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Top 10 Brainwave Entrainment Programs

Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment is slowly gaining popularity as a great brain improvement method in the mental health industry.

With its ability to help us shift into better, positive and uplifting mental states, it is proving useful to many people out there who are struggling with various discouraging mental states (1)(2)(3).

We take a look at the top 10 brainwave entrainment programs you should consider when getting into this area.

1. Zen 12

Zen 12 is a program that mainly aims at deepening the meditative experience of any person who meditates.

It has been made with isochronic tones and it is known to help people get into more profound meditative states that help them meditate much better and gain more benefits from the practice.

It influences the states of relaxation, calmness and wakefulness. It accommodates 4 styles of meditation to cater for almost every meditator.

There is the guided meditation style, relaxation music, sounds of nature and white noise. In total, you get 48 mp3 audio series with 12 for each style.

You only use one mp3 for every month and then get to the next one.

This means that for you to use all the 12 mp3s, you will take 12 months, a year.

Zen 12 is good for those who wish to have a more interactive meditation session, those who want to relax, improve their focus level and reduce stress.

2. Brain Evolution System

The brain evolution system is a program that is similar to a brain training course. It is used for meditation, concentration, emotional mastery and relaxation.

It combines various brainwave entrainment methods that help to progressively train the mind of the user so that they are able to focus, concentrate and relax easily.

It comes with 6 levels with 6 CDs and you use one CD a month.

The first level helps you build the foundation and the second one, along with the others, build on the previous levels.

That is why you have to use them in the order they are given by the producer.

There is also a level 7 that you will be given access to once you are done with all the 6 levels.

3. Equisync

Equisync is also another meditation based brainwave entrainment program.

Just like the first two, it helps you enjoy more meditation benefits by listening to the tracks even as you meditate.

There are 3 programs in Equisync, that is, equisync 1, 2 and 3.

Each program has 2 CDs which totals to 6 CDs. There are 2 ways to use equisync.

First is through the structured progressive approach that gets you using the program in levels so that it trains you to get into and maintain the meditative state quicker and longer.

The second one is the intuitive preferential approach that allows you to pick any program you like and work with it.

Listening to the program helps to bring about mental states like relaxation, alertness and focus.

4. Holosync

Holosync is more of an all round brainwave program. It has many tracks that help with various areas of life such as making change, getting into deep quietness, inner peace, learning abilities and more.

It uses delta waves, theta waves and alpha waves.

You will only need to choose the program you want to listen to based on the benefits you wish to enjoy from it.

You can get Holosync in mp3 format or physical CDs. For the mp3s, you get instant access but for the CDs, you may have to wait a bit longer to have them sent to your address.

Holosync helps with states of the brain like meditation, concentration, focus, relaxation, creativity, peace, calmness and more.

5. Nitrofocus

Nitrofocus is a program that is specifically designed for productivity, it has a number of mp3 sessions for all aspects of productivity.

If you want to be more productive at work, gym or school, you can highly benefit from the Nitrofocus program.

It is a comprehensive productivity program that is created with brainwave entrainment.

There are 5 main sessions that include Nitrofocus classic, ocean, workout, digital and easy. They are all to be used for different areas that need you to be more creative and energetic.

You can use them for working out in the gym, painting, deep thinking, drawing, doing home chores or other demanding activities.

There are also supporting audios that help you have refreshing breaks and improve your mind on different aspects like memory, reducing anxiety and analytical skills.

6. Brain Salon

Brain salon is also another comprehensive program that aids with a number of mental states. You get to have the benefit of enhancing states such as focus, happiness, relaxation, productivity, sleep and creativity.

The program includes 6 CDs namely; power chill, creative spark, ultra deep sleep, high energy espresso, happy pill and razor sharp.

So you only need to select the one you want going by the state you are looking forward to and then listen.

These will go a long way in ensuring that you maintain positive mental states when you feel like the negative states are trying to kick in.

7. Sleep Salon

As the name suggests, Sleep salon is sleep based brainwave program. It is meant to help you sleep better and solve the issues that have been keeping you from having good quality sleep.

There are 3 main sections in this program, that is, the wake up section, the relaxation section and the sleep induction section.

The sleep induction section is more like the meat of the program. You have 8 sessions within this section that are aimed at getting you to fall asleep faster and have restful sleep using brainwave entrainment combined with other techniques like subliminal messages and relaxation nature sounds.

This section also addresses the main causes of sleep and get you through them.

The relaxation section guides you through stress and anxiety reduction which are main causes of lack of sleep.

It also trains you on sleep.

The wake up section is made for those who want to have a refreshing morning and remain awake during the day, among other benefits.

