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What is Mind Movies 4.0? Everything You Need to Know!

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You may have heard something about mind movies 4.0. And that could be something good or bad that got you confused on what to make of it.

And am guessing you want to know the real truth about it as to whether it is a worthwhile program or not, right?

Well, I had the opportunity for a good deal of research on it and I have to say I gathered so much about it that I am sure you are going to find interesting.

My Mind movies 4.0 review here will be taking you through the most important aspects of the program including what Mind movies 4.0 is about, how exactly it is designed to work, what you get when you order your copy, the benefits, how to use it, customer reviews, cost, discounts and bonuses.

I would like you to know that review will be brief but very detailed.

And in case you want to know more about a specific aspect of it that you are really concerned about, feel free to let me know about it in the comments area. I’d love to help. Okay?

Sweet! 🙂 Let’s get rolling.

Name: Mind Movies 4.0The Mind Movies 4.0

Creator: Natalie Ledwell

Cost: $197 (There’s a $100 time limited discount when you buy sooner)

Best Place to Buy:

Best Known for: Goal achievement

Rankings: 95 out of 100

What is the Mind Movies 4.0 Program?

Personally, I understood it to be a specially crafted program that is meant to boost your levels of motivation and get you in the right mindset for properly achieving your goals.

The program uses short motivational videos called Mind movies that carry the photos of your goals, inspirational music and really powerful subliminal messages to transform your mind.

It takes advantage of 2 of the most respected brain improvement methods which are Visualization and Affirmations (or subliminal messages).

I will be looking into these methods in depth in a few minutes.

The methods are combined to work on the part of the brain that is responsible for your beliefs, habits and self made concepts. That is the subconscious mind.

Through the very optimized goal oriented videos, you are able to improve your focus on your goals as well as mental energy to help you work on the, until you actualize them.

The owner of this program is the one and only self improvement enthusiast, Natalie Ledwell. If you owner of mind movies matrixhave been in this industry long enough, you must have heard her name somewhere.

Either in her uplifting show called “The Inspiration Show” which has been running for years, or her company called Mind Movies, which sells self improvement products.

Some of her most popular products are Mind Movies Matrix and Ultimate Success Masterlcass.

She is also the author of the book the became the best seller in self development category. It’s called “Never In Your Wildest Dreams”. (Actually, if you want to know why the book is hugely popular, you can get a free ebook of it to read for yourself and see the wisdom she offers here)

Natalie has been in business for years now and one thing I liked about her and her company is the huge reputation she has built.

With close to 6 million people the company has helped thus far as well as how her company has grown through the years, it is evidently clear that she is really determined to help people become the best version of themselves.

She has also worked with other great figures in the industry like Morry Zelcovitch, Bob Proctor and Joe Vitale, to name a few.

How Exactly the Mind Movies Work

The best way to explain how the program works is to use something called a vision board.

This is a board you post photos of the goals you want to achieve so that you can always look at it a number of times everyday to derive motivation to work on the actual goals.

vision board
A vision board

This has proven to be very effective as it helps create the mental picture of the goals and as you keep looking at the board, , visualize and get empowered, your subconscious gradually changes to fit in with the goals.

After that, you are able to effortlessly work on your goals without even feeling the struggle you initially have weeks into setting the goal.

The energy just flows within your system.

Now Mind movies is the advanced version of a typical vision board. In fact, the best word to be used for it is a virtual vision board with more resources to enhance your mind.

Mind movies offers a software that helps you create a “moving” vision board (the short video I mentioned earlier) that has the addition of uplifting music that you feel inspires you greatly with regards to your goals and subliminal messages to help get the subconscious to improve faster.

Now what happens is, you as a person who desires to achieve a goal (in terms of finance, fitness, relationships, mental health, or anything else), jump in the program to create a mini movie for the goal.

And here, you get a creation kit that is actually very easy to work with that helps you create a 3 minutes video that has the photos of the goal you want to achieve, subliminal messages that are in line with the goal and some background music that boosts your motivation.

The Science Behind Mind Movies

Visualization and subliminal messages that is coupled with the law of attraction has been greatly leveraged here.

Visualization is pretty much about creating mental pictures anything, which has a huge impact on improve your brain functionyour mind and life. And here, you get to use it to come closer to your goals, mentally.

But visualizing, using all your senses, you get your mind to hold the picture you visualize which makes it easy for you to bring it to reality.

Subliminal messages, on the other hand, are short motivating phrases that are meant for your subconscious mind. You may not hear them but your subconscious detects them and is greatly influenced by them.

They include phrases like “I am a money magnet!” Or “I attract love easily!”.

By constantly listening to these messages, your mind starts adapting to them which makes you grow focus and more understanding of your goals, and this changes you in a huge way.

More importantly, they help use have an easy time hitting your targets.

Do you know how easy and exciting to set a new goal is at the beginning? And then how hard and boring it gets after a few weeks of trying to make the plans for achieving the goals work?

Well, with good use of subliminal messages, the difficulty and boring part are eliminated and you feel the needed unity with your goals.

These messages also help you get the right people and tools you need to get you to where you desire to be.

This is what we call the law of attraction.

And subliminal messages as well as visualization play a huge role in this.

One course I love that handles the law of attraction much like mind movies but in a really comprehensive way is The No BS manifesting course.

I highly encourage you to check it out.

What is Included in the Program

Other than the actual creation kit, there are other resources you get as bonuses. But please note that these may change with the evolution of the program. It is something I have seen happen.

