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What is Deep Sleep Meditation – A Beginner’s Guide!


When it comes to good sleep, it is often more about the quality rather than quantity. People argue that sleeping for 5 to 8 hours helps the body receive enough rest. However, without the right inner conditions of sleep satisfied, it is very difficult to have deepwhat is deep sleep meditation restful sleep.

Deep sleep meditation is a good way to help us quiet down the mind and bring it to stillness and calmness that allows the body to also get into a state of calmness and relaxation, which makes for rejuvenating sleep.

When practiced properly and consistently, it gives you the ability to easily fall and remain asleep throughout the night and say goodbye to the long restless nights.

Let’s take a deep look into deep sleep meditation.

What is Deep Sleep Meditation?

This is a form of meditation that is designed to help you let go of all the obstacles that keep you away from having a deep restful sleep.

It allows your mind and body to relax and focus on the present moment that provides a good environment for not only falling asleep fast but also longer.

Most of the time, we fail to get sleep when we go to bed at night due to the many thoughts racing through our mind. We are constantly thinking about how our day was and the things we got involved in, how these things impact us and influence our future.

And this brings worry and anxiety that keeps us awake the whole night.

Now deep sleep meditation gives us the chance to let go of all these thoughts that keep our mind occupied and in the race of thoughts that make our body all tensed up and unable to sleep.

Through this practice, you are able to move away from the circus of the mind, thinking and getting worried, and focus on the now.

By being aware of the present moment, you get into the state of deep relaxation of the body and calmness of the kind that sets the pace for good sleep.

This exercise lowers your heart rate and slows down the processes in the mind and body, which in turn provides a sense of inner peace and harmony. This gets you to feel at ease and clears the way for you to have deep refreshing time in slumber land.

How Deep Sleep Meditation Works

The essence of deep sleep meditation is to help you release the thought pattern that is dominating in your mind which bars sleep from taking its place at night.

With the practice you train your mind to have a loose hold on these thoughts and the effects of worry, anxiety and tension that they come with.

When you release them, you find inner peace, relaxation, serenity and harmony that all enhance the quality of your sleep.

If you allow these negative aspects to rule your mind and body, it proves hard to be able to find that point within yourself that lets sleep in.

To have good quality, restful sleep, you have to have a certain mental state or mindset that makes it easy for you to sleep. And achieving this is fairly hard if you have been having sleep issues in the past.

Although working on it is possible and comes with numerous benefits.

That is why it is important to do deep sleep meditation frequently to help teach your mind to be in this mental state as you go to sleep.

There are different types of sleep meditation that help you achieve this state of mind. They include:

1. Guided sleep meditation – This is a type of sleep meditation that is guided by an instructor. Normally, it comes in form of audios or videos or even podcasts, mostly in meditation apps. What happens here is, the instructor walks you through the whole meditation session with the aim of allowing you relax all the tense parts of your body and create a peaceful environment for you to drift off to sleep. The instructor may even paint a mental picture for you that is serene, calm and all quiet, with the surrounding making the perfect fit for sleep.

2. Affirmations meditation – As the name suggests, this type of sleep meditation works with affirmations. These are the deep messages that declare certain things in our mind that get to the subconscious mind and help us make change. In this meditation, you say positive affirmations that make it possible for you to enter into a state of relaxation and also allow you to sleep easily, fast and for long. Some of the affirmations used here include, “My mind is at peace”, “I become relaxed very easily” and “I fall asleep faster and longer” among others.

3. Focused concentration meditation – There is also a type of meditation that is based on directing your focus on an object throughout the session. Most of the time, a candle flame is used as the object of meditation although there are so many other objects you can focus on. By giving your whole attention to this object, you relax and calm down the mental chatter, which contributes to tranquility. For beginners, the object of meditation that is recommended is breath, that is, focusing on the activity of breathing in and out.

4. Mindfulness meditation – This meditation is all about being aware of yourself in the present moment. You become mindful of your breathing and sensations throughout your body as you get distractions out of the way. By bringing your attention to the present moment, you have an easy time reducing the mental noise as well as bringing down high levels of anxiety, stress and worry that keeps you from sleeping. It also aids in relaxation and peacefulness.

Benefits of Deep Sleep Meditation

Deep sleep meditation comes with a wide variety of benefits, here are some of them:

1. May treat insomnia – A study on how meditation can help improve the symptoms of insomnia revealed that when mindfulness meditation is combined with cognitive behavioral therapy, the integrated intervention could help with both reduction in sleep and sleep related arousal (1)(2).

