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I bet you are seeking to get a well detailed review of the trubrain supplement, right? You may have heard some few good things about it but I am sure you want to get a good reason why I don’t think it’s the best, isn’t it?

Okay, my trubrain review will take a good look into the actual reason I don’t like it, customer reviews of the product, how it works, the benefits, dosage, where best to order it online, side effects and a lot more.

It is my hope that this review will enlighten you to get what is best for you. If you need more help, you can always reach me via the comments below. I’ll be happy to help. Okay?

Awesome! Let’s jump right in. 🙂

Product: Tru BrainTrubrain Reviews

Size: 1 Bottle (30ml)

Best Place To Buy:

Guarantee: 100% guarantee

Overall Rankings: 81 out of 100

Why I don’t Think it’s the Best

Trubrain has gained quite some fame in helping people improve their brain power in terms of focus, productivity and boosting energy.

But according to my research, the main website that sells it barely have a customer service provision. They have left addresses for Santa Monica which are not purely legit.

If you try reaching out to them, you won’t get them. The price is also another issue. This means, if you will want to get a refund, you are going to have so many problems before you get your money back.

Paying over $100 for the supply of a product that doesn’t guarantee results and has a poor support system, if any, sure seems like a loss.

Price and support are the two key things that show how great a product is customer oriented. And this is no good at any of them, which makes me discourage you from buying into Trubrain.

Other reasons I didn’t like it are the side effects it comes with, using  some ingredients with the same effects and the fact many people did not get the said benefits it brings while others got very little effect.

As an alternative, you can use nitrofocus program which is way more powerful and has way better customer support. It is my #1 recommendation for improving focus and productivity.

Learn more about nitrofocus here


The ingredients in the supplement are known to be among the most popular in enhancing proper brain function.

Although not all ingredients worked for all people, these are the ones that have worked for most of them.

The company has claimed that all the included ingredients are set to help with neuroprotection (protection of the brain) and efficient neurotransmission (sending of nerve signals in the brain).

The listed ingredients in the pills and drinks are:

TyrosineTrubrain Reviews

• Theanine

• Carnitine

• CDP Choline

• Magnesium

• Piracetam

• Oxiracetam


The addictives included in the drinks are:

• Cranberry

• Pomegranate

• Monk Fruit

• Stevia

• Sugar cane

• Blue Agave

The supplement claims to be Certificate of Analysis (COA) certified.

The creators have also said that combining all the above ingredients makes Trubrain much more potent than coffee and will boost focus and productivity even when your brain is under immense pressure.

How Long it Takes to Kick in

When you take it, you are likely to start feeling the effects kicking in, in a span of 45 minutes. Although, the company has said that the results may go up to a week of taking it so as to start getting something off of it.

A good number of the users have complained about this.

This comes from the fact that our bodies work in different ways. Some are more receptive than others. So if you don’t get anything immediately after your first take, don’t worry.

Just keep at it and you will be seeing some changes within a week. Although with nitrofocus works in minutes as it works directly on the brain.


People who have been using it have reported relatively good effects. They are happy that the system makes them quite energetic during the day.

But many complaints have been made as well concerning it.

Firstly, there are folks who have said they didn’t notice anything after taking it as instructed. Others said that the effects were milder than they were led to believe.

Secondly, others have reported of bad flavor with too much sugar in the additives that makes it taste “horrible”.

Thirdly, they have set the price too high, it feels like getting Starbucks each day.

The last one that made me not recommend it, is the support.

A user who wanted to get a refund tried getting in touch with them and no address associated with Santa Monica, as they claimed gave the users access to them.

So they are basically unreliable people. Support is the most important thing in a company which doesn’t seem to be available in the right measure here.

So it is not worth risking.


Trubrain comes in the form of a drink and in capsules. Many people prefers the capsules and have been directed to take at least 2 pills each day.

If you order a month’s worth of Trubrain supplement, you are going to get 44 packets. Taking the pills with food has also been encouraged.

How it Works

This part will handle some of the functions of each ingredient used in Trubrain.

To start with, magnesium is known to help with keeping the Trubrain Reviewsstimulation of neurons at optimal levels.

Oxiracetam has been used as a single ingredient and is known to help boost alertness, memory, perception of the sensory nerves and many more.

Oxiracetam works just like piracetam, except Oxiracetam is more potent. So it makes me wonder why they used both the racetams in the supplement.

Theanine has been known to cause relaxing effects by working on the alpha waves in the brain. The creators say that they have used carnitine to help maintain energy in the cells in your body.

Tryosine has been used to bring alertness because of sleep deprivation. DHA was used to prevent damaging of cells and repairing the already damaged ones.

The additives used play a huge role in sweetening the drinks and as antioxidants.

People are wondering, Trubrain vs alpha brain, which is more effective. And based on my knowledge of the two products, alpha brain is way ahead of the former.


The benefits you are told you’ll get from the true brain product are:

• Improving your focus and concentration

• Improving your levels of energy

• Boosting your overall brain health

• Making new cells and repairing damaged ones

• Improving your immune system

• Increasing your sensory perception

But there have been few people who have actually gotten all these benefits. The only notable one, which is not evident in all people is improved energy levels and a bit of focus.

Side Effects

There have been quite a number of side effects found by many of the customers. The most common ones include headache and brain fog when you take it in the morning.

As with all other supplements, having Trubrain alongside alcohol will only make your drunkness worse and put your life at risk.

People who tried to stack it with other nootropics such as CDP choline got stomach aches, so you may want to be careful with that too.

Ideally, I would strongly recommend you consult with your doctor before you take it just to be sure you are on the right track. This will help you make the best off of it, if you are planning to go for it.

Where to Buy Trubrain Online

There are many places which claim to be selling the products of the company, and giving out discount codes and free trials.

But I find it more convenient to buy it from the producers themselves. This will help you get the real thing.

The other place I recommend buying from is Amazon. Those two are the most reliable vendors at the moment. But remember, customer service isn’t included as the support team is not functioning.

That is why I recommend using nitrofocus which is of high quality and way more reliable in terms of support and refunds than Trubrain.

Buy Trubrain From Amazon here

And that is pretty much all there is to Trubrain.

If you have got any questions, you can shoot them straight to me in the comments. I sure will be happy to help you as much as I can.


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