1. Claire

    Love the article i myself have trouble sleeping at times as my brain is active a lot of the time, I like the idea of being able to see the reviews platform it shows not only the good but the bad also which is very relevant to help you decide. the layout to the article is very well done keeps you reading right through to the end. This product would probably not help me as my sleeplessness is ongoing. But I have a lot of faith that sleep salon can based on how it works. So I will be looking into it, thank you for the advice on this.

    • Dave

      You are welcome Claire, 

      If your sleep issues are something you have been having for long time, I would also not recommend you use Unisom because it works best for people with casual sleeplessness. Sleep salon would surely be a good deal for you as an alternative and is really going to help you overcome the problem.

      Let me know your experience and results with it when you get into it.

      We will all be waiting for them. 🙂

  2. Ganardineroporcjc

    Hello Dave,
    The truth I discovered after reading your post, I think there are many people who have trouble falling asleep. In my family, my lady is not at all easy to fall asleep, yet she takes sleeping pills. Practically every day, I try to tell to stop taking them but the problem still persists when she follows what I say.
    In my case, I have periods that I can not sleep. I have almost never taken pills. Always for me the best time to study or work are the first hours of the morning. When I took a pill in the morning I was a zombie … never again. I think the best alernative to try out this time is sleep salon. Excellent article thank you very much for sharing.

    • Dave

      Hallo there Ganardin,

      I totally feel your pain.

      It is funny how the commercials decieve us when they show people using sleeping products and drifting into sleep minutes later, but when we try them out ourselves, the results don quite match up.

      And this is actually the main reason why I no longer recommend using sleep aid pills that have been made using ingredients. I realized that all they do is get in the blood and enter the brain to help bring the sleep, and they are not always effective in that area.

      So I thought, if working on the brain is the ultimate end of the pills, why don’t I just find a sleep aid that works directly on the brain?

      And that is how sleep salon came to be my #1 recommendation. And I am positive you are going to love the results you will get with it. 🙂

      I will be waiting to hear your results with it.

  3. JeffWA

    Hi Dave. Prior to her death back in 2012, being the son of a mother who was in the healthcare profession, (as a nurse) during a close to 40-year career, she constantly preached to both my sister and me, (as well as my father) that taking prescription and over-the-counter drugs of any kind in many instances could produce various side effects looking at the human body.

    You stated that with Unisom, the likelihood of an individual getting side effects, (dry mouth, daytime drowsiness and dizziness) while unlikely still could take place.

    My question would be could a person develop a slight addiction to taking this form of a sleeping pill? It is recommended, stated in your review that after 14 days, that a person stop taking this medication. Any chance whatsoever that a person could become addicted to the drug, having an actual need to keep taking it despite the fact that it would be most likely ineffective after that period?

    The addiction could be purely psychological as well to the individual. He/she would believe that by stopping the dosage nightly, it would enter into his/her mind that sound sleep without the pill would never be achieved.

    Reasons for poor sleep are plentiful and as I am not a doctor, I could not analyze all situations that occur causing sleep deprivation.

    They say that going to bed at a regular time, daily physical exercise, participating in meditation, not taking caffeine after a certain hour each night and in general allowing the brain to unwind through not thinking of stressful things that take place within a person’s life, (work being the primary culprit) that without the need to take medication, a person will be able to develop better sleeping habits.


    • Dave

      Hey Jeff, 

      I have to say that I like your open mindedness. 🙂

      Well, the thing is, unisom has been said to be completely non addictive and non habit forming by the company that makes it as it follows the rules of the drugs Generally Recgonized as Safe and Effective (GRAS/E).

      This means that you are not going to be made dependent on it after using for a while, but through the conditioning of your own mind, it is possible to become addicted to it. So it pretty much depends on what you think, your mental conditioning and other external factors outside of the actual product, for you to be dependent on it.

      But I think the tips you have offered here can help someone who is on it not to become addicted to it.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and for the comment.  🙂

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