The Gifts of Imperfection Book Review

Have you ever felt that there are things in your life that may be barring you from living life to the fullest?

Are there certain traits that make you imperfect that you would want to change, or at least get a way in which you can see them from a new perspective that can help you love yourself and know how to work with them as strengths?

Well, this book handles exactly that.

And within the gifts of imperial book review here, I will be delving into a few yet essential aspects of the book including the whole gist of the book, the author, some meat of the book, the best place ti buy it and my personal thoughts on it.

With that said, let us get straight into it.

Name: The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are
Author: Brené Brown
Best Place to Buy:
Genre: Self Help Book
Language: English
Publisher: Hazelden Publishing
Publication Date: August 27, 2010
Pages: 160

The Gist of the Book and More on the Author

This book is designed to help people who view some aspects of their lives to be the major holdbacks for them to getting things they want or living the kind of life they desire, to embrace the things they call imperfect and know how to get them to grow stronger, happier and more peaceful.

This book looks at the most common things that people go through and at times view as their weaknesses. It teaches folks to see them from a point of courage, compassion and understanding so that they are able to navigate through life as people with high self esteem and confidence.

She gives a few guideposts that will walk you through the whole transition process from where you are with the issues you feel you are struggling with to a person who is calmer and more self loving.

The book was authored by Dr. Brené Brown. She works in the University of Houston as a research professor in the Huffington Foundation. She has been researching heavily on vulnerability, shame, empathy and courage for almost 2 decades and has constantly expressed her findings on them.

She has had more than 4 of her books taking the #1 best seller of the New York Times. These books include Daring greatly, The courage to stand alone, Rising strong as well as Braving the wilderness: the quest for True belonging.

These are really valuable books I would encourage to read.

She also has an upcoming book which is set to be published in October 2018. It is called Dare to Believe. She has even been featured on Ted Talk and her talk on the Ted Talk you-tube channel has had over 30 million worth of views.

So I would say she is someone who has lots of good stuff to share.

Some Meat of the Book

The author explains that most people have been living a life of trying to please others to feel or get accepted.

And while this could be perceived as trying to make the best version of us, it is really draining and discouraging.

Instead of doing that, we are encouraged to live our true lives with all the imperfections we have.

She says that trying to chase perfectionism is the beginning of our misery but when we start embracing the weaknesses we perceive to have, then we become exposed to love and connection to others at a deeper level.

I like the way she has put things into perspective. She says that we are not all perfect people but then we are worthy of love and belonging.

This book will cost you this much according to amazon.

Buy New $ 14.99

Buy Used – Good $ 10.38

You can purchase the book on other platforms.

My Thoughts
I think this book deserves to be read slowly enough so the practical suggestions can take root beyond the, “Oh, that’s interesting!” phase, but could easily be read through in a weekend.

Dr. Brown is clear in her writing that people and things only change when the work is done to make those changes. I found this book to be helpful and encouraging.

However,the author offers no guarantees of how changes will occur only that these “guideposts” made, and continue to make, a difference in her life.


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