2. Reduces anxiety and stress – Deep sleep meditation allows you to have that moment of peace and stillness. It shuts out the consistent thoughts of the past and future that bring about panic and tension. And if you do it on a regular basis, it may help bring down high levels of stress and anxiety which converts to sleeping through the night like a baby (3).

3. Reduces the need for lots of sleep – A study on how meditation impacts sleep concluded that regular meditation can help reduce the desire to sleep a lot. This can be justified by the fact that meditation offers the relaxation and peace that sleep also offers, therefore desiring less of sleep through the day (4).

4. Improves the quality of sleep – While it may help reduce need for more sleep, meditation helps to increase the quality of any amount of sleep you have. This practice allows you to enjoy the little time you have for sleep to the maximum and wake up feeling refreshed (5) (6).

5. Brings mind and body harmony – A study done on the link between meditation and sleep revealed that meditation brings the mind and body harmony among other influences in the mental and bodily functions. The practice acts as a pacemaker for the functions that cause changes in behavioral states including sleep (7) (8).

How to Do Deep Sleep Meditation

As earlier mentioned, deep sleep meditation can be practiced in many ways. So, when it comes to doing it, you first have to choose your preferred type and make an effort to understand how it is practiced as accurately as you can. After that, you simply want to do it immediately and be consistent with it.

We strongly encourage beginners to start out with guided meditation as it is easy to do since not much effort is required from your side as you do it. You only need to get ready to meditate and then listen to the guidance and follow through in your mind.

You can get guided meditation from various sources such as meditation apps like Headspace, meditation videos, audios, podcasts or online websites.

Please remember to choose your preferred deep sleep guided meditation carefully and get a good quality resource from a trusted source. This will help you get the whole version of the program and learn how to execute it the right way that will bring you valuable results.

After having a good deal of experience with guided meditation, you can then decide to try out other forms or stick to it, the choice is entirely yours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on Deep Sleep Meditation

Question: Which techniques are used in deep sleep meditation?

Answer: Here is a list of some of the techniques you will find in various styles of deep sleep meditation:

1. Visualization – This is where you are taken through a mental journey by creating a mental picture or scenery that allows you to improve your mental state. This technique is often compared to hypnosis.

2. Silence – This is where you enter a period of complete silence, often in guided meditation, where the instructor tells you to remain silent inward and remain like that for a while. The instructor minimizes their speech to make it easy for you to enter and experience the silence. It’s a good way to gather your focus.

3. Body scan – This is another technique that is based on giving your body a scan and going through each part as you sort of take away the effort applied by each part and letting every part get to relax. It starts from your toes, all the way up.

4. Counting – This technique is just as it appears, you count as a way to discontinue any undesired thought patterns. You can be asked by the instructor to count from 1 to 10 or from 10 to 1.

5. Gratitude – This one employs many concepts of the loving kindness meditation and appreciation meditation.

6. Reviewing – This involves going through your day and seeing how the flow of events was.

7. Breathing – At times, you can be told count with every breath. Say you count 1 when you breathe in and then 2 when you breathe out and so on. It gets your body to slow down and incline towards sleeping.

Question: What are some other tips you can recommend to improve sleep?

Answer: You should keep these things in mind as far as sleep is concerned:

– Try to eat a balanced diet and drink lots of water (about 8 glasses of water each day)

– Be involved in physical exercises such as running, weight training, yoga and many others

– Try to avoid getting stressed or have ways to reduce stress as it comes up. Taking up a specific form of meditation, other than sleep meditation, helps with this.

– Keep your bedroom tidy, quiet and turn off the lights when you are sleeping. Also, a cool temperature in the bedroom goes a long way.

– Avoid using any mobile devices while you’re in bed

– Establish a fixed time for waking up and sleeping and stick to them everyday

– Wear loose comfortable clothing as you sleep

What is important to note is that, deep sleep meditation adds value to your sleep and other aspects of your life. And it is through practicing it on the long term that you get to benefit from it.

It is not easy to do and it takes time and patience to work. When you start out, it may seem a bit hard but as you keep doing it, it gets easier with every session. So, as you practice it, think of it like building the sleep muscle.

You have to exercise often and properly to grow the muscle. The more often you do it, the more you get used to it and the better you get at it.

Also, begin soon and build upon it. Don’t delay or plan to start it a few days or weeks from today. The perfect time to do it is today!


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