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What is Bodhi Meditation – A Beginner’s Guide!

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Our lives are surrounded by many physical and mental blockages that take a great toll on our health. Starting from stress, depression, pressure to perform at home and at work to fatigue, environmental pollution and bad working conditions, there is just so much harm out there that can really affect our physical and mental health.

Getting a practice that can help prevent any health related issues can go a long way in our lives as we rub shoulders with these harmful aspects of life.

Bodhi meditation is one good meditation practice that can be of great benefit in this area. It is aimed at helping you, the meditator, become more mentally and physically stable without having to spend thousands of dollars on medications and health programs as it is free and easy to work with.

What is Bodhi Meditation?

Bodhi meditation is a form of Buddhist meditation that aims at improving the overall well-being of the one practicing it.

Teachers of the practice affirm that it is based on compassion and its main goal is to improve the health and happiness of the meditator.

Bodhi meditation expert and founder Master JinBodhi, stresses on this point to by saying, “This is the wish I hope to promote and achieve. Though we have to leave this world eventually, our quality of life will vary with our health. If we live with a lot of pain, we suffer more.”

The meditation practice seeks to bring the mind and body to a balance that allows for optimal health and inner harmony.

It also brings mind body awareness that is believed to broaden the mind which helps work on physical and mental related issues.

This type of meditation stems from Buddhist traditions and it uses a good deal of its principles. However, it is not limited to Buddhists only.

Anyone from anywhere around the world, regardless of their age, gender, religion, race, profession, culture and background, can learn and do the practice for their own self-improvement.

History of Bodhi Meditation

Bodhi meditation was founded by Master JinBodhi in 1991. He was the one who came up with the technique and influenced the spread of it to the western countries.

Master JinBodhi was born in a coastal province in Northern China called Hebei. Due to his poor background, he suffered from malnutrition and other health related issues. He also went through the pain of losing two of his brothers to death.

He was mistreated at school and by his relatives, which made the first experience for him to see and understand suffering.

While he was still under 10 years, his family moved to a plateau region that was deficient of oxygen called Qinghai. This shift greatly affected his health and lots of medical help was sort for him although barely any of it was helpful.

During this period, religious practices were forbidden and all religious and spiritual leaders had been made to go back to the secular life. A former spiritual leader in Tibetan Buddhism was found for him to help with his condition.

The leader helped him recover and went a step further to train him in meditation.

After learning from him, Master JinBodhi was introduced to other grand masters under whom he studied at length. He went from one master to another and later on from one monastery to the other learning different skills and knowledge.

In 1991, after all the extensive training he got from various meditation experts and teachers, he felt the compassion and urge to give back to the people who were looking to overcome suffering and find happiness.

Master JinBodhi has now taught thousands of people throughout the world and has established Bodhi meditation centers in many countries including Canada, South Korea, Sweden, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Romania, United States, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

How Bodhi Meditation Works

In the grand scheme of things, Bodhi meditation is designed to help improve your immunity, mental clarity and stamina.

Through constant meditation, you are able to reduce physical health related issues like pain, fatigue and become healthier, happier and more stable.

It also helps you enhance the clarity of your mind so that you are able to understand the human life and the natural world in a much better way.

Having that balance and good health of the mind and body brings happiness to your life.

Master JinBodhi says, “To achieve health and happiness, we meditate. It develops our wisdom. We may not always achieve Buddha-hood but we become a healthier happier human.”

The meditative techniques used in Bodhi meditation include:

1. The meditation of greater illumination – This is a technique that is used to increase energy levels in the body while strengthening the spiritual mind of the practitioners.

2. The meditation of purity – This is another technique that is practiced under the guidance and blessing of the Master to help you clear your mind and body from the blockages that hold you down. It helps you get into a meditative state of peace and inner harmony that brings stability and clarity.

3. The meditation of awakening wisdom – This is a method of meditation that leads you to improving your mind and enhancing your understanding. It deepens your perspective about life.

4. Energy Bagua – This is another meditation method through which yin and yang energy is balanced and which allows the meditator to interact with the Universal energy to improve health and vitality.

5. Prostration – This is an exercise that helps with maintaining fitness, enhancing the functioning of internal organs and improving the spiritual mind when practiced wholeheartedly.

6. Chanting – This method of chanting is known to have clear and definite effects and it is used to help connect with the medicine Buddha, that paves way for contentment, freedom and purification.

These techniques are meant for improving energy levels in the body and take away the suffering and pain the body is experiencing, which leads to improved well-being.

The meditator also gets to understand the laws and principles of meditation that increase self awareness. This awareness opens up the reality of the world and the true laws of nature that enhances clarity of life.

With awareness and understanding of life, you are able to handle demanding issues with a much better approach.

Bodhi meditation is believed to offer ancient solutions to the problems of the modern age and the results are rewarding to those who are determined to work with them.

