skills in me was to repeat their words and deeds like them and really try to pretend to be them.

Needless to say, it didn’t convert so well for me as I didn’t quite see really good results after weeks of practice.

But the Raikov effect makes what I’ve always desired possible by accessing the part of the mind that is responsible for growing these skills and admirable traits.

It uses science that has been tested and confirmed for decades by well famed brain scientists and great traditionalists of the olden times.

Secondly, it is possible for you to do it alone in your home.

During the times of Dr. Vladimir Raikov, people would have to go see Raikov himself to have it administered to them, which was quite hectic and rather embarrassing, if you think about it.

Imagine going to the doctor and telling them to make you as skilled in music as Rihanna or Justin Beiber.

They would but people would think you really value those musicians more than value yourself, right?

And make you appear somewhat self-belittling, which is not.

But you know the nature of us humans.

Others would think you are choosing the wrong model yet they don’t know what exactly caught your attention in the person.

But, with the help of the Inspire3 team that has developed the system using a few techniques that go in hand with this technological generation, it is able for you to self administer the Raikov effect while in your home.

So you don’t have to let anyone know you are working hard to get a good voice or mind like someone else, and therefore you won’t be feel embarrassed in hospitals or get criticised by the haters, who call themselves your friends.

This may appear to be a small issue, but it is really huge to some people like myself.

Thirdly, the fact that the inspire3 has had time to study the raikov method using modern science, and have been able to develop it into something more potent and efficient, it means the results are better than what the people back in the day got, if you use the right way.

So you are getting something that carries more value and strength than the original thing, which is really awesome if you think about it.

Lastly, is the company itself.

I have been on many other of inspire3’s brain systems for a good while now. And they blew me away by their efficiency.

Some of the systems I’m talking about are Subliminal Guru (for subliminal messages), Subliminal 360 (which is a subliminal software), Zen 12 (a meditation aid), Hypnosis Live (for hypnosis sessions), Hypnosis Bootcamp (which is an intensive 7 daysSubliminal 360 Reviews hypnosis training for different areas of life), Brainev (for training your mind on boosting your mental concentration), to name a few.

I even recommended them to some of my friends and they really liked them.

I also recommend you try them out as well, and see what I am talking about.

The creators really know how to give brain enthusiasts what they are really looking for.

Not only do they create the highest quality brain improvement systems I have seen in the industry, but also give huge discounts on them.

For instance, they have given a whooping $100 discount on the Raikov effect. It is usually sold for $237 but they let you have it for only $137.

Learn more about the discounts here

Although they have said the discount won’t be there for long as it has been there for months already. So you should get it sooner, if you plan to get it.

I believe you now understand how the inspire3 team looks out for their clients.

This is the very reason I have come to trust these guys from the time I came to know about them.

How to Use The Raikov Effect

When you get you copy of the Raikov effect, this is how you should put it into good use to see quality results:

The Procedure

Step 1. Take the ability you would like to acquire or perfect in you and think fairly deeply about it. (You can think about what sets people apart in that area as really skilled guys)

Step 2. Take someone in that field who you’d really love to become like, someone you admire and look upto. (the person may be alive or dead, it doesn’t matter. It can even be you on your best days.)

Step 3. Now take your headphones and put them on and play the main 10 minutes Raikov audio.

Step 4. Follow through the instructions in the audio with deep concentration so that what the Raikov effect is aboutyou get the best results. (Make sure there are no distractions around you as it may affect the quality of your experience and ultimately the final results.)

Step 5. When the audio is over, take off your headphones and observe the new mental changes you have gained.

Step 6. Practice the skill you were thinking about for about 10 minutes and observe the difference in the way you have been in the past.

Step 7. If you are new to this skill and barely know much about it, you will need to keep using the Raikov effect for a few months, until you feel you’ve grown to be as skilled as you’d want.

But if you have been on it for a good while, you will need to use it a few more times, a couple of weeks, until you feel your are really great at it.

Conditions Necessary to Get Quick and Rewarding Results

While all people who use the Raikov effect will get good results in good time if they keep using it, there are those who will see much quicker results than others.

