1. Steve

    These days with all the stress and distractions in life finding a way to reenergize one’s brain is a big plus. It will give you an edge over your competition too.

    So many people today are also depressed and i feel this would be of great value to those people, as it has been personally for me.

    Thanks for the information on this product. I also confirm it works great!

    • Dave

      It’s great to hear it worked fine for you Steve. 🙂

      And yes, people who are oftenly stressed and those that get easily depressed should try it out.

      It really does give the mental edge that most of us are subconsciously looking for.

  2. Chris


    Great Review here.

    I have noticed quite a few of these products on the market, but it is always difficult to see how effective they are as there are not too many reviews like this.

    Has this program helped you with your concentration? Spending countless hours studying I often find it difficult to maintain focus, and also make the switch into a relaxed social state. Do you think a program like this would help with that?


    • Dave

      Hey Chris,

      There are very few products like this in the market indeed. I think it’s because the brain is something special with its own unique power, that is understood by very few people, who are among the few that are willing to push their research to the ultimate extreme to understand how it works, perfectly.

      Most people just create standard products and push them on people. But after using them, they come to realize that its not any good for them.

      And that makes the people who produce it to be avoided and end up shutting the companies down after getting barely any sales or better yet, get banned due to low quality products.

      I guess a review from someone who has actually tried them out and seen for themselves that it works is what helps. Don’t you think?

      About focusing, this product will help you concentrate, I have seen that myself because it alters your brain waves and get you completely relaxed and attentive.

      But personally, I prefer using brainev because it trains your mind to concentrate and within 7 months, you are really great at it. If you use it wisely, there are many benefits to take out of it.

      Finally, on using these products to study and then being able to be social with people.

      When you study using them, it will be a great experience for your study. And when you are done studying, your mind naturally flips to the social side, and you forget you were really attentive with your studies (except for keeping what you have learnt well stored in your memory).

      I think if you have problems with making the switch, you can try talking to your mind. After studying, try saying things like, “I’m done with books! It’s time to get social!” Or things related to that.

      And make sure you say it audibly, it acts as a command to your brain and helps you switch much faster. That is the power your tongue has over your mind.

      I hope this helps. 🙂

  3. Jen

    It seems I can get the same effect as Brain Salon just by putting on various music styles so I’m a little intrigued but kudos to them because I am sure lots of people may try this. If you tell someone they will feel focused after listening to this, will they not feel focused? If you tell someone this is a calming cd and then ask them how they feel after listening to the cd, I bet they feel calm. Do you know why they would suggest not using while pregnant?

    • Dave

      Hey Jen,

      I like your open mindedness.

      It is true that telling someone something will work in a way will often believe and use it to achieve what you told them they would get. And most likely, they will see the results.

      But the problem is, not all things often work that way. I think it’s one thing to get promised that a product will work and it’s entirely another to witness it working, specifically for you.

      I have had many cases in the past where I was promised that something will work great for me, put my faith in the product but turned out to be completely terrible that I didn’t ever trust the one who told me to use it.

      I guess putting the product to the test and seeing for yourself if it works is the best way to believe it actually works and to confirm that what you were told is true.

      To be brief, you can use the various music styles, as you say, and it may work for you, but not for someone else because how your brains operate is different, based on many factors.

      But if you are looking for something that will work for everyone, especially with the different states of the mind, using brain technology, brain salon is your sure thing.

  4. Mike

    I like this. The products you review look very good. I think I will return to look in more detail.

    Being healthy and keeping our brains elevated is the way forward. I totally agree with you, people sometimes pay too much attention to what happens the neck down when they should focus on the neck up.

    Are you doing any other brain boosting techniques? Other than brain entrainment.

    • Dave

      Hey Mike, yes I do.

      See, things like brain salon are just there to help show you that your brain is capable of great things and able to be in any state when you want it. So I do something I like to call meditation, but it is not really such.

      It helps you kind of overcome the things in your life you feel you are conflicting with, and wouldn’t want to allow them to keep holding you back. And from there, you seek to perfect the virtues you acquire from this practice.

      It really helps, you should try it out. 🙂

  5. Jackie

    I’ve been interested in brain wave entrainment for a few years now. In fact, I purchased a program about 7 months ago. After reading your review, I wished I had purchased this one instead. (the only minus is that is one seems to be a bit more expensive). … but if it works, it’s totally worth it. What are your personal experiences with the program so far?

    • Dave

      Yes Jackie,

      I also have to agree that it is a bit pricey, but the value you will be getting off of it is more than the money spend on it. I guess it is as they say, expensive is cheap while cheap is very expensive.

      See, you bought a brainwave entrainment program that you may have felt was cheap and affordable but you now find brain salon far much better than that. I have also done that. That is the nature of us humans.

      We want the best at the cheapest price possible, but most people who produce the best are not willing to deliver at that low cost, keeping in mind the effort they put into the creation of the actual product.

      I guess we all have to accept that quality things that will truly help us come with a hefty tag as they are set to help us satisfy our desires completely than to just get excited for a while and then break down.

      About the experience with the product, this thing is really mind blowing!

      It was like it was build by people who wanted to solve problems they were facing themselves. I say this because it is accurate and delivers its best, if you follow what they recommend you use and how you should use it.

      In simple terms, it works as great as they describe it!

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