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Sulbutiamine Reviews – Why it Should Be On Your Priority List!

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You are looking for one of the most detailed sulbutiamine reviews to help you learn more about it before you make the next great move, right? And you want key details in the shortest time possible, am I right?

Well, my quick but well detailed sulbutiamine review will give you the most important bits of sulbutiamine like what it really is, how it works, benefits, dosage and even customer reviews on it of people who have and are still using it.

And just in case, you have a burning question you’d want to get answers for, I am right here. I got answers, so ask me anything. Just shoot a message below and I’ll be sure to tackle it in the shortest time possible. Okay?

Perfect! Lets take a good look into this supplement.Sulbutiamine Reviews

Name: Sulbutiamine

Price: $22.99

Best Place to Buy:

Servings: 100 capsules

Guarantee: 100% money back

What is Sulbutiamine?

This is one supplement that is best known for boosting cognitive performance, memory and moods.

It is basically a synthetic nootropic that is derived from thiamine and is in the Vitamin B family. This quality makes it much more potent than regular thiamine.

Its great potency is also caused by the ability to go past the blood brain barrier very easily as well as its bioavailability.

Sulbutiamine was initially made in Japan to help those guys suffering from beriberi, a condition caused by inadequate thiamine.

However, most folks take it with the aim of improving their focus and energy and it works really great.

You are going to find this supplement used a prescription drug in countries like Japan, and is usually under the name arcalion.

Sulbutiamine is also known as Youvitan, Enerion and bisibuthiamine.

How it Works

Sulbutiamine works pretty much like other nootropics, by causing a stimulating effect on certain receptors in the brain which in turn regulate certain neurotransmitters that, in essence, boost various aspects of the brain.

This particular supplement targets choline, dopamine and gutamine receptors. After you take it is easily absorbed into the blood which then passes through the blood brain barrier and into the brain.

In the brain, it increases the effectiveness of the 3 receptors by destroying some of the enzymes that bring inhibition.

This gives the brain the energy and opportunity to improve your moods, get you extreme focus, alertness and energy, and hike your memory.

Based on my experience with nootropics, I have found most synthesized drugs like this to be quite efficient as they work faster than in their ordinary form.

Ideally, ordinary thiamine can’t work as fast and great as its synthesized form.


I spent quite some time in the trenches looking for people’s say on the experiences they had with this dietary supplement. I managed to gather a handful of them from various sources. The feedback that seemed to dominate was a positive one. Looks like it worked great.

In fact, look at the review stats below and see. See, most people have rated it with a 5 stars and 4 stars, which typically means that it met its purpose fairly well.

Although, I’m sure you can also see other people who rated it poorly. Yeah, there is always someone getting bad results with any product. You will find a few negative user experiences on reddit.

I have also experienced that myself. But the main reason for negative impacts of any supplements out there is taking the actual product without prior doctor consultation.

You may want to confirm with your doctor that your health condition will allow you to use it and see the effectiveness of this supplement before taking it so that you are certain it will deliver good results.


In brief, the benefits you are carrying home once you order your bottle of Sulbutiamine include:

• Reducing anxiety and stress

• A great treatment for asthenia

• Boosting your moods

• Hiking your confidence and motivation

• Increasing mental energy and attention

• Boosting learning abilities and memory


There is no specific dosage on it since it has not been taken up as a prescription drug yet.Sulbutiamine Reviews

The best way to know the quantity of it that works is to look at the people who have good experience with it and how much they consumed.

Most people prefer taking a dose of 250 to 750mg. But I’d say it will be good if you started low and then increase it as you get more used to it. It takes about an hour to start feeling the effects kicking in.

Although you don’t want to use it oftenly as it builds up tolerance very fast.

Some people say that taking it on an empty stomach helps but I’d rather you take it after you have had a meal since Sulbutiamine is fat soluble.

Side Effects

Well, if you stick with the 200mg to 800mg dose, you won’t be seeing any side effects. And tests on 850mg of it have also given positive feedback. So it’s more than safe for you.

Although, you may want to know that Sulbutiamine can be addictive, so much like cocaine. So this is not something you will want to take on a regular basis.

I recommend alternating it with phenibut and l-theanine.

I have also seen some people complaining about low moods, anxiety and minutes after the half life is over. If you want to remain in your best moods, you can take l-tyrosine or mucuna pruriens about 4 hours later.

Where to Buy Sulbutiamine Online

There are many places you can make your purchase from.

But the one store I recommend buying it from is AbsorbHealth. They are a reliable store I have come to admire over the short period they have been in business.

They have the best formulations and will give you great discounts if you buy in bulk, not to mention free shipping to everywhere in the world.

I recently found out that even reddit ranks it among the top nootropics store. I guess it has to do with their great customer service. These guys are friendly and helpful. You will easily note that.

I haven’t tried out other stores like erowid and euphoria so I can’t really tell much of them. You can try them out too although I can’t guarantee of any good results.

Buy Sulbutiamine From Absorb Health Here

You can also get the same Absorb Health bottle of Sulbutiamine on Amazon. So if you would like to buy it from Amazon, you can easily do it.

I always recommend using Amazon to buy Absorb health supplements when you are shopping for other products their as well, but the supplements alone as it can be very expensive, compared to buying from the main website.

Buy Absorb Health’s Sulbutiamine supplement from Amazon here

 Overall, Sulbutiamine is Worth a Try

My personal definition of safety of use of any pills is good reviews from its previous users and most importantly, no dangerous side effects. And it happens that all these conditions are satisfied within Sulbutiamine. So it is worth a shot after all.

I guess you now want to experience its effects firsthand and see how potent it actually is. Well, you should order your bottle and prepare to heighten your alertness and focus.

Again, if you have any questions about Sulbutiamine or nootropics as a whole, leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


8 thoughts on “Sulbutiamine Reviews – Why it Should Be On Your Priority List!

  1. Henderson says:

    For a product that can help in boosting cognitive performance and energy generally, I personally recommend
    Sulbutiamine. A friend of mine has made use of it and tells me a lot about it. The bad thing is that she got quite obsessed with it and couldn’t perform well except she uses it so this is a warning. Even when your doctor prescribes this supplement, make sure not to use it too often. Its a good post though. Keep it up. Thank you for letting me air my views and best regards

    1. Thank you for stopping you and sharing your views, Henderson.

      They are highly appreciated.

      We also recommend taking all nootropics with care. 

      I believe our post on Are nootropics safe will help emphasize your point on how to take sulbutiamine.


  2. Good reviews from previous users is great as a safety precautions before buying any medications but I think consulting a doctor is more important.  Sulbutiamine reviews seems very positive and in my view, a worthy nootropics that could help the Brain with cognitive functions as a normal nootropics should function. However, the side effect of it being addictive seems not too good with me. Though I will consult my doctor first, but I’m very positive concerning all I have read on it. Thanks for including the place to get it from too should in case I desire to use it.

    1. You are always welcome Ramos, 

      Always a pleasure to help. 


  3. Jordan Smith says:

    Glad to see this awesome review on Sulbutiamine. My wife got it for me 2 months ago, and I must confess it’s an excelent product. Since I’ve being taking Sulbutiamine, my burn out has gone. I feel really powerful and also full of energy. I can sleep anytime i want, and wake up without any problems, nothing to be with my sleep cycle. Do I recommend it? Absolutely..

    Nice write-up Dave.


    1. Thanks a lot Jordan for sharing your experience with Sulbutiamine.

      We like having more of those here. 

      Have an awesome day!

  4. I’m pretty impressed about this product most especially its benefits, its ability to take care of anxiety and mental  health generally is wonderful. However all the testimonies I’ve heard of and have witness personally comes from adults who have used this product. This makes me inquisitive about kids using notropics. Is it safe for them?

    1. Hallo there Dane, 

      Nice to have you here. 

      Well, we have explained everything about the safety of taking nootropics on our post -> Are Nootropics Safe?

      This puts everything into perspective as to how to go about it.


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