And if you want to be one of those who see faster effects and change, here are the conditions you should have satisfied as you use the system:

1. You should already be knowing something substantial about the ability you want to get – This helps your mind and being to connect much faster with the what the Raikov effect is aboutperson you are modelling to be, and thus make you skilled easily.

2. You should know the person you want to be like, very well (the model) – You need to make sure that you have either studied the person’s ways intensively or have happened to meet them in person. Ideally, you should have a great deal of knowledge about them. The way they think, their perspectives and approach.

3. You should concentrate throughout the whole period you will be listening to the 10 minute Raikov audio – This helps you absorb all the benefits the system has to offer and see you get rewarding results.

Other things you may want to do while working with the system are:

* Use the system in a place where there is less disturbance
* Seek to emulate all the behaviours and ways of speaking of that person, so that you get into their lives and remain there. This makes the inspiration and skills more rewarding.

My Final Thoughts on the Raikov Effect

Well, that is all there is to this great science.

It may have been portrayed by some people out there as something magical or a system or science that makes you a complete genius in under 10 minutes or something around that. Right?

But I am sure you have seen it is far from that, and is actually far more grounded on science than you’d have thought.

What gave me confidence in it is the approach and the brain techniques used in it.

The approach is very reasonable and the whole procedure of using it can really tell you that it is surely going to work.

The brain techniques used like visualization, NLP modelling, deep trance identification, and the rest are techniques that have been there for decades and have really changed the lives of many people.

Each technique used in the Raikov effect has a great amount of effect in your mind than you would imagine.

And that being the case, imagine how much effect you will get whe working with all of them, like you’ll be doing it here.

The new Raikov effect is a system I recommend you get if you are a huge brain enthusiast.

Get the Raikov effect with the $100 discount here

That is it folks.

If you have any questions about it or comments, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to give you a hand with them. I will be waiting, and am also usually very fast at replying. You can test me out. 🙂


54 thoughts on “What the Raikov Effect is About – How it Trains For Genius!

  1. Chris Meche says:

    Fascinating. I’m a high school coach, and I teach my players to visualize themselves completing tasks like hitting the ball and dribbling. For sure, it’s increased their performance level. Honestly, I’ve never considered having them visualize themselves as someone else. We’re taught to emulate successful people, yet I’ve never heard of anyone proposing for me to visualize myself as that person. This method definitely brings a new approach and I see how it would be effective.

    I will try it myself and get my students to do it as well. 

    Thanks for this great information. 

    1. You are welcome Chris, 

      It is great to hear that you have been using visualization with your students. It really improves the power of the mind and sports skills.

      Now if you combine that with the Raikov effect, I know for sure you are going to see a really huge boost in your skills, and with your students. 

      It brings almost five times more the effect you get using the visualization you are currently using bring you, and you are going to see that when you get to use it. 

      Do let me know how you find it. 

      Have a good one.

  2. Hi Oscar!

    This was a very interesting read. My takeaway is that the Raikov effect is essentially a form of intense meditation in which we place ourselves (very fully) into the shoes of another.

    I feel like this could be a very useful practice in the world today, as we have more opportunity to travel than ever before, but we need to exercise more compassion and understanding when we experience ways of life and habits that are different from what we’ve grown up with.

    I’m getting the program right away.

    Thanks for the very informative article!

    1. You are right Tucker, 

      Raikov effect could be compared to deep meditation, although I find it much deeper considering all the great brain techniques that have been included in it. You will notice this when you use it.

      I am also with you on having as many people as possible use it since the world would really get value from it. It is going to help us appreciate different beliefs and self concepts about life. 

      I also find it very interesting to have the opportunity to “step out of your life “ for a while and feel what it is like to live like someone else. Don’t you find it interesting as well?

      You are also always welcome here mate. 🙂

      Have a fantastic day Tucker!

  3. Tyler Redlev says:

    Raikov Effect is something that I’ve never tried before… I’ve been hearing about it for quite some time and as a person who believes in alternative development techniques such as hypnosis, this attracts my attention deeply.

    I would like to get into the shoes of some of the greatest scientists such as Tesla and Newton.

    1. Way to go Tyler,

      The people you want to be like leads me to think you love scientific stuff, right? I am huge fan of that too.

      Let me know the insights and experience you get when you get into the shoes of Newton and Tesla. 