How Bodhi Meditation is Different From Other Forms of Meditation

Compared to other forms of meditation like mindfulness meditation, Vipassana meditation and transcendental meditation, Bodhi meditation takes a unique approach to self-improvement.

Unlike mindfulness meditation and Vipassana meditation that are based on focused attention and open monitoring or transcendental meditation technique that uses the self transcending technique, Bodhi meditation works with balancing energy levels and improving health and happiness through purification of the mind and body,

Although there are really significant differences, Bodhi meditation has some similarities with Chakra meditation, as far as the use of energy healing is concerned.

Benefits of Bodhi meditation

Master JinBodhi says the practice offers numerous benefits including:

1. Increasing self awareness

2. Enhancing emotional intelligence

3. Improving focus and mental clarity

4. Energizing your body and mind

5. Purifying your body and mind

How to do Bodhi Meditation

Beginners in Bodhi meditation are strongly encouraged to visit Bodhi meditation centers near them for proper guidance and training on the practice. The training sessions are conducted by qualified and experienced trainers who walk the trainees through the meditation practice, give blessings and answer all the questions they have.

There are lots of centers throughout the world in countries such as the United States, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia and Myanmar.

You can search the nearest center to you on the web to enroll for the training.

Getting professional meditation training is critical as you get to know everything you need about the practice and it is taught to you in an easy to follow and understandable way since the instructors are qualified experts on the exercise.

This helps you not only understand the essence of the practice but also learn how to do it the right way for optimal results.

You can also work with Bodhi meditation resources such as audios, videos, scripts or websites but you should ensure that you get them from credible sources.

Do you due diligence and make sure what you choose to work with resources that offer everything about the practice and are approved by certified organizations that offer this kind of meditation.

Avoid using online resources that have not been approved as they may not offer the whole version of the practice which may not give you the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on Bodhi Meditation

Question: What time during the day is best for doing Bodhi meditation?

Answer: Bodhi meditation can be done at any time of the day. Whatever time during the day or night that you feel is good for you should be one you work with. However, it is important to remember that you need 30 minutes after eating before you meditate. It makes your meditation session seamless and effective, without feeling fatigued or sleepy.

Question: I am normally busy throughout the day and I can’t seem to get the time to meditate. What should I do?

Answer: Meditation can always be done during your breaks as it is a good way of refreshing your mind and body. It increases your energy levels and also improves your problem solving abilities. When you get back to work after meditation, you have renewed energy and motivation.

Question: How should I learn to do Bodhi meditation?

Answer: It is good to use the resources available for the practice but it is much better to attend the Bodhi meditation sessions or retreats offered at their centers. They help train and ground you on the critical and fundamental basics that will help maximize your experience and increase the benefits.

Question: How long does it take to see the results?

Answer: The results may vary from one person to another as we all have different brain and body chemistry. However, if you do the practice often and you are determined, you may start seeing results in around two weeks. But please note that this may vary due to the reason stated above. Also, it is recommended to do the meditation of greater illumination and meditation of purity each day to improve your experience and fasten the results.

Question: Can I still do Bodhi meditation if I am not a Buddhist or if I don’t believe in any religion?

Answer: Bodhi meditation encourages people from all religions and spiritual backgrounds to do Bodhi meditation as they don’t offer it to any specific pocket of people only. The practice helps to handle the major issues that all human beings face thus it makes a good fit for everyone who is interested in it.

Question: What are some key things I need to know when doing Bodhi meditation?

Answer: Here are some tips to remember when doing the practice:

– If you are doing your meditation somewhere outside, make sure the place is clean and quiet. Also, don’t meditate where the weather conditions are unfavorable.

– Before you meditate, purpose in your mind to be peaceful and remain like that throughout the whole session without being affected by external factors.

– No matter the images or visions you see while you are meditating, remain calm and peaceful. Don’t be moved by them in any positive or negative. Simply be calm.

– Don’t meditate when you are overwhelmed emotionally. Wait until you are fairly balanced and then meditate.

– Don’t meditate when you are too hungry or too full.

– Feel free to try out Bodhi meditation even when you are on another form of meditation. You can work with the two of them but remember not to use them all at once or use one immediately after the other. When you are done with the first, give yourself a time period of about 30 minutes to 1 hour and then move on to the second form of meditation.

As with all forms of meditation, Bodhi meditation is a pretty beneficial practice that can really improve the quality of your life if worked with on a regular basis.

It is just like a skill or build muscle. You have to do it often so that you can learn to do it right and also experience the benefit it brings. The more you do it, the better you get at it and the more the benefits you will get to experience.

The secret is to start doing it as soon as you can and make a habit of practicing it frequently. You can decide to do it on your own or join a Bodhi meditation class, apps or other resources you feel are convenient for you.


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