8. Brainwave Shots

Brainwave shots is a program that carries brainwave entrainment tracks called shots that are made to help with a wide range of areas of life.

These shots are divided into 7 categories and each category has a number of tracks that are related to that category in one way or the other.

The categories in there include the mood category, brain category, state category, energy category, health category, meditation category and the relaxation category.

For instance, under the mood category, you get tracks like the happiness shot, motivation shot, chilled shot, euphoria shot and spiritual shot, to name a few.

You get to determine what state you desire to have, choose the category of the desired state and find a shot to help with that.

9. Brain Sync

Brain sync is another program that’s similar to brainwave shots. You get to have a wide range of categories for brainwave products to choose from.

It also has other methods of brain improvement strategies such as guided relaxation and meditation, subliminal messages as well as pure instruments.

The main categories you get within Brain sync are brain health, brainwave type, brain power, personal development and health and fitness.

In these categories you get to have access to lots of resources that will come in handy with issues like mental illnesses, the law of attraction, success, weight loss, memory and focus.

There are also gamma waves, delta waves, theta waves, alpha waves and beta waves.

10. Insight Timer

This is an app that has lots of resources for meditation. There are guides, talks from meditation experts, music and meditation sessions.

Among these resources, there is the brainwave category that deals with brainwave entrainment music for various aspects including sleep, meditation, lucid dreaming, healing, focus, creativity and motivation.

The good thing about Insight Timer is that you get access to a good number of the resources for free. But there is a paid membership where you get more useful resources from the app.

Insight Timer can be a good place to start when you are stepping foot into brainwave entrainment.

It will give you a good taste of the brain technology and then your experience will help you decide if you will take things to the next level.

It is worth noting that this is not the exhaustive list of all the brainwave entrainment programs available. There are many more programs and the list keeps growing.

We recommend looking through and choosing what you feel is your right fit.

Also, remember that brainwave entrainment does not work the same for everyone. Results vary with the individual.

You choose a program, give it a try and see if it actually works for you. If it does, keep at it.

If it doesn’t, you should try out another program.

For more information about brainwave entrainment and how to make it work for you, we encourage you read our brainwave entrainment guide for beginners.


18 thoughts on “Top 10 Brainwave Entrainment Programs

  1. Feochadan says:

    I don’t know what I would do without meditation and the more I learn about it, the deeper I like to delve.  That is an excellent list of brain entertainment programs and the different things that each does.  My problem is that I want about 3-4 of them!  For sleep, I especially like the ones that have delta waves as I have had great success with that.  I am excited to try one of the ones that improve general meditation!

    1. Improve Your Brain Power Team says:

      Hallo there, 

      Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts. 

      We are happy for your contribution. 🙂

      We encourage you to try them out and see how they work for you.

      You can try with the one you feel you really need at the moment.

      And then from there, you can try out the rest according to your convenience.

      We hope this helps.

      We wish you the best and we look forward to getting your feedback on them.


      The IYBP Team

  2. This post is very inspiring and well done for writing this motivational post. I’m feeling motivated by reading this article. I like the concept that it helps you to relax from meditation, get out of stress, helps to get better and train your brain. 

    We all have a mind to think about something when there are too many things in your mind, you lose focus, you get stress and you can’t relax from having too many things in your mind. 

    That’s why it’s good to clear your mind and relax. For anyone who doesn’t sleep very well, meditation and relaxation are good for anyone who finds it hard to sleep. Thank you for sharing this post. 

    1. Improve Your Brain Power Team says:

      You are welcome Gordon, 

      Thanks for sharing your view on the topic.

      We appreciate your contribution.


      The IYBP Team

  3. hello there! Thanks a lot for this article… I like the way the outline of your website is, it makes me really excited to read your work. I actually do love Brainwave programs but I only know of one, Brain evolution system. You’ve given me 10 to choose from, I’m really excited. thanks a lot 

    1. Improve Your Brain Power Team says:

      You are welcome, Phil.

      We are glad to hear you found value in our list.

      We wish you the best as you try out the others.

      We also hope to hear about your personal experience with them soon.


      The IYBP Team

  4. Sheddy Ovb says:

    Heloo IYBP,  thanks for sharing this insightful article on brainwave entertainment programs.

    These brain wave entrainment programs are exactly what my niece needs, she’s been going through some really tough times therefore always finding it difficult to catch some sleep. I so much believe that the Sleep salon will be really helpful to her. I will recommend this right away.

    1. Improve Your Brain Power Team says:

      Hallo there Sheddy, 

      You are welcome.

      We hope your niece gets value from the Sleep Salon.

