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Our brains are very important and its equally important to keep our brains healthy for a better us.

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I will take you through what it is, what it talks about,its cost and lastly my thoughts about it.

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Name : The Brain Fog Fix

Author: Mike Dow

Best Place to Buy:

Genre: Self-help book

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

Publication Date: December 13, 2016

Pages: 304

What It Is
This is a book that is an easy-to-follow three-week program designed to help naturally restore three of your brain’s most crucial hormones: serotonin, dopamine, and cortisol.

Rebalancing these chemicals will in turn enable the rest of your brain’s chemistry to reach optimal levels.

Each week of the program focuses on a different element of your life:

In week 1, you’ll improve your mood by modifying your diet and using cognitive strategies to overcome pitfall thought patterns.

In week 2, you’ll increase your energy by focusing on sleep, exercise, and memory-boosting games.

In week 3, you’ll enhance your spirit through practices that help you connect to something larger than yourself and enable you to rediscover your joy in life.

By the end of this simple program, you’ll be thinking more clearly, remembering more accurately, learning more quickly, and unleashing the floodgates of your creativity. And you’ll simply feel better—for now and in the long term.

Dr. Mike Dow, Psy.D, is a highly sought-after psychotherapist and New York Times bestselling author of The Brain Fog Fix, Healing the Broken Brain, and Diet Rehab.

His books have been published in several different languages and are bestsellers in Europe and Asia.

He has hosted several hit television series and served as a go-to expert in relationships, brain health, addiction, and mental illness.

He can currently be heard weekly on Hay House Radio’s The Dr. Mike Show.
Inspired by his brother who suffered a massive stroke when he was just 10 years old, Dr. Mike made it his personal mission to help others in their quest for health and happiness.

Dr. Mike’s expertise and warmth helped him become America’s go-to therapist, hosting a number of hit shows like E!’s Sex with Brody, VH1’s Couples Therapy, TLC’s Freaky Eaters, LOGO’s That Sex Show, Investigation Discovery’s My Strange Criminal Addition, and TLC’s My 600-lb Life Reunion.

He has also been featured as LaToya Jackson’s therapist on OWN’s My Life with LaToya and has been featured as the therapist for The Bachelor’s Ben and Lauren’s therapist on their Freeform spinoff.

His forth book, Heal Your Drained Brain, was published in February 2018.

What The Book Offers You
Lets start with an introduction of what brain fog is.

Brain fog, also commonly known as brain fatigue, can be a mild to severe episode of mental confusion that can strike without warning.

When this occurs, it is common to experience a lack of focus, poor memory recall and reduced mental acuity.

Some of its causes:

1. Stress
Chronic stress can increase blood pressure, weaken the immune system, and trigger depression. It can also cause mental fatigue. When your brain is exhausted, it becomes harder to think, reason, and focus.

2. Lack of sleep
Poor sleep quality can also interfere with how well your brain functions. Aim for 8 to 9 hours of sleep per night. Sleeping too little can lead to poor concentration and cloudy thoughts.

3. Hormonal changes
Hormonal changes can also trigger brain fog. Levels of the hormones progesterone and estrogen increase during pregnancy. This change can affect memory and cause short- term cognitive impairment.
Similarly, a drop in estrogen level during menopause can cause forgetfulness, poor concentration, and cloudy thinking.

4. Diet
Diet can also play a role in brain fog. Vitamin B-12 supports healthy brain function, and a vitamin B-12 deficiency can bring about brain fog.
If you have food allergies or sensitivities, brain fog may develop after eating certain foods. Possible culprits include:
Removing trigger foods from your diet may improve symptoms.

5. Medications
If you notice brain fog while taking medication, talk with your doctor. Brain fog may be a known side effect of the drug. Lowering your dosage or switching to another drug may improve your symptoms.
Brain fog can also occur after cancer treatments. This is referred to as chemo brain .

6. Medical conditions
Medical conditions associated with inflammation, fatigue, or changes in blood glucose level can also cause mental fatigue. For example, brain fog is a symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome , which involves persistent fatigue for longer than six months.

People who have fibromyalgia may experience similar fogginess on a daily basis.
Other conditions that may cause brain fog include:
Sjögren syndrome
Alzheimer’s disease
autoimmune diseases such as lupus , arthritis , and multiple sclerosis

The Brain Fog Fix Book tackles depression, tiredness, the inability to concentrate and other such problems shared by many modern people.

The author relates such problems to chemical imbalances and deficiencies in the brain and provides ways through diet to rectify these.

He gives an impressive array of references to various studies to back up his enthusiasm for a diet low in carbohydrates and high in vegetables and fish. Such a diet, he says is also good for keeping Alzheimer’s and dementia at bay.

Backed up by research, he gives a very comprehensive overview of why such a diet is good for us, and, in particular, good for our brains.

To help with this problem the doctor recommends:

Improve your mood by modifying your diet and using cognitive strategies to overcome pitfall thought patterns.

Cut sugar and artificial sweeteners, flour and processed snacks, pro-inflammatory omega-6s, caffeine and alcohol from your diet, and add omega-3 superfoods, fruits and vegetables.

Focus on the types of thought patterns that make you feel bad and reframe your thoughts in a more helpful light.

Increase your energy by focusing on sleep, exercise and memory-boosting games
Aim for eight hours of restful sleep each night: turn off digital devices at 7pm, reduce night-time artificial light and allow your eyes to be exposed to the sun from the time you wake.

Do aerobic exercise every day to stimulate the area of your brain linked to memory, mood and stress, and exercise the brain directly with mind games and new activities.

Enhance your spirit through practices that help you connect to something larger than yourself and enable you to rediscover your joy in life.

Seek meaning and purpose by reconnecting with yourself, your loved ones and the world at large, be it through religious or spiritual practice, an attachment to nature and animals or a greater philosophical, political or scientific awareness. Meditate daily.

Best Place to Buy The Book

The best place I recommend you buy the book is on Amazon. The price there is fair and according to my research, it is the most trusted online store at the moment. It will also be very convenient for you to buy there if you were planning to do more online shopping today.

Buy the Brain Fog Fix book here

My Thoughts
This is a well written book, its quite educative reading it however,requires taking time as it is quite detailed.

Also I don’t think people are going to be as disciplined as the author is in his diet.


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