      I’ll be eagerly waiting for them.

      Cheers mate. 🙂

  4. Hallo Dave, 

    This science on deep trance identification has really blown me away. I have always known there exists such a science but I never knew it was this potent. There are so many people that I have always wanted to be like and I will be using the raikov effect to help gain their skills and insights.

    I am going to start with martial arts and imitate Bruce Lee, Wang Li and Jackie Chan, and then head to computer genius with Steve Jobs, and a few other geeks. Thanks a lot for the honest info and help. I really appreciate pointing towards the right path.

    1. You are always welcome mate 🙂 , 

      Deep trance identification has always been very potent, especially when coupled with other brain techniques like hypnosis, visualization, NLP modeling and others just as Inspire 3 have done it. 

      I see you have a big list of skills you want to train yourself for. I look forward to hearing your feedback on the martial skills when you have used it on Bruce Lee the way I have highlighted on the post.

      Hope to have you here again soon.


  5. Thanks for explaining the Raikov effect in depth. Without reading your review article I couldn’t have known so much about it and perhaps might have missed a good deal.

    It seems like proven results and from your ranking make me tempted especially the $100 discount to make the purchase as well as the stuff I get with the New Raikov Effect System.

    I think I will check it out because of the discount and the fact that I can use some help with a few areas of my life.

    Good job

    1. Hey there Maxx, 

      I also have to agree that inspire3 does give really tempting discounts. 

      On top of that, I would like to let you know that the system is awesome and you are going to get really great value from it.

      Check it out and let me know how it works for you.

      Cheers mate. 🙂

  6. 1deveraux says:

    Hi this was so interesting I’ve not heard if this before! It was really interesting to hear about the history and comparisons.

    It means that this is something concrete that has been developing over the years. And the raikov effect seems to be the current version of DTI which pretty much anyone can take advantage of. I will be looking further into this. It really got me interested.


    1. You are welcome Devaraux, 

      It is nice to hear it got you interested. 🙂

      According to my research, Raikov effect is the system that has leveraged DTI the most and has also gotten creative with other well reputed brain techniques.

      If you need any help with it as you look further into it, please let me know and I will help as best as I can. 

      Have a good day.

  7. BisayangInvestor says:

    To me, it seems mysterious at the beginning. How could it be possible?

    I have just heard about this Raikov Effect and Deep Trance Identification. I thought it’s something to do about witch craft. LOL.

    Eventually, I realized it is a process you do by yourself with a guideline to follow. And that it is a science that has been there for decades.

    It is something I found very interesting and useful for me. I am surely getting it after am done with this comment.

    Thanks for the info!

    1. Hey there mate, 

      I understand you completely! That is what I also perceived it as before I got to learn to learn of it well enough.

      It is just amazing to know how powerful our brains really are when worked on using the right techniques.

      You are really going to love the system!

      Can’t wait to hear how it changed your life. Be sure to keep me updated.

      Have a good one. 🙂

  8. Wow! Not only is this a deep dive into the Raikov Effect, it is precisely what I am looking for. I love the depth of information here. Too many similar sites are just teasers to get readers hooked in. This is great. Maybe I am not your typical reader, but I really appreciate the depth of information. You got me!

    1. Awesome Tom,

      Glad you liked it. I noticed that there is no indepth review on it so I decided to do it because I knew many folks like me and you are, or soon will be, looking for it.

      I also look forward to having you as a regular reader of my blog.

      Have a fantastic day. 🙂

  9. Derek Marshall says:

    Hi there,

    I absolutely love the detail in this article regarding the Raikov effect and DTI.

    I cant help but notice and think that this is related to or very similar to a neurolinguist programming technique of “act as if”. I may be totally wrong or misunderstood, it would be appreciated if you could explain the difference between “Acting as if” and the Raikov effect?

    1. Hey Derek, 

      The raikov effect and the “acting as if” technique are related in the sense that they use the same science, but you should know that the raikov effect is far higher than the “acting as if” technique.

      The thing is, raikov effect uses many popular brain techniques to improve the users’ brain power, and one of the brain techniques used is “acting as if” techniques, together with others like visualization, suggestion and positive thinking, to name a few.

      The “as if” technique helps to make the raikov more effective. 

