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Name: The Human Body Coloring Book
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Author: Arnold Bernard Scheibel and Lawrence M Elson
Publisher: Collins Reference
Publication Date: November 27, 1985
Language: English
Genre: self help book
Pages: 320
What It Is
The Human Brain Coloring Book provides a means of learning about the structure and function of the human brain, through a process of coloring-by-directions (directed coloring).
 This book is designed for a wide range of users: informal learners, students of psychology and the biological sciences, medical, dental, nursing, and other healthp rofessional students, and students and workers in the neurosciences.
The unique, highly developed coloring process makes this book an effective learning device for such a diverse audience. The material included here represents the state-of-the-art knowledge about the brain and how it works.
Each plate of illustrations has been carefully designed to yield maximum information when colored. The accompanying text has been creatively integrated with the coloring process to enhance understanding and retention.
Lawrence M. Elson, Pd.D., is a consultant and lecturer on the anatomical basis of injury, author of several books, and producer of the Coloring Concepts series of scientific, educational coloring book texts. Dr. Elson has taught anatomy at Baylor College of Medicine, University of California Medical School at San Francisco, and the City College of San Francisco.
Arnold Bernard Scheibel
American author
Born: 18 January 1923 (age 95 years), New York City, New York, United States
Education: University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign (1953), Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons (1946)
Books: The Human Brain Coloring Book
Awards: Guggenheim Fellowship for Natural Sciences, US & Canada
What The Book Is About
Are you fascinated by the structure and processes of the human brain? Both fun and functional, this book includes state-of-the-art knowledge about the brain and how it works, and is designed for amateurs and professionals alike.
Let’s now look at the reasons adult coloring books are great for your mental, emotional and intellectual health.
Coloring books intended for adults are not the average book you would buy your child. They feature a higher quality of paper, intricate designs, and a wider selection of themes.
Coloring is not just an activity for keeping kids occupied; we only associate it with children. In reality, coloring books and coloring pages for adults are also extremely therapeutic and can help generate wellness, quietness, mindfulness and the exact same benefits which meditation imparts on the brain. It is no wonder that, coloring for adults app, as well as coloring for adults printables online and offline are so popular these days.
1. Coloring pages for adults help de-stress
One of the earliest scientists to have studied the therapeutic benefits of coloring pages for adults was Carl Jung. He studied coloring of Mandalas as early as the first half of the 20th century. He often used Mandalas (which have concentric circles and geometrical patterns in them) for his patients and found that it helped them become calmer and witness lesser stress.
2. Coloring activities activate both parts of the cerebral hemisphere
According to psychologist Gloria Martinez Ayala, the action of coloring involves both logic and creativity. When we use logic to pick up a color for a particular shape or pattern, we activate the analytical part of the brain. On the other hand, when we choose to mix and match colors, we activate the creative side of the brain. This helps incorporate both areas of the cerebral cortex which control vision and help with coordination and fine motor skills.
3. Coloring pages for adults take them back to childhood
When an adult colors, s/he is transported back to the stress free days of childhood. Getting back those happy memories helps one relax and even feel optimistic and energetic for the future.
4. Coloring is like meditation
Meditation is the art of doing nothing. It is also the art of ‘de-concentrating’ which helps relax and reduce the chatter of a restless mind. While most people find it difficult to meditate, coloring pages and books for adults easily help induce the same meditative state. It is no wonder that many publishers in UK, France and USA have come up with coloring books just for adults. Coloring Mandalas are especially relaxing since coloring of the round and round patterns and concentric circles of these ancient designs relax the mind and make a person more mindful. It also keeps him/her focused on the present moment-just like meditation!
5. Coloring for adults helps reduce anxiety
Anxiety is a common mental condition affecting hundreds of adults. Anxiety and panic attacks cause many symptoms including: thoughts of death or dying, excessive worry, nausea, headaches, chills, fever, insomnia, etc. By using coloring pages for adults, therapists help their adult patients relax. The artistic expression helps patients go deeper into a relaxed state making other forms of therapy more effective. Research has now proven that coloring pages and books for adults can be used as prelude to regular or conventional therapy for many mental disorders.
6. Coloring for adults helps them re-discover themselves
Adults often find themselves stuck in a rut managing jobs, housework etc. Coloring pages can help one get out of this routine, making them feel more comfortable and relaxed at the end of a long day. This activity can also help one be with his/her thoughts. Many an adult has rediscovered him/herself through coloring pages for adults online and offline. You can even download free coloring apps or coloring printables and relax with this wonderful activity at the end of a long day.
7. Coloring for adults is a perfect therapy many diseases
Coloring books for adults are ideal for patients -especially those battling health issues like epilepsy. Take the example of Cari Schofield, 38, from Stockbridge, Georgia who, due to her epilepsy, had several limitations. Since she started coloring, she finds she easily calms down and relax which, in turn, helps alleviate epileptic attacks. Due to her jerky hand movements, she used to experience difficulty holding a pen or pencil for drawing. But, by using coloring books for adults, she has started enjoying this activity again.
8. Coloring for adults helps spark creativity
One of the most important benefits of coloring books for adults is that they help ignite creativity which adults continue to experience in several other facets of their lives. Adults who color regularly find that they become great at picking colors for their clothes, their interiors etc. Coloring books and pages also help people become more creative in their jobs, analytical thinking activities and several other aspects of work and play.
9. Coloring helps adults reconnect with their Inner Child
Inner Child healing therapy is a popular therapy for disturbed adults who tend to be very harsh with themselves. As adults, we often have certain areas in our lives that need working on and all those areas are connected to certain issues which we carry forward from our past. When one reconnects with his/her inner child, a child full of innocence and love, one can actually become better as an adult. Such inner child healing especially helps break negative thinking patterns. It helps one love him/herself more-unconditionally. This, in turn, helps one become one’s best self-a confidant, radiant person who is ready to take on the world without fear.
10. Coloring books for adults help transport one to a time and place faraway
If, at the end of the day, you really wish to relax and get away from it all-simply bring out your crayons and get some coloring pages. This will surely help you get out and away from it all and help you relax and unwind. It is like taking a vacation without going anywhere!

Best Place to Buy The Book

The best place I recommend you buy the book is on Amazon. The price there is fair and according to my research, it is the most trusted online store at the moment. It will also be very convenient for you to buy there if you were planning to do more online shopping today.

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My Thoughts
This is generally a  really good book to help learn about the brain and in a really interesting way, colouring!  I think you should try it.
Feel free to leave in your comments as well
as your questions.
I hope you found this review useful to you.

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