1. John

    This is totally for me… I mean confidence is one thing I struggled with Growingup, though I have moved pass it a bit but we all still need that natural confidence without persuasion. I am totally giving this session a second thought. The question is hypnosis and confidence together is new to me.

    • Dave

      Hey there John, 

      I totally get you. Maintaining confidence especially in tricky situations is very hard. It is something I really struggled  with a few years ago. And I am sure that this hypnosis program for confidence will surely come in handy for you. 

      The science and application of it is just amazing and you are surely going to love it. Do let me know the experience you get when you try them out.


  2. Eugenia Hazazup

    Waw, this is truly phenomenal, what we can get from hypnosis.
    I like to read about these things as I have been really interested in hypnosis, and will definitely check these out as well.

    I’m sure there is good value to take out of them. Thanks.

    • You are right Eugenia,

      Hypnosis really does a great job as far as improving the power of the brain is concerned.

      Although some people and films out there misrepresent this technique, bringing it out in a bad light, there is so much value to take out of it.

      I have also been interested in hypnosis and I have to say I have really loved it thus far.

      You will really love these particular tracks, I assure you.:)

      Have a good day.

  3. Eugenia

    I know this system and I can say that it is really formidable what you can get through hypnosis, especially here that we have a whole program. Anxiety and fear has been up on my sleeves since I can remember and I have tried other ways out there but nothing seems to be working for me. 

    I wish to see how hypnosis would help me, even though I already have faith that it is surely going to give me the confidence boost and life spin that I am looking for. I will update you on my results with the program.


    • Dave

      You are welcome Eugenia, 

      Am really sorry you haven’t been able to handle the fear and anxiety through other ways. But this is quite common as there are certain ways that work for certain people, but not all people. 

      The thing is, we react differently to systems. 

      There are those who will get good results very fast and easy while there are those who will have a hard time making it work for them. And then there are those who won’t see any results at all. So you really have to know what works specifically for you.

      I am also happy that you already have faith in hypnosis, and I can bet that this is going to work for you because you believe in it.

      I will be waiting for the results.

      Don’t forget to keep me updated. Cheers.

  4. Furkan

    I will start presenting stuff in front of a lot of people and I just don’t think that I have enough confidence so this is what I look for a bootcamp. I never tried both Hypnosis and NLP, Do you think that will it be effective for me? Since I only have a couple of weeks.

    • Dave

      Hey Furkan, 

      A couple of weeks is more than enough for you to get good results with this system. All you have to do is make sure you use it everyday and practice what you will be presenting well. This is all you need.

      If you do that, you will be amazed by the surge of confidence you will have gained by the time you’re presenting to an actual audience.

      Let me know how things work out for you a week before the presentation.

      Have a good one mate.

  5. Evette

    This was definitely interesting. I didn’t even know self-hypnosis was an option. I study psychology, though, and I know that this is similar to techniques that therapists use: getting the patient to create positive imagery of themself. Do you know if there an options for trying before buying? Since this is completely new to me I don’t want to jump into it without trying it first.

    • Dave

      Hey Evette, 

      Self hypnosis really does come in handy in areas of self improvement and you are going to get so much value from the sessions here.

      About trying the sessions before buying into them, you do get to listen to a sample of each session you want to get before you actually buy it so that you know exactly what you are getting. 

      All you have to do is to choose the sessions you want to get for yourself, click on them and you will be taken to the details page. There you are going to get the information on that particular session, how exactly it will help you and a sample of it.

      Hope this answers your question.


  6. Ann

    Interesting article on self hypnosis. I used hypnotherapy a few years ago to overcome my fear of public speaking and was amazed how well it worked. As you say, seeing a therapist for the treatment can be expensive. So this offer of 7 sessions looks like great value.
    I had not thought about combining hypnotherapy with NLP, so thanks for the suggestion.

    • Dave

      Hey Ann, 

      It is great to hear that you have used hypnotherapy in the past and saw good results. The science works really well in self improvement areas. And when you combine it with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), your results will be over the roof.

      You will experience what I am telling you when you get to use the sessions for confidence.

      Hope to get feedback on the sessions from you once you have started using them.

      Have a lovely day. 🙂

  7. Brandon

    I’m a huge believer in self hypnosis and have actually used it for YEARS! However, reading your posts makes me want to jump on what I’m sure will be another great self hypnosis adventure! I’ve witness and received the amazing and mind binding effects self hypnosis can have and have used it to; Get out of bad jobs. Increase my pay. increase the quality of my life. and like you’ve said learn self confidence. One thing is for sure, I am going to get this program.

    • Dave

      Do get it Brandon, 

      The program is something you are going to love.

      Since you say that you have been on other hypnosis programs before, you will definitely notice the higher effects that this particular program comes with.

      Do let me know how you find the program after you have used it. I will be waiting to hear from you soon.

      Have a fantastic day mate. 🙂

  8. H. Erin Nelson

    Hi Dave! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through your website today! There’s a wealth of wonderful and intriguing information that I found quite fascinating! I truly believe that your mind controls everything in your life. Your actions will always follow your thoughts! Your brain products and categories are extremely helpful to me in finding some great products, books and knowledge! I will continue researching through your site and wish you all the best with your self-hypnosis work!

    • Dave

      Thanks a lot Erin, 

      I am happy you found a lot of great value in my site. I always try to get good stuff for my readers and I am sure you are going to find lots of valuable brain products.

      The self hypnosis product for confidence is really going to come in handy for you. Try it out and let me know how you find it.

      Also, keep reading the posts and be stopping by every so often. I will posting more great stuff frequently. 🙂

      Have a nice day.

  9. Maeghan

    I’ve never really been one for self-hypnosis because it’s so difficult. I find it very relaxing, but I don’t feel like I achieve anything while I’m doing it.
    This looks pretty interesting though, and confidence is something I need to work on, especially in an entrepreneurial mindset. I will definitely be looking into the boot camp 🙂

    • Dave

      I hear you Meghan, 

      Almost everyone in their early stages of self hypnosis struggle to make things work for them. Although there are other self hypnosis programs that make hypnosis appear pretty difficult and punishing for folks. 

      But if you get the right program for you like this confidence bootcamp, and follow through it keenly, you should see a huge improvement in your hypnosis sessions as well as great boost in your level of confidence.

      Be sure to let me know how you find the program.

      Have an awesome day.

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