At the time of writing this review, the bonuses you get are:

1. The Dream Crystallization Mini Video Course – This is valued at $47 and makes a great complement for mind movies 4.0. This is a course that has questions together with exercises that help you get clearer with your goals which then help you create very specific and accurate mind movies that will surely benefit you. Think of it like a guide to knowing exactly what you want and how exactly to get it.

2. Courses from the world’s top personal transformation coaches – This has been heavily courses from top self development coachesvalued at more than $1,000. It is pretty much a collection of courses and pricelsss resources that have tackled different aspects of self development. They are from really influential people like Andy Shaw, Bob Proctor, Christie Marie Sheldon, Joe Vitale and so many others. The resources include 5x brain hacker mp3’s, 12 principles for winning the mind game and many more.

But do note that this resource may be pulled down any moment due to the constant change in terms of licensing. That’s why Natalie encourages you to get it sooner to secure yourself.

The Benefits of Mind Movies 4.0

These are the perks you will be getting when you start working with the program:

1. Boosting your levels of motivation

2. Sharpening your focus on your goals

3. Improving mental clarity

4. Improving the performance of your subconscious mind

5. Increasing mental energy to work on the goals

6. Have steady progress and movement towards your goals

How to Use the Product

There are only 3 steps needed for you to make the most of this system. And those are:

a) Create it – Here, you use the software to create the mind movies for the goals you want to achieve. It is easy to use and you’ll be done in a few minutes. You are advised to create a new mind movie for every goal you set out to work on.

b) Watch it – After that, you will be watching the mind movie every day for 3 minutes which will naturally rewire your subconscious mind to help you get into full goal mode.

c) Live it – Achieve all your goals and live the life of your desires and dreams.

using mind movies

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the best tool to measure how great any program out there is. And I use it every time I want to know how good a program is. For this particular one, the customer reviews are very promising for most people gave really good feedback on it.

You can see some of the reviews below for yourself.

mind movies 4.0 customer reviews

I have to agree the reviews make much sense especially going by the concept the program uses to deliver what it claims. It is geared towards success.

Cost and HUGE Discounts!

The Mind movies 4.0 program usually goes for $197. This includes everything I have mentioned. The creation kit software as well as the bonuses.

Personally, based on the resources you get from the actual program not to mention the efficiency with which they work, I would say the price is well worth it.

However, the company is currently offering a whole $100 discount on it that lets you buy it at only $97. This is a really big discount if you ask me. But you should also note that it won’t be there for long. The company has said that they will be getting it back to the original price real soon.

So you may want to take advantage of the discount sooner.

Order your copy of mind movies 4.0 here

Mind Movies is Totally Worth it!

Based on my personal opinion, I have found the program to be rewarding if you use it right and give it time to work for you.

I recommend using the mind movies everyday before you get to work on the goal that you want to see manifest in your life. It may not have instant effects but in good time, in a few weeks, you will start noticing the effects.

Even after that, keep using it to increase the quality of effects so that you make your goal achievement journey easy for yourself.

And that is pretty much it with the Mind movies.

I hope this review will go a long way in helping you make a well informed decision.

If you need more help with other areas of the program, or self improvement in general, please feel free to drop your questions and comments below and I will get back to you the soonest.

I’ll be just around the corner waiting! 🙂


6 thoughts on “What is Mind Movies 4.0? Everything You Need to Know!

  1. Fahim Shahriar says:

    I have not heard about mind movies before. I never knew about this. This is really a great product which would help in boosting our mind and increase the motivation level. Thank you for recommending mind movies 4.0 and sharing your thought about this. I wish to purchase one for me. Great article indeed. 

    1. Hey there Fahim, 

      Nice to have you here. 🙂

      Go ahead and give it a go. I’m very confident you are going to love it.

      Please remember to come and share with us your experience with it.

      We will all be waiting.

      Have a fantastic day!

  2. Finding motivation to achieve goals and dreams is so difficult. I always have lofty goals and even detailed plans to achieve those goals. The lack of motivation is a real obstacle that is difficult to overcome. The utilization of Mind Movies appears to be a real solution to a real problem.

    1. Quite right Lee, 

      Motivation can be a real hassle, speaking from experience.

      You can get everything ready, from goals to plans, to daily tasks and then you feel like you just don’t want to do anything.

      You know very well how those plans will be lucrative when actualized but you still don’t feel like you have the energy to work on them.

      And if you are like me, you surely don’t want to waste time cause you know it’s going to in the future.

      I highly encourage you to give Mind movies a chance and see how well it works for you.

      I would also love to hear your feedback on it when you work with it for a good while.

      Please do remember to come back and tell us.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  3. Pentrental says:

    I’m glad to learn that Mind Movies 4.0 is a solid product and I appreciate your detailed review here. Goal achievement is definitely a worthwhile focus. Very interesting stuff in regard to visualization and affirmations, and that these methods target a specific area of the brain. The vision board looks pretty amazing. It reminds me of a detectives office where different clues and being pinned together. I have bookmarked your post and will be looking further into it later tonight, thank you for what looks like a great motivational product!

    1. You are always welcome Pent, 

      I agree with you visualization and affirmations do come in handy. 

      They really help with working on your subconscious mind to improve the beliefs and habits that you have crystallized through the years that have in turn made you who and what you are.

      It was nice to have you here and I hope to see you again and again. 🙂

      Have a wonderful day!

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