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Name: The Female Brain
Best Place to Buy:
Author : Louann Brizendine
Publisher : Morgan Road Books
Publication date: 2006
Media type:  Print (hardcover)
Pages : 187, 210 including notes.
Genre: Self Help
What It Is
The Female Brain Book is a 2006 book by the American neuropsychiatrist Louann Brizendine . The main thesis of the book is that women’s behavior is different from that of men due, in large measure, to hormonal differences.
The Female Brain was reviewed both positively and negatively, especially one piece of content pertaining to linguistics and language .
Brizendine says that the human female brain is affected by the following hormones: estrogen , progesterone , testosterone , ( oxytocin ), neurotransmitters ( dopamine , serotonin ), and that there are differences in the architecture of the brain (prefrontal cortex , hypothalamus , amygdala ) that regulates such hormones and neurotransmitters .
She later acknowledged that this book overemphasized gender-based differences, saying: “Males and females are more alike than they’re differences. After all, we are the same species”.
The Female Brain was loosely adapted as a romantic comedy movie of the same name in 2017. Brizendine served as the inspiration for the film’s main character.
Louann Brizendine , M.D. , (born
December 30, 1952)  is an American scientist, a neuropsychiatrist who is both a researcher and a clinician and professor at the University of California, San Francisco ( UCSF ).. She is the author of two books. The Female Brain , and The Male Brain (published in 2010).
A brief background information on the author :
Residence : California, USA
Nationality : USA

Citizenship : USA

Alma mater : UC Berkeley, Yale School of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Known for :Research on the effect of reproductive hormones on the brain and behavior
Scientific career Fields : Medicine
What The Book Talks About
Chapter 1: Birth of human brain
*Child impulses come from brain, even if parents give unisex toys
Brains already different at birth
Female brain in utero grows more
communication center cells, males more aggression
Females study faces way more
Lack of facial expression very confusing to girls
Girls feel more empathy
Stress in utero and in first 2 years affects development a lot.
Urge to stay connected and get approval
Girls use language of consensus
Men don’t seek as much connection or care about approval; way more autism in males due to brain differences
Chapter 2: Teen girl brain
Hormones intensify normal behaviors
Key concern is to become sexually desirable
Social stress and drama main interest
Exclusively interested in appearances
Would happen even if no media/skinny models on TV
Monthly hormone cycles in tune with ovulation
Estrogen and progesterone guide emotions
Same feedback and communication interpreted completely different based on day in cycle
Develop close connections between girls
Almost same dopamine hit from sharing secrets between girls as orgasm
Communication intimacy most vital activities
Boys don’t need to chat as much

Testosterone decreases talking

Sex takes over boy’s mind
“Tend and befriend” (girl behavior)
Hippocampus estrogen sensitive
Aggression, empathy vary by day of cycle
Chapter 3: Love and trust
Brains push to mate
Males chasers, females choosers
Brains spot healthiest mates, improving chance of reproduction
Stone-age repro circuitry survived
Females value social status and resources
Want men 4″ taller, 3 years older
Men prefer physical more
Quick clues to partner’s fertility
Women much better at reading faces and emotions
Brain becomes illogical in love and ignores partner’s faults
Same brain states as mania, obsession, amphetamine, ecstasy drugs
If lover away, literally drug withdrawal state
20 sec hug releases oxytocin which creates trust.
Love moves to attachment through vasopressin.
Females need physical touch to keep attachment; males also but less
A gene codes for level of monogamy; amount of vasopressin link
Rejection hurts like physical pain (same brain centers)

Creates depression

Chapter 4: Brain below the belt
Brain amygdala must be off for orgasm
Woman must have warm feet and feel warm and comfortable to have sex
Any little thing can spoil the mood
Female orgasm pulls in more sperm; sperm wars
Prefer body symmetry because no disease
Odor and pheromone sensitivity different depending on day of month of cycle
Testosterone creates sex drive in both genders
Chapter 5: Mommy brain
Smelling baby pheromone creates baby lust in other females
Brain changes smell, thirst, and hunger circuits during pregnancy
Dads get morning sickness too
Breast feeding activates special hormones
Breast feeding also creates fuzzy brain, dizziness (but temporary)
Amount of nurturing affects child development and passed on to children nursing their children.
Chapter 6: Emotion, the feeling brain
Postural, breathing mirroring
Females much better at mind reading
Men only notice when female cries
Emotional memories not stored as well in men
Chapter 7: Mature female brain

Changing hormones

Mothering circuits lessen
Grand-mothering important
Hard working careers in menopause
Estrogen replacement therapy
Redefine relationships with men

Best Place to Buy The Book

The best place I recommend you buy the book is on Amazon. The price there is fair and according to my research, it is the most trusted online store at the moment. It will also be very convenient for you to buy there if you were planning to do more online shopping today.

Some of the customer Reviews
Excellent resource for all women
Great book, to better understand how hormones affect the brain, incl. childhood, puberty, motherhood and menopause.
Explains a lot about the inner female
Some people actually think that reading this book should be a must for adolescents.
(most reviews are actually the same thats why i have only stated a few)
My Thoughts About This Book.
I think this is a really good book because it address issues that happens in us.
And believe it or not this topic is one of the most interesting.
I don’t find the book boring.


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