Thync Relaxable Pro Review – It’s Defintely Worth the Shot!

You really want to reduce your high stress levels and get to enjoy cheerful moods almost always, right? And you would really love to find out how great the thync system is at helping you achieve this, isn’t it?

Well, my thync review will be giving you every single detail about this system regarding to what it is really about, its functionality, what is included in it, benefits of using it, how to use to reduce stress, customer reviews on it, the cost, free downloads and the discounts that come along with it, as well as my personal thoughts on it and what I recommend you do.

I will try as best as I can to look into every expect of this product.

But in any case you find out that I have not tackled a particular part that you would have really liked to know more about, feel free to notify me in the comments area, and I’ll surely help you out. Agreed?

Awesome! Let’s get started with the thync review.

Name: Thync Relaxable ProThync Relaxable Pro Review
Author: Isy Goldwasser
Best known For: Reducing stress, boosting moods and sleep
Rankings: 78 out of 100

What is Thync?

Thync relaxable pro is a neck device that has been created with the aim of helping to reduce high levels of stress, increasing the quality of sleep and improving moods.

Unlike most devices of its nature which are put on the head, the Thync relaxable pro is placed on theThync Relaxable Pro Review back of your neck.

Thync company is a startup funded by Khosla Ventures that is headed by Isy Goldwasser. He is also the ceo and co founder of Thync.

He is a well known businessman who was one of the founder members  of Symyx Technologies, now known as Nasdaq: SMMX. In fact he was the one who succesfully initiated the merge of Symyx Technologies and Acclrys (Nasdaq: ACCL) to the new name.

He has been in this industry for more than 7 years now so he knows quite a bunch of stuff about this neuro-technology.

How it Works

The main idea behind the performance of Thync is neurostimulation techniques, mainly tDCS, known as Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation.

This technique simply aims to give you direct neuroptimal stimulation without having to use other mediums like blood, which brain supplements use, and other mediums out there.

It works through a process commonly referred to as neurosignaling.

Here, you willl get some specially-tuned electrical waveforms, very tiny waveforms which are Thync Relaxable Pro Reviewtransmitted to your brain that make you become relieved of stress and also to induce sleep.

When they get to the brain they alter the neural pathways which will bring the deep feeling of calmness. And the good thing is that, the feeling starts to build up gently in a way that you are find quite thrilling.

You get to put on Thync Relaxable pro on the back of your neck.

You will get a thin slit on its front side, which is very light, that is used as indicator of your status, a micro-USB port on the edge on the bottom right section and a tiny power button which is found at the edge, on the bottom left part.

There is also the thync relax app where you get to customize the device according to your taste.

You will get to choose among the three sessions: deep sleep, relax, and alternative deep relax. You should go for deep sleep if you want to sleep or the relax and alternative deep relax sessions, if you just want to chill out.

The app will also be able to create a customized schedule for you, with notifications based on the levels of stress or anxiety you are in.

The app also has a help section that will explain to you most of the essential things you need to know like, how Thync works and how to make the Thync relax pro pod work best for you.

Finally, the app gives you the ability to view and control your account and subscription type, as well as adjust some of basic settings of the pod.

So you will be pretty much using the app to control the pod.

What is Included in the Thync Relax Pro

These are the things you willl get in the package when you buy the Thync relax pro device:Thync Relaxable Pro Review

1. The Pod or neurostimulator – This is what you be putting on your neck.

2. The connector – This connects to the pod to make the waveform flow to your neck

3. The pads – These ones connect to the pod for you to use to stick on your neck

4. The Thync Relax Pro App – This is the app that helps you customize the pod and get to experience the relax or sleep effects in your mind and body

The whole system runs on two programs which you will find in the app. They include:

• Deep Relax, whose main purpose is to reduce stress and anxiety. It will last for 10 minutes.

• Deep Sleep which is mostly meant to put you in a more peaceful and a relaxed state at bedtime. This one will last for 15 minutes.

Cost, Discount and Free Stuff

This device comes with the access to the programs and replacement of the sticky pads which will keep it fastened to your neck when you are using. They wear out rather fast.

You can buy it either from amazon or from the Thync shop. At the time of writing this review, Amazon does not sell it. However, you may find it later there in a few weeks or months from now, so be sure to check it out.

Buy Thync From Thync Shop here

Customers Reviews on it

I had time to look through the users reviews of this device to find out what users are saying about it and how they found it. Many of the users have been impressed by it and its performance.

Although, there are a few people who have had issues with it like being turned off by having to buy the strips every so often, which are expensive, having the pod disconnect from the app at times, the sticky pads falling off and feeling that the device didn’t quite work out for them.

