1. Dana

    Hi Dave,
    I was wondering if this would be good for people who get stressed out and start forgetting things? I am looking for something for my mother, I noticed when she becomes stressed she starts to forget basic things. Has these tapes had any effect on people with memory problems or is it strictly for concentration? Great article and information, thank you.

    • Dave

      Hey Dana,Β 

      The tracks I have recommended here are for concentration and can surely help your mother with memory, but they will take very long.

      The thing is, they first train you concentration and then when you have improved your mental concentration, your memory gets better by default as your brain has been increased in power. This would about 6 months, or more depending on the current mental health of your mum.

      If you are willing to wait for that long, I don’t think there is any problem.

      But if you want something that will work faster, I recommend you try out Subliminal Messages for MemoryΒ or supplements that help with memory likeΒ Gingko Biloba, Huperzine A or Acetyl-l-Carnitine. They will do a faster job that is also better.

      I hope this helps. πŸ™‚

      If you need more help, please let me know below.

  2. Zack

    I absolutely love your website! I’ve always been interested in learning more and more and I feel like we all feel we hit that wall where we just have too much on our minds. 

    Really all we need to do is just meditate on things and improve our focuses in life. Keeping calm and focused is always key! Learning how one can control their thoughts and feelings can help create and easier way of thinking, and in the long run you have more of an ability to take on more and more. 

    Brain games are always fun and help improve every ones mental power too!

    I will surely be getting the 2 tracks you recommending and will be making another visit to your website soon to learn what products are out there that can help me get my mind on track as well!

    • Dave

      I agree with you Zack,Β 

      We really have to care for our brains if we want a less stressful life. And there lots of ways go about that.

      What everyone needs to do is to identify the method they love the most and be using it to improve their brains. Whether it is meditation, subliminal messaging, hypnosis, brain games, brainwave entrainment, neurofeedback, anything!

      As far as you are getting help from the actual method you choose, you should leverage it to make the most of it.

      I am sure you are going to find immense benefits from the tracks. Remember to share your experience with us. πŸ™‚

  3. Ann

    I read your article with interest as I’ve just discovered brain entrainment and have been using it so far for relaxation. However I was thinking that concentration entrainment would be my next option to explore.
    In your article you mention the Brain Evolution system which features the sounds of nature like streams and flowing water which seems appealing to me. I will try this out because it seems more promising to me.

    • Dave

      Hey Ann,Β 

      It is great that you found out about brainwave entrainment. This science is really amazing and I was blown away by the level of its effectiveness and the speed of feeling its effect the first time I used it. I don’t know if you experienced this, but the tracks I have listened to have been quite mind changing as far as mental states are concerned.

      Funny thing is, the Brain Evolution System was one of my first few brainwave tracks to listen which really convinced that the science really does work. I am confident that you are also going to see that yourself when you get to give it a go.

      Be sure to keep me updated about your progress as you use it. πŸ™‚

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