      I hope I have answered your question well enough.

      If you need more help, keep the conversation going, I will be more than happy to clear the mist for you.

      Have a fantastic day!

      1. Thank you kindly for the clarification and explanation, David.

        1. You are welcome Derek 🙂 ,

          If you need more help, please let me know.


  10. Deep trance identification is really a technique I always have had trouble with wrapping my mind around. I have always known it was present but never really understood completely. The opportunities are endless with people that I admire and would love to be more like. This Raikov effect would let me explore this.

    I am not sure where I will start but for me, it’s many of the artists and musicians I would love to learn more from.

    Thanks for leading me to this concept. I see this helping many people!

    1. You are welcome Mary, 

      Deep trance identification can be sometimes very difficult to comprehend, especially after how diverse it has become. What you should know about it though is that, the core of it is to help the making use of it to identify themselves with someone else in order to learn their way of doing things.

      Hope this helps.

      Also, since I see you have trouble choosing what to start with, I would suggest you go for the aspect you love the most. If you are into music, seek to best yourself in that area first and then work on the rest.

      I am also very glad to have you here.

      Have a lovely day! 🙂

  11. Wow, this is the most detailed review of anything I’ve ever read.

    I’ve never heard of the Raikov effect per say…But the individual parts that comprise the system i have heard off. The details might be somewhat different but, it seems as though the overall ideas are the same.

    It kind seems like something actors would do when prepping for a movie…Do they use this technique as well? Interesting stuff. I am so getting the Raikov effect for myself.

    1. Hallo there namesake, 

      Be sure to get it because it is going to change your life in a big way.

      About the actors, I don’t really know if they use raikov effect but I think it would be a really great program that would come in handy for them.

      With it, they would have an easy time identifying themselves with the characters they are to get into and thus make their part of the play appear very real.

      If you know any actor in person, I strongly encourage you to get them to use it. They are going to love it.

      Have a fantastic Dave. 🙂

  12. Hi Dave,

    That was an excellent read! I am really impressed by the Raikov effect. I always wanted to try hypnosis, and that’s a great occasion for me. I do have some question about the product. First, I didn’t see the basic price of the audio. How much does it cost? And second, I would like to know if I need to be completely relaxed or I can do other things while listening to the audio?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Hallo there Daniella, 

      The raikov effect program comes with all the resources included, which means you will not get the audio separately. You will need to buy the whole program, which is fair if you ask me since you will get more resources to better other areas of your life.

      When it comes to price, you will need to pay $237 for it, although there is a current $100 discount that lets you get everything for only $137. The owners say that the discount won’t be there for long, so you may want to take advantage of it while it is there.

      I see you also ask if you can use the system while doing other things. I would say that it is not wise to listen to it while doing other things because you won’t see any results. This system requires 100% concentration so that you engage your mind, emotions, thoughts and everything in identifying with the person you want be like.

      There are people who have used it without doing anything else and failed to see results because of not giving their full concentration. I believe you now see how important it is to attend totally to the audio.

      I hope I have answered all your questions adequately. If you need more help, be sure to keep the conversation going.

  13. I have never heard of the Raikov Effect, or even Deep Trance Identification. It sounds really strange to me as a newcomer, but I can see how it might be very helpful to pretty much anyone.

    The video on the link for raikov that you provided is amazing. That voice gives me beautiful chills deep in my spine and makes me feel so relaxed. I am extremely tempted to try this, if it gives the results you are saying.

    I will keep you updated on my decision and my progress if I decide to give it a go. Cheers.

    1. Be sure to keep me posted Jaime, 

      I will be waiting to hear from you. I know you are also going to find it very effective for you. 

      I am also glad you liked the video. I found it very interesting as well.

      In fact, I would say that is the best play I have seen from the 1930’s that was captivating. (Don’t really know if it is the voice over that made things easy and interesting or what) 🙂

      Have a fantastic day though.

  14. This Raivkov deep trance identification is interesting. I am personally interested in if this could help some of my clients that want to become millionaires or achieve more financial independence. Would you recommend that they use visualization as one tool to “see” their new life before it happens? I imagine that a client could pick someone they admire and “be that person/take on those characteristics” to help them reach new levels of success.

