1. Daniella

    Hi Dave,

    WOW! This article is amazing!

    When I am depressed, I try to think about something fun, but it’s not always working as I wish to. I’ve already heard in the past that music is a great way to let go depression. So I was looking on the net for music that I can listen everywhere. Can these CDs be played in the car too?
    Also, do think it’s possible to replace medicals for depression by music?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Dave

      Hey Daniella, 

      Music has been found to be a really great form of medication for those who believe in it. It has been known to improve the memory of old folks, relieve stress and anxiety and so many others. So it is something you can get great value from.

      You can surely play them in your car, as they are still effective there. But I would recommend you play them in a higher volume than you normally would on your mobile device so that you can get to experience the benefits they come with.

      As for replacing depression medication with them, I would have to say it depends.

      If you are a firm believer of music and subliminal messages, you can replace them and see a huge improvement with them than you had with the medication. But if you have doubts they might not work as complete medication by themselves, I would encourage you to listen to them and take medication as well.

      I hope I have answered all your questions. 🙂

  2. AnxietyPanda

    There’s nothing like music. Music is a healer, a therapist, a friend or a valuable life-jacket in times of many different needs.
    AnxietyPanda loves how the tracks you describe here works with your brainwaves to help induce more feel-good hormones! Could you possibly elaborate on the science of it all? How does the music alter your brainwaves etc?

    • Dave

      Hey AnxietyPanda, 

      Nice to have you stop by again. 🙂

      Well, the thing is, brainwave entrainment is pretty much about having your brain waves altered by sound frequencies.

      To make it even simpler, consider a tuning fork.

       If you have two tuning forks, one which is vibrating and another which is not, and then place them closely together, something very fascinating happens. Having only fork vibrating initially, you will notice after a few minutes that the two forks will start vibrating in the same frequencies.

      Using the analogy, take the vibrating tuning fork to be the music for depression and the other fork that is not vibrating to be your mind. The vibrating fork, which is the music has sound frequencies that are designed to bring relaxation and calmness.

      When placed close to your mind, your brain waves will start vibrating in the same frequencies as the music and therefore cause the mind to shift from the state of depression to calmness and relaxation, or happiness based on what the tracks are made for.

      I believe it is now very clear how it all works. 🙂

      If you need more help, be sure to let me know and I will see how can I help. 


  3. Alysanna

    I always knew that music plays a big role in helping people cope up with stress, anxiety and depression. Research has shown that music has some calming and soothing effects on the brain but I also know that not all kinds of music can produce the same effects.

    I haven’t actually heard about the Happy Pill and the Power Chill songs until it came up while I was looking at some ways to overcome depression when one of my friends was going through one of the toughest times of her life.

    Anyway, I had zero idea how this kind of music works, so reading your post has given me the answer I needed. I’m just wondering if the Happy Pill and Power Chills songs work every time or there will come a time that your brain won’t respond to it in a positive way anymore.

    • Dave

      Hey Alysanna, 

      Thanks for stopping by and for also caring so much about your friend that you went online looking for the best depression music for her.

      That’s really nice of you. 🙂

      When it comes to the tracks I have given, I would say they will probably stop working when your mind has become completely trained for the mental states they are made for.

      Tehe thing is, Happy Pill and Power Chill are brainwave entrainment tracks that are meant to help you change your mental states quickly. And on top of that, they are also designed to train your brain for the actual state of mind they are meant which is also the same state you are using them for.

      Take Happy Pill, for instance. It is meant to help you change the state you are in to a jovial one that keeps you happy. Whenever you listen to them, they change the patterns formed by the waves in your brain and create a new pattern that induce the state of happiness.

      As you keep using the track, your mind will be constantly taken to the happiness state and this will make your mind used to remaining in this state that you will find it is very easy to remain cheerful for long. When your mind has completely taken up the new pattern of happiness, you will notice that you have become a generally happy person no mater what the circumstances.

      At this point, I can say that the tracks won’t be any effective since you have already achieved the state of mind you are after.

      I hope you understand now. 🙂  

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