But the number of people who loved it is greater than those who didn’t. So it’s definitely worth the shot.

How to Use the Thync Relax Pro

Since the usage of this device can be quite hectic, especially with the set up procedure, I have gotten a walkthrough of setting things up so that you don’t get lost somewhere in the set up, or get confused when I explain to you using actual words.

Just use it step by step and you should have everything going smooth for you.

You will see a timer in the app which will tell you how long you have been in each session, and you’ll also see some tips which will help you with reducing your stress.

The app will be a great aid in helping you find out if something has gone wrong, like, if the pod is disconnected from the phone, or if the pads become detached from your skin.

You will know all this when you the app stops working. So you should look at everything, the pod, the connector and the pads and see if they are all in the right place.

My personal Thoughts About thync

In my opinion, I find Thync to be quite a reliable device in reducing stress, increasing the quality of your sleep and amping up your energy levels.

The science it uses is something that has been researched well and has worked for many people.

Also, the fact that there are many people who have found it useful is something that shows it has higher chances to work for you too.

However, this may also not work for you depending on the depth of sleeping and stress problem that you have.

Although, I recommend you try it out and also tell you that you have high chances of getting good results with it, I don’t assure you anything.

I encourage you to know the intensity of your problem first before using it. This will increase your confidence in knowing if it will work.

Other sleep programs I recommend you use are the Sleep Salon and the Brain Salon. They use brainwave entrainment which also works great. They are both very great programs.

And that is all about the thync review.

If you have any questions or comment about this, feel free to pass them over and I will surely help you out to the best of my ability.


  1. Eliane Lima

    This Thync Relaxable Pro device may be the solution to the sleeping problems of lots of people that are struggling against stress.

    The device and accessories seem pretty easy to use. Is the app available for both iPhones and Android phones?

    Considering that it works well, I believe that it’s definitely worth the shot.

    • Dave

      Hey Eliane, 

      The Thync Relaxable pro device doesn’t have the app on Apple store, they have only given the other Thync device called Thync edition one, it works almost similar to the Relaxable pro.

      The company has not indicated on their main website if they give the iPhone or iPad versions of the app, so I’m thinking it is only for Android. But if they put it up, I’ll be sure to notify you.

      You can use the edition one, it is also great. 

      Hope this helps.

  2. Reyhana

    This sounds like a great gift to give my husband this year. He is a painter and having to look up while painting ceilings and high walls many times, gives him neck pain. Because of that, he has trouble sleeping at night and tosses and turns all the time. Thanks for this wonderful review. It is a little bit out of my budget though. Is there any other similar device you could recommend but for less?

    • Dave

      Hey Reyhana, 

      That would really make a good gift for him. 🙂

      If you are looking for better sleep aid alternatives, I would recommend going for Sleep Salon. It’s the cheapest aid I know that is comprehensive in all aspects of sleep. Although it doesn’t use the same science as Thync, it sure does work great.

      He’s going to find immense value from it.

  3. Tim

    Nice! This Thync device seems to offer some very promising therapeutic benefits. I like how it doesn’t affect your blood like many other drugs out there, to achieve the same results. It’s not a bad cost, either, considering how much being stress free and having a piece of mind cost these days… priceless! This product needs to get out to the whole world!! Thank you so much for sharing this.


    • Dave

      You are right Tim, 

      Getting a healthy brain has become a real hassle nowadays.

      But thanks to systems like Thync, we are able to get to where we need to be.

      And you are welcome mate. Have a good one. 🙂

  4. Sheila

    I’ve done some research on tDCS and the supporting research is sound. Are you aware of any research regarding the placement of the electrodes? There seem to be linked to behavioral changes as well, depending on the placement of the electrodes. Do you know if this applies a positive or negative charge?

    • Dave

      Hey Sheila,

      I did not get your question. Do you mean how the placement of electrodes affect your behaviors when you are doing neurofeedback or after?

      Please specify so that I know how best to answer you. 🙂

  5. Ernest

    People are continually looking for new ways to relax. Instead of turning to drugs or “supplements,” this seems worth a try. While I’ve heard of products such as this, I have never been granted the opportunity to try one.

    It seems like stress relief is correlated with higher energy. When we are bogged down by life’s worries, we do not perform at our peak levels. I think this is why other reviewers note that they have experienced increased energy; their stress is lower! I think it’s my time to get started with this science. Thanks.

    • Dave

      It sure is Ernest, it’s the perfect time to see how powerful it can be with you.

      I have had the chance to test it out myself and I have to say it’s just amazing!

      Get a shot for stress, listen through and then come amd share your experience with us. 🙂

      We will be waiting.

      Have a good one mate.  🙂

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