    1. Hey Julian, 

      Using visualization on its own is really great as the technique is really potent. 

      But it is even better when used with the raikov effect as it will bring the highest effects with visualizing a successful life than using the technique alone since the raikov effect has other more effective techniques like suggestion, believing and positive thinking that will help the user really visualize sucess and see it as easily achievable.

      This means, visualization us good but when using raikov effect which has the technique optimized to its highest potential is way better.

      I hope this has helped you see the perspective. 

      Have a great day. 🙂

  15. My friend suggested I should definitely read the book on Deep Trance Identification. However I am a complete beginner and I know that it teaches essential basics however is it really a suitable book for a complete beginner like me? You said that many organizations trust this book. Would you recommend I start with this book? As for the Raikov effect, I am surely getting the program.

    1. Hallo Furkan, 

      I recommend the book as the first if you want to get into DTI. It has all the resources you will need to make it work for you. Also you should know that, even though it gives the basics, it is something you are going to get so much value from compared to many other books that teach advanced stuff.

      You are going to note this when you get to read it.

      It is also nice that you will be getting the Raikov effect. You are really going to love it.

      Cheers mate. 🙂

  16. Leah Haar says:

    Wow this was really interesting, I have known some of it while discovering personal deveopment for myself over the last few years. Some I sort of herd of but not in the context that you have written and it was so good to hear the reasearch and the evolution. definatly something to think about as I progress in my PD journey.

    1. Great to hear that Leah,

      Raikov effect sure is something you will find great value in considering the resources it comes with as well as the technology used to make it work.

      I would really like to hear the context you got of it when you heard of it for the first time.

      I wish you all the best and lots of health in your recovery journey.

      Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend. 🙂

  17. Leah Haar says:

    Thanks a lot Dave, 

    I will surely come back. I have really loved your website.

    Your posts are informative and I am just loving the vibe here. I have bookmarked a few of your posts to read attentively when I get some free time. I am looking forward for more quality posts when I come back.

    Good day.

    1. You are always welcome Leah, 

      I am also happy to hear you are loving the vibe here. 🙂

      I will be sure to have uploaded more quality stuff by the time you will be coming back.

      Thanks very much and have a good day as well.

  18. You have written a very thorough and detailed review of this program.
    I must admit that I have never in my life heard of this method before. I know that visualising something is thinking that you are doing something (for example throwing a basketball). And seeing yourself succeed while doing it really can improve your results once you try to do it in reality. I never would thought though that you can put yourself in somebody else’s shoes simply by using hypnosis. This is something I really compelled to do. I really do believe that if we all had that skill we would understand each other much better and there would be a lot less conflicts.
    Thankyou for a very interesting post.

    1. Hallo there, 

      If you feel compelled to get the raikov effect, I also recommend you go for it. It is going to improve your mind and life in a great way. 

      I also believe that there would few conflicts if we were able to understand each other, and that is what we should seek to do. 

      Have a fantastic day. 🙂

  19. Hi Dave, 

    I have heard of the raikov effect before and it caught my interest. Now that you have explained how exactly it works and the science it is based on, I am now determined to give it a try. I have quite a number of people I would like to be like and gain their skills, in many fields.

    I will get the raikov effect and start using it immediately to up my mental game and skills. Thank you very much for the effort you put into creating the post. It was immensely helpful.


    1. You are always welcome Jorge, 

      It is always a pleasure to help.

      Have a good day. 🙂

  20. I am always interested in improving my brain power since younger day to get better result. I had a book which I bought in 1991 “Brain Power – The 12-week Mental Training Programme by Marilyn vos Savant“, and I read it again and again to get ideas from it.
    Another book “Release Your Brake by James W. Newman” which have turned yellowish brown after many years of my reading, taught me about using Constructive Imagination to improve our mind.
    Your written article about Raikov Effect is something new to me, especially it was only launched last year 2017 December. This is even more interesting for me, to know newer techniques in our modern days.
    I have viewed the video “Trance and Dance in Bali” and was fascinated by those olden days, how human used dancing to protract their imagination of the unknown figures like dragon and witch. Big dance group with many dancers from the village, which in modern day will have difficulty in mobilizing so many people to come together.
    I particularly like the as-if-technique because it is simple to use and I can relate to it in my life.
    Thanks for this wonderful article and I will check out the book you pointed to Amazon store -> “Deep Trance: Identification”.

