1. Ioannis

    I had no idea this kind of software existed! It’s a good idea that you presented the various versions of the product and their differences. So, from what I understand, you can actually use it while going to work, for example. Does it enhance perception and ease the flow of thoughts? I would love to read about the cogwheels of the software. What the theory behind it is and would like to be presented with investigative material that would allow me to fully understand how it works and the theory behind it. Maybe you could write an article about it or if you already have one, please provide a link.

    • Dave

      Hey there loannis,Β 

      Subliminal softwares do exist and in larger quantities. Most people tend to think that they can only get subliminal messages to help them with different areas of life but have never thought there could be a subliminal software.

      Subliminal 360 does help with perception and flow of thoughts and you are really going to love the effects it comes with.

      I have also talked about the software and the way it works on my Inspire3’s Hypnosis BootcampΒ . You can read more about it there.

      I hope I have answered you question πŸ™‚

      Looking forward to hearing again from you. Thanksj.

  2. Derek Marshall

    Hi there Dave,

    Talk about the law of attraction in action eh! I was just thinking I need subliminal software for my new laptop, something that I use to use on my old one to very nice effect. (can’t remember which brand though).. definitely gave me a very positive experience and effect. The messages I hardly noticed them flashing across the screen!

    This one you have just reviewed seems much better than the one I used as it comes with music option. Interestingly though, could I write my own subliminal messages, to appear and flash across my screen if I wanted to?

    • Dave

      For sure Derek,Β 

      The software comes with that provision.Β 

      There is a subliminal editor that has been provided for that. All you will have to do is click on it and feed it the subliminal messages you feel will help you out and then launch them to start flashing right away.

      I hope I have answered your question. If you have more, just keep the conversation going on here. πŸ™‚


  3. Ruby Cantu

    Hey this is a really great post. I love affirmations and am really into this myself. I’ve been looking for something I can listen to at home while I blog.

    Also having the affirmations flash on my computer would be great. I had no idea about which brand was considered the best. Glad I read this. I will be getting it in a few hours.

    • Dave

      Hey there Ruby,Β 

      Glad you liked the post, and it’s awesome to hear you love affirmations in general.

      They do come with so many benfefits.

      Do update me on your experience with the software.

      Have a fantastic day. πŸ™‚

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