1. Thank you for your inciteful information about meditation. I personally have always had difficulty meditating as I get uncomfortable in silence.I had no idea that perhaps I was always seeking music or brown noise to just help me drop down into a relaxed state of mind.
    Your Zen 12 product looks like a good place to start.

    • Hey Rachel,

      Zen 12 sure is the best place to start as a beginner meditator as well as an intermediate or advanced meditator who wishes to increase the productivity of their meditation sessions.

      I can relate to your troubles vert well and this is something many people are struggling with. It is really hard to concentrate on your sessions when your mind is disturbed or when feeling tensed, even if you do it in a completely silent place.

      Your mind is making so many noises which is what would hinder you from the benefits. But using brown noise or relaxation music will help solve that issue.

      Looking to forward to hear how you find zen 12 soon.

      Cheers. 🙂

  2. OCTeam

    Hallo Dave, 

    I have gotten zen 12 and it really is great. The nature sounds, brown noise, relaxation music and guided meditation are all there and they are awesome! I have to say that the people who made this did a really good job.

    I stopped by to say thank you for hooking me up with such a great product, and for being really informative. I will be coming here every so often to get more recommendations.

    Good day.

    • Dave

      Hey there, 

      Nice to hear that you got zen 12 for yourself. 

      I told you it was great! 🙂

      I have had it and it has been a really amazing music system for meditation. I also agree with you that the creators know what people want in meditation music and they provide that and more.

      That is why I have come to trust them completely and have fallen in love with their products.

      If you loved this system, I am sure you are going the other systems the some people have made like the Raikov effect, which is my favourite genius hack, Brain evolution system for concentration, subliminal guru for subliminal messages and subliminal 360 which is the best subliminal messages software.

      You are going to love them.

      Try them out as well and let me know your experience with them.

      And you are always welcome to this site anytime. 🙂


  3. Danny

    Hi, thanks for this post. You have really gone in depth on the specifics of finding the right sounds when meditating. I had always been under the impression that silence was the ideal environment for meditation, but it is interesting to discover that that is not always the case. 

    Zen 12 really caught my interest and I am surely going to look into it. Thanks for the really thorough article here.

    • Dave

      Hey Danny, 

      While silence is great for meditation, it is not something prefer working with when they are meditating. I find people loving nature sounds as it makes the whole session very lively and kind of makes someone very wakeful and in touch with nature.

      It is something that connect with you at a very deep level. I highly recommend you try out. And be sure to let me know how you find it. I will be waiting to hear from you.

      Have a fantastic day!

  4. Jenny

    Thanks for this. I will try it. When I try meditating without any music I usually last about  2 minutes, then something that I worry about starts to annoy me. I want to find a way to stop getting stressed mostly when I am meditating because the practice is to help me do that. I will look into the relaxation music or guided meditation so that I distract my stress with the voice over.

    Why is so difficult to clear our mind at times?

    • Dave

      Hey Jenny, 

      Nice idea! To overcome the stress using the voice over seems like a really good idea. 🙂

      I also suggest you work with the relaxation music first for about 10 minutes before you start meditating. This way you will be able to have the peace you need to meditate.

      Thereafter you can use the music you feel fits you for meditation.

      About being difficult to clear our mind, I would say we generally have weak minds which we add to the weakness by believing that we can’t handle some things. 

      See, nothing is ever beyond us human beings. But when some situations get out of hand, we tend to feel weak and fail to trust our judgements which then bring us to stress and depression.

      To solve this, we need to change our mindsets to positivity and believing that we can only solve the problems we have when we accept than we CAN and that we have the answers to them.

      It is all about the mentality and belief.

      Hope this helps. 🙂


  5. Cliff

    Yes I agree that meditation can be different and is very individualistic in nature. So it is very important to know what works best for you. I have never heard of Zen 12 but is does look promising especially since it has a large variety of meditation tracks on it. I’m definitely checking it out. Thanks a lot for the informative article.

    • Dave

      You are welcome Cliff, 

      I couldn’t agree more on the individualistic experience with meditation.

      Tell me your experience with zen 12 when you have used it.