    1. Hallo there mate, 

      You seem to be quite the brain enthusiast. 🙂

      You have read quite a number of brain books which I am sure have impacted your life and mind in a great way. I haven’t read these books, which is something you have made me want to venture into. Thanks for listing the books. They will come in handy for me and my readers.

      Do read the book on Deep Trance Identification. I am sure you are going to get so much value from it. The raikov effect is also going to heighten your skills and mental power.

      Let me know how you find the book and the system.

      Cheers. 🙂

  21. Wow I have never heard of the Raikov Effect until I read your article. This looks really cool. Being able to step into someone else’s shoes for a brief moment and taking on their understanding their characteristics. I am going to do some more research on this topic, because this is very interesting to me. Thank you for the insight.

    1. You are welcome Cliff, 

      The science is very interesting and I know you are going to love it.

      If you need any help with it, be sure to let me know. I would love to help any way I can.

      Cheers mate. 

  22. Elia Desoba says:

    Thank you for this article. I didn’t know such things could exist and I can’t wait to try it. I’m impressed by all the things we can do to be a different/better person. Do you think this could help for phobias?
    I have been doing hypnotic and transe dances a few times in my life and I remember how different people were… as long as they were in transe condition! Is it reversible?

    1. Hallo there Elia, 

      The raikov effect sure does help you overcome phobias, and is something I highly encourage you to work with through your fears. It will help you build strength and bravery by helping you understand the fear and know how brave people handle phobias.

      As for the issue of reversibility, don’t worry because the program has been designed to help you change your subconscious carefully through deep trance states and bring you back to your consciousness safely. It is entirely safe.

      Hope this has answered your questions.

      Have a lovely day.

  23. Wow- this is a super detailed and thorough review! I have a few goals for myself this year that seem to big for me. My anxiety and self doubt are creeping in and I don’t know what to do. I want to succeed, but I feel so unsure of myself. Do you think this will help me?

    1. Hallo there Becky, 

      The raikov efect will surely will help you with anxiety and doubt.

      There is an audio that comes with the Inspire3’s raikov system that is named “Greater Confidence”

      You can use that to get rid of self consciousness. It is really powerful and it will help you become as confident as the people whose confidence you have always admired.

      Do use that, and in a short while, you should have skyrocketed the level of your confidence and self assurance. Let me know how you find it.

      Have a good day.

  24. This is extremely interesting. I’m always looking for ways to boost the brain power and keep my aging noggin’ up to speed. Very interesting and something I hadn’t heard of before. My only criticism is that the post is extremely long. VERY long. For me, when I’m looking at blogs, I’m looking to read, be in and out in 10 min or less. This takes some time. Maybe make it a series? Just a thought. Take care and I look forward to more!!!

    1. Hey there John, 

      I did a long post for the raikov effect for those people who may want to know it started and how it has evolved through the years. If you are not one of those people, I recommend you read the short but detailed version of the review here.

      It is short, direct to the point and sweet.

      Take care too John, and have a good day.

  25. Russell P. says:

    I have never heard of this until today! Very intriguing! I already use techniques like meditation and visualization. It really works! I have never thought about using someone else as a model and visualizing you are them before. That is an amazing idea! I will definitely be giving it a try. I appreciate this informative article on the raikov effect. Now that I know what it is, I will give it a shot. Really cool stuff!

    1. You are welcome Russell, 

      I am happy you found it interesting. And it sure is something you are going to love. The overall experience of using it as well as the effects it brings are simply amazing.

      Try it out and let me know how you find it.

      I will be waiting to get your feedback on it.

      Cheers mate.

  26. I only have an I pad and not sure how to download on it . Can I just play the recordings without downloading them
    How do you suggest I use it on an I pad

    1. Hallo there Jane,

      If you are using an iPad, I would suggest you try downloading them with it and see if it will work. If it doesn’t, you can try downloading the recordings from a laptop and then transfer them to your iPad using airdrop, or any sharing app you have.

      I hope this helps. If you need more help with this, do let me know. I will be happy to help.

      Have a good day.

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