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What is Spiritual Meditation? The Essential Basics!

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With hundreds of thousands of people (and counting) doing meditation, we can all agree that meditation is slowly taking over the world. There are numerous physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual benefits associated with this practice. And with the various forms of meditation there are at the moment, no one has a reason to skip this uplifting exercise.

It is also important that you find yourself a meditation style that is related to what you believe in and get started with it if you want to reduce a great deal of stress in your life and find peace and happiness. Spiritual meditation is among the many types of meditation out there and it speaks to the needs of many people.

There are many benefits linked to the daily practice of this style of meditation which you can enjoy if you understand what it is really all about and how to go about it properly. We look at spiritual meditation at length here.

What is Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual meditation is defined in various ways by people of different beliefs, but in essence, it is the practice of connecting to something bigger, deeper and more profound than you, that is, your self.

Some people, based on their spiritual and religious beliefs, seek to connect with God or the Universe or what others call, Infinite Consciousness.

Ideally, with spiritual meditation we are creating a connection with something that is far bigger than us that embodies infinite love, happiness and peace. By regularly doing this practice, we form a strong bond that leads to spiritual awareness, among other benefits.

Spiritual meditation requires you to perceive yourself uniquely from other people. And you reflect on yourself deeply and truthfully without following any particular perceptions you have been having about yourself in the past. You go deep within yourself to find out who you really are.

For a beginner, spiritual meditation is normally taught by a well experienced spiritual leader. Essential oils such as sandalwood, myrrh, cedar, frankincense, Palo santo and sage may be used to elevate the spiritual experience.

For people who are looking for spiritual growth, this form of meditation goes a long way.

How Spiritual Meditation Works

Spiritual meditation has often been exaggerated to mean the ability to have supernatural powers like levitation, mind reading, extra sensory perception, self healing abilities, being a seer or having magical powers, to name a few.

This has mainly been promoted by spiritual teachers who are not genuine and who are mostly after material gains from their students or for other ill motives.

Spiritual meditation seeks to help the meditator have a deep connection with their true selves and with others, in the long run. It also helps us see and appreciate the little things in life that seem very normal but are profoundly beautiful for a person who truly perceives.

The first place to start with this ancient tradition is understanding yourself and becoming the best version of yourself that you can be.

You have to be committed to this cause and be completely honest with yourself. You need to take time to learn about yourself better and understand who you are and how different you are from others.

Accepting and living with these differences with awareness helps you to appreciate the differences in other people and really grasp how uniquely different we all are, which helps you better relate with people.

When you get to know yourself well, you are able to enjoy your own company and explore many areas of your life. Through this, you are able to become more focused on becoming a better person that not only benefits you, but also others.

Attributes like self motivation, commitment, responsibility, self-love, compassion and resilience are built within you in the process.

Once you become friends with yourself, you now pass the same compassion to others and you get to treat them the same way you would treat yourself in all circumstances.

As you grow into spiritual meditation, you also get to open your eyes to the amazing beauty that people find normal, the morning sunshine, the freshness of air, the blowing wind, the little conversations with people we know as well as meeting new people.

It is the ability to appreciate the things that happen in the present moment without being lost in the past or the future that shows the signs of spiritual awakening.

And this grows to the desire to think, perceive and live beyond the world we live in, which most of the times is in disarray.

This brings you closer and closer to that which you believe is bigger than you. It could be God, Infinite Consciousness or the Universe.

Benefits of Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual meditation comes with a wide range of benefits. Some of these benefits include:

1. Helping you understand yourself better

2. Helping your master your thoughts and emotions

3. Strengthening and helping you get to your higher consciousness

4. Helping you go beyond your physical and mental limitations to experience the higher world

5. Helping you give up all the baggage of the past and worries of the future, which brings peace

6. Bringing your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health in proper balance

How to do Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual meditation ultimately varies with many aspects when it comes to practicing it and it all depends on what you believe in, in terms of religion and spirituality.

You should look for the kind of spiritual meditation that matches your beliefs about your self, the universe and the powers that run the world. This will make your meditation practice seamless and will ground you more in your beliefs.

When you identify your right fit, you will want to take your time to learn and understand well how it is done so that you are able to benefit from it fully.

For beginners, we always recommend starting with a guided meditation for the actual type of meditation you settle for. These guided meditations are a form of guidance through the exercise by meditation experts.

They train you and help you understand how it is all done without compromising the value of the experience within every session.

After doing guided meditation for a number of weeks or months and you feel you are well acquainted with the meditation practice, you can choose to start doing it on your own or keep going with the guided meditation or do both according to your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on Spiritual Meditation

Question: Is spiritual meditation a scientific based practice?

Answer: Spiritual meditation can be viewed as a science that is influenced by personal feelings, taste and opinions. It is a structure that was formed years ago with proper order and is also supported by observational experience and reason.

Question: Do I need a spiritual meditation expert to do the practice?

Answer: A meditation expert goes a long way if you are a beginner. You will be taken through the practice the right way and you will grow inwardly and outwardly as you should. Getting a guide helps you take away the guesses and blocks along the way that can easily discourage you and make you feel like you are not fit for the practice.

You should however be careful when choosing a guide. Make sure you work with qualified, credible and experienced guides.

Also, it is important to note that you are not required to have a guide. That is only something we recommend. There are people who find it suitable doing it all on their own. If you are such a person, feel free to do it as you like. Your path to higher consciousness can be walked alone and be successful if you are determined to do it.

Question: What is self realization?

Answer: Self realization is pretty much as the name suggests. It is when you come to the understanding that you are greater than your body and mind. When you realize that you are part of an unlimited, pure and blissful consciousness.

Question: What are some other useful tips to help improve the experience of spiritual meditation?

Answer: Here are some tips to remember when doing spiritual meditation that will really come in handy for you:

1. Be unique, real and honest with yourself

2. Become more mindful in and about your faith

3. Don’t be hateful or resentful towards other people, even your enemies

4. Focus your spiritual growth towards benefiting others, not yourself

5. Become more open and receptive to change

Spiritual meditation is all about exploring your inner self and becoming more connected which helps you live a better life and improves your overall well-being.

It is a practice that requires patience and consistency. The more you engage in it, the better you get at it and the more you experience the benefits it brings. It is not easy but then it is also not too difficult to do.

Spiritual meditation, as with all other forms of meditation, is like a skill. You have to build it slowly and with time you become good at it.

Choose whether you want to do it alone, with a group or using guided meditation resources such as apps, videos, podcasts, meditation scripts or through meditation websites, and get started right away. The beauty of meditation is to begin meditating sooner and make it part of your lifestyle.


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    Spiritual meditation is something I’ve heard about before, but haven’t heard so much about until now to be honest. Connecting to one’s self is the first step in connecting to other bigger things like God, the Universe or even Infinite Consciousness. Interesting to find that spiritual meditation is like a skill. This puts everything into perspective and gets me prepared to try it. I’m going to try it for myself. Especially in these uncertain times, it can do wonders for psyche I would think. Thanks for the recommendation and I look forward to reading more!

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