      Have a good one. 🙂

  6. Sharon May

    Your article is very good, but you’ve not included Christian music or maybe you didn’t know there was such music. We call it soaking lol, the essence is the same and there’s plenty of freebies on YouTube and of course to buy. Relaxing to nice soft music is lovely, I’ve found that when I can’t sleep, I put on some soaking music, and there you go, I’m asleep in no time at all. It also creates a beautiful atmosphere. For meditation, I will surely consider zen 12 next time I will be doing it. Have yourself a good evening.

    • Dave

      Hey Sharon, 

      I knew Christian music existed but surely I didn’t know it was called soaking music. Lol.

      Nice name by the way. 

      Glad to hear that it helps you sleep. I am guessing the type of soaking music you listen to is the slow soothing and comforting one, right? Cause I know the type to bring good quality sleep.

      I am sure you are also going to find zen 12 quite useful for you. Update me on your experience with it when you get to use it.

      Have a good day too. 🙂

  7. Peter

    Meditation is an interesting topic. I live in Taiwan and studied Buddist style meditation for a while, but I decided I don’t like the mental emptiness. The only technique that appeals to me is watching my thoughts go by and examining them emotionlessly. I forgot the name of this form of meditation.

    I much prefer Christian meditation. I like reflecting again and again on the Bible and the God of the Bible. That is because I prefer fullness to emptiness.

    I am currently listening to your Oliver Shanti video and it is quite nice. Perhaps I would like parts of Zen 12, but I would stay away from any brain entrainment.

    • Dave

      Hey Peter, 

      It’s really intriguing to hear that you have been on quite a number of meditation styles. It must be quite an experience for you. In fact, I would be really interested to know how it has been for you with each style or form.

      It is also encouraging to know that you are listening to the Oliver shanti video for meditation. That thing is great!

      When it comes to zen 12, I would say, if you are enjoying the Oliver shanti music, I’m certain you are going to fall in love with zen 12. It is many time better than the video. 

      I advise you to just go listen to zen 12 when meditating and then come and share your experience here with us. I know you’ll love it.

      We’ll be waiting for it. 

      Cheers. 🙂

  8. Rachel

    I do meditate at times, but they’re usually for a max of 30 mins or so (we all know how busy land fast-paced life can get in the city!).

    Personally I connect a lot with nature, so I find music with nature sounds very appealing to me and I enter the state easier with those sounds.

    In fact, pure forest/river/waterfall etc sounds make me feel more comfortable than it combined with music or pure music. This simply means that I’ll definitely be getting zen 12, but is this whole nature thing normal?

    • Dave

      Oh yes Rachel, 

      It is very normal. 🙂

      I also find myself to be very calm and peaceful when I’m walking in a path with lots of trees and fairly strong wind. When I listen to nature sounds, I usually find myself very inspired and creative. So it is something  that is experienced by anyone who has that special connection with nature. 

      And you happen to be one of them.

  9. Avareth

    I personally like to have something to listen to when I’m meditating. Mostly so I don’t fall asleep, lol. You are very right that not all music is effective for this use, I can’t imagine trying to use rock music. To each their own though! I really enjoy the option from Oliver Shanti you linked. I’ll add that one t o my list. The points you bring up are all informative and accurate I’ll be sinking my teeth into zen 12 real soon – thanks very much for the read.

    • Dave

      Hey there Avareth, 

      I completely get you! 

      When you are doing things with your eyes closed there are so many strong temptations to drift into sleep. At times you don’t even notice, you just wake up and realize you have been asleep for 30 minutes. 🙂

      That is why I think using programs like zen 12, especially the nature sounds or white noise styles to be very effective effective for someone who falls asleep when meditating. 

      All the best. 

  10. Julian

    Hi, I am wondering why rock music would be classified as a meditation music? I guess more specifically what artist or band? I could see smooth jazz as being a great choice.
    Also, you mentioned in point #2 that Zen 12 is something you recommend for all levels of meditators. I am going to try out and see how it works out for me. Cheers.

    • Dave

      Hey Julian,

      Be sure to update me on your experience when you get to zen 12.

      About rock music being good for meditation, I would like to emphasize the point I have mentioned in the post. People have very different tastes and styles when it comes to meditation. 

      And just like the way you say soft jazz would work great when meditating, there are lots of folks who find rock music perfect for it too. 

      If you wish to know how exactly it feels like when meditating using rock music, you should out the youtube videos on rock meditation music and you are going to get a good idea of it. There are many of them.

      Hope this helps.


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