Switch on Your Brain Book Review –

Switch on your brain book review
The Mind, The strongest part of your body. Did you know that your own brain is like a switch? Well, I bet that you didn’t know and that is why you are here to get more information about the switch on your brain book

The Switch on your brain book review will be of so much use to you so that it helps you know the book better regarding to what it really is, the main information found in it, what is included in the book, benefits, customer reviews on it,cost, free stuff and the discounts that come along with this.

I will do everything to explain to you about this to enable you know how it really works so as to help you be more informed and make the right choice.

If you find out that I have not tackled something that you really wanted to know about about or one that I might not have tackled at all, feel free to ask and I will surely help you.
Great!Let’s get started with the Switch on your brain book.
Name: Switch on your brain book
Owner: Caroline leaf
Best Place to Buy: www.amazon.com
Cost: $29.99 plus free shipping for the hardcover then $9.23 for the kindle edition.
Best known for: Helping people improve happiness, their health and thinking.
Ranking: 72 out of 100

What is the Switch on your brain book?
This is a book which is divided into two parts, a theoretical one and a practical one based on the theory. It’s main message is the mind of an individual influences and informs the brain ; therefore the chemistry of the brain does not control the mind.

Although, due to genetics, the past, or one’s environment, one may be attached to certain behaviors or weaknesses, the book says that the reactions are under one’s control.

This is simply because, throughout their entire lives, every individual will shape the physical structure of their own brains, in a physical sense, by their own thoughts and also their imagination.

The innovative mind behind the success of this book is Caroline leaf.
What does the Switch on your brain book talk about?
The main message of this book is that the mind of an individual influences and informs the brain. This shows that what you think with your mind will be able to change your
brain and body, and you are designed with the power to switch on your own brain.

Your mind is that switch. This shows that you have the extraordinary capacity to determine, achieve, and maintain high levels of intelligence, mental health, peace, and happiness, as well as preventing diseases in your body and mind.

Therefore you will be able to gain control of your thoughts using your conscious effort therefore programming your own mind.

The book also says that our brain usually changes every moment as we are thinking therefore by our
thinking and what we are choosing, we are simply redesigning the landscape of our brain.

Our mind is designed in such a way to control the body, of which the brain is a part therefore matter does not control us but we are the ones that control matter through our thinking and choosing.

The book says that thinking changes our DNA and that even research says that it actually changes shape according to our thoughts. Therefore as you think those negative thoughts about the future even in the absence of that stimulus, that toxic thinking will always be able to change your brain wiring in a
negative direction and throw your mind and body into stress.

Therefore the main point of this chapter is that your own mind controls matter. If we get this right, then we have enormous potential to reach peak health.

Finally when you have finished reading this book and the knowledge you will get, the author claims that you can change some bad habits that you have, you can overcome feelings of rejection and you can also balance your overthinking and overanalysing your mind.
What is included in the switch on your brain book?
1. The Mind controls matter

2.Choice and your own multiple-perspective advantage

2. Your choices change your brain

3. Catch those thoughts .

4. Entering into directed rest .

5. Stop milkshake-multitasking

6.Thinking, God and the quantum physics brain

7. The science of thought.

8. What is the 21-day brain detox plan?

9. How and why the 21-day brain detox plan works?

Best Place to Buy The Book

The best place I recommend you buy the book is on Amazon. The price there is fair and according to my research, it is the most trusted online store at the moment. It will also be very convenient for you to buy there if you were planning to do more online shopping today.

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Customers review on the switch on your brain book.
I took time to see what users were finding it and some have admitted to have a great experience with it and they are so much satisfied with the information in the book and they have affirmed that the author has done a great job of correlation between the recent brain science with biblical commands, such as renewing your mind.

However, there are some people complaining that they dislike how this book is presented, the author does not get to the point fast and also some find the speech used by the author to be very bad.

My personal thoughts about the switch on your brain book.
I really think this book is worth your time and money because it gives you the right perspective about life and shows you that you only require to change how you think and that you can switch your brain in the way you want.

However, the part about that the brain changing your DNA I really don’t believe that but the book is really worth your money.
If you have any questions, concerns and comments about this, you are free to ask and I will surely help you out to the best of my ability.

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