Subliminal power software review

Subliminal Power Software Review – Great But Not The Best!


You are looking for a subliminal software to boost the quality of different areas of your life like finance, happiness and such, right?

And you are searching for more information on Subliminal power to see if it possibly could be the software you need to make things work for you, isn’t it?

Well, my subliminal power review will be helping you determine this as it will look into the system’s key features like what it really is, how exactly it works, things I didn’t like about it, my favorite subliminal software, what is included in the system, how to use it, the cost, discounts and free downloads.

I am confident that this post will help you determine your best software fit. If you need more help with it, you can always ask me a question in the comments below. Okay?

Sweet! Let’s see how the cookie crumbles.

Name: Subliminal Power

Size: 22 subliminal categories

Author: Bradley Thompson

Cost: $39.95

Best Place To Buy:

Best known for: Subliminal Software

Rankings: 80 out of 100

What is Subliminal Power?

This, just, like all other subliminal softwares, helps you change the way you think or see life which in turn helps you better things in your life.

It uses subliminal messages and affirmations to help strengthen certain attributes in your life and make you a better person.

The software comes with a unique feature of background music to help enhance the whole subliminal experience.

The creator of this software is Bradley Thompson, who has been in the industry for quite a while and deals with self-improvement products.

He is the owner of Self Development and has also written a book called “Developing Your One Subliminal Studio”.

Also, he is working on other mind improvement strategies like hypnosis.

How Subliminal Power Works

The software will help you set up the affirmations you want to use to change your mindset, beliefs, and self-concepts.

It comes with over 1500 affirmations in 22 different categories including business success, brainpower, creativity, and more.

You are also allowed to create your own affirmations, which are also called subliminal commands or scripts. These can be messages that you feel intrigue you on a personal level to work hard on what you want to achieve.Subliminal power software review

But you will also be guided on how to go about the setting up of the messages.

Once you are done, the positive messages will be flashing on the screen of your computer as you work on your projects or surf. This is known as visual subliminal messaging.

The messages are very faint, so you won’t see them, but your subconscious mind perceives them and they do make an impact on it.

The subconscious mind, as I had mentioned, is where all these messages are needed as it where the beliefs you have held for years will be changed.

The invisible messages will be detected and accepted, and as this process continues, your mind will be slowly transformed, shedding the old negative ideals and replacing them with the new commands that come with the subliminal messages.

This software has a feature that most other ones out there don’t have, background music.

As you use your computer as well as when the flashing is going on, you get to have some music playing in the background.

Things I Didn’t Like About Subliminal Power

While the software is fