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You want to get to know what people are saying about the Valerian root extract, right? You may also be needing more information about the supplement, isn’t it?

Well, my valerian root review will be getting into customer reviews on it, how it works, benefits, side effects, how and when to take it, where to buy the best valerian root supplement, and many more.

It is my hope that this review will help you get all the answers for the questions you have about it. If you don’t get all the answers, you can always ask me the other questions in the comments below, and I’ll be more than happy to answer them. Okay?

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Product: Valerian Root ExtractValerian Root Anxiety Reviews

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Valerian Root Anxiety Reviews

Many people have tried out this supplement with the expectations of improving the quality of their sleep and working on their anxiety levels, among others.

And this supplement has really helped.

If all the good reviews I have seen on it on various social platforms including reddit are anything to go by, this is one supplement that is really bringing good results.

But remember there are those who didn’t like it.

I found out that, among them are folks who took it without proper knowledge of how it works, others who bought it while still on other prescriptions and those who had it knowing they had other life threatening health issues.

And this makes me advise anyone who wants to try it out to first go visit their doctor to be sure it will be good for them.

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What is Valerian Root Extract?

This is a herb that has gained great fame in treating sleeping issues, lowering high levels of stress and anxiety, headaches, boosting your overall moods, trembling and even joint and muscle pains.

Its root are used to make the supplement. During the preparation of the herb, the most used part of the root is the rhizome.

It has been discovered to grow well in the wild areas of Europe, North America and Asia deemed as grasslands. In the summer, this plant has beautiful purple, pink or white flowers. But look out for its smell, it is really nasty.

Valerian Root Anxiety Reviews

There are many people who use it together with balm, hop and lemon among other herbs known to bring about drowsiness.

The scientific name for the plant is Valeriana Officinalis.

How it Works

When it comes to calming anxiety, valerain root has shown great abilities to cause the stimulation of the GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) which is largely involved with regulation of anxiety and the nerve cells.

In the brain, it works pretty much like the most prescription drugs for anxiety like Xanax (also known as alprazolam) and Valium (also called diazepam).

Although many people argue that aniracetam is a much better supplement for anxiety going by the fact that it doesn’t come with no side effects if used well.

Valerian root is also a good alternative for many pills made for sleeping.

It works on the brain by increasing the levels of GABA which is made possible by valerenic acid that is known to inhibit another enzyme which is out to kill GABA.

Other uses this supplement is known for are treating depression, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), tremors (which are mild), epilepsy, panic attack, hysterical states, menstrual cramps, social anxiety, symptoms of menopause, nervous asthma, hypochondria (fear of getting ill), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and migraine.


The common benefits associated with valerian root include:

• Helping with insomnia and sleep related conditions

• Bringing ease of menstrual cramps

• Lowering high levels of anxiety and stress

• Lowering blood pressure

• Easing pains in joints and muscles

• Reducing symptoms of menopause

• Treating ADHD and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)

• Helping people calm down when restless


The dosage which has been found best for people who are having problems with sleeping is 450mg to 900mg everyday for about 28 days.

Doses for other conditions are usually lower than for insomnia and related issues.

The best place I recommend you start with any of the listed Valerian Root Anxiety Dosageconditions you may have is 450mg per day. It is safe.

It is also advised to take it from 30 minutes to about 2 hours prior to sleeping so that it takes effect in time.

You can also use lemon balm extract with Valerian root for a period of 30 days when you are taking them three times a day.

Hops extract can also be stacked with valerian root and used for 28 days.

Please avoid taking the supplement during the daytime if you know you will be getting into active projects, you might find yourself sleeping.

Side Effects

Valerian has been proven safe for people who will take it in the moderate doses recommended here. Using it for a time length of 28 days has been good for many people.

Using it beyond that has not been established completely safe. So be wary.

There are also studies that say it can be safe for use by children for about 2 months, maximum.

The side effects associated with using valerian root are uneasiness, headache, insomnia, and super excitement (Not the kind you like, it is a really weird one).

Taking high doses, more than the recommended may make you feel very fatigued in the morning. If you notice this, you’d better reduce your dosage or stop using it entirely.

Women who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding are not advised to use it.

Also, it is not safe to use valerian during surgery as it interferes with the nervous system which could pose a huge risk to your health.

I think consulting a doctor before using it is the best way to go.

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And that is what you need to know about Valerian Root Extract.

If you got any questions or comments please leave them below and I will be happy to respond and get the conversation going. 🙂


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