      We would love to hear her experience when she gets to use it.

      All the best.


      The IYBP Team

  5. Rolex4real says:

    Hi there! the holosync is my favorite among them as going to work has been easier for quite some time now. I’m actually enjoying what I was doing and not rushing through it just to get through it. And I also feel calmer, more relaxed and better able to take on what ever life throws at me. Thanks.

    1. Improve Your Brain Power Team says:

      Hallo there, 

      Thanks for dropping by and for sharing your experiences with Holosync.

      We are happy to hear it is working out for you.

      We also encourage you to try out the others like Zen 12 and Brain Evolution System.

      They are also great brainwave entrainment programs.


      The IYBP Team

  6. Chimmhogevagreenesnr says:

    Hello there! this is super cool. I won’t forget the first time I used the Nitrofocus; Initially, it all sounded rather strange. A series of very soft rapid tone, all over a bed of gentle ocean like static. I slip on a pair of headphones and began to work.

    Suddenly, it was afternoon. Very fast.

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

    1. Improve Your Brain Power Team says:

      Hallo there, 

      Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your experiences with Nitrofocus.

      It is encouraging to hear you loved it and found great value from it.

      We really appreciate you sharing your feedback with us.

      It is going to go a long way for others who wish to give it a try.

      All the best.


      The IYBP Team

  7. Skuchmane says:

    Helooo dear, thanks for sharing such exclusive content with us, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post, I believe these article has been of great help to me, I already saved this post so as to come back for future reference, I also want to thank you for the hard work you put into bringing these website together and providing such useful information, thanks for the info.

    1. Improve Your Brain Power Team says:

      Hallo there, 

      It is nice to have you here.

      Thanks a lot for the encouraging words.

      We are happy to hear you are loving our work. 🙂

      We also encourage you to read our other posts.

      There’s some great value there too.


      The IYBP Team

  8. It would be nice to know what type of tones are used by each company.

    1. Hallo there Rachel,

      Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your feedback.

      We really appreciate it. 🙂

      We will be sure to add that as we update the post soon.

      All the best.


      The IYBP Team

  9. Kai Parker says:

    Hey, thanks for the great article.! It’s very difficult to find one that lists a “Best of”” BWE programs.

    Out of this bunch, I use Zen12 system. It’s great to use when I don’t have a lot of time, and with its isotonic tones it works quickly. I also use it to begin a traditional meditation session.

    I’d like to recommend 3 more BWE systems I am using with success that are not mentioned here.

    “The Missing Link” – this is a 7-month (at least) system designed for use by someone who wants to “step up” their meditation work. There are 2+ audios for each month (isotonic & binaural) along with videos and papers that teach exercises to help ready the nervous system and brain for expanded consciousness, such as pranayama (yogic breathwork). The papers also discuss various important aspects of expanding one’s consciousness. This system, to me, is worth 3x its price!

    “Lifeflow” – this system is a 10-step program each step having a 40-minute audio. They are very subtle and work well when I am experiencing a lot of stress.

    And, my last find, “Profound Meditation Program 3.0” by iAwake Tech. This system has 3 ‘tiers’ each with 3 audios (in both mp3 and WAV formats), which build on each other. The complete system will entrain from alpha up to hyper-Gamma frequencies. Each audio is 20 minutes long, and uses a patented proprietary mix of “…Exhaustive Binaural Encoding, Dual Pulse Binaural Signals, Harmonic Layering, Isochronic Entrainment, Temporal Entrainment, Biofield Entrainment and Carrier Frequency Therapy….” These tracks work so well that they include 3 “Releasing Tracks” with the system to help with clearing old blocked energies while soothing the nervous system and brain.

    For those new to listening to BWE audios, it’s very important to have head/earphones that have good low-end sound. Personally, I like Sony’s XB or EX models as they go low enough to fully deliver the lowest BWE frequencies. Also, with earphones, it’s important to have a tip that provides a good seal in the ear canal (which is very hit or miss with the ‘stock’ tips). Without a good seal you will not hear the full spectrum of sound the earphone is providing. I recommend Comply or Spinfit tips.

    1. Hi there Kai,

      Thanks for dropping by and for the useful comment here. 🙂

      We are happy to hear the other brainwave programs that make your top 10 best brainwave programs.

      And it is nice to hear how well they work for you.

      Thanks heaps for enlightening all of us on this.

      We have taken a look at LifeFlow and we have done an extensive review on it here.

      We are yet to look into Profound Meditation Program 3.0 and “The Missing Link” which we will do in due time.

      Thanks for your feedback and we encourage you to keep sharing with all of us your experience with brainwave entrainment. 🙂


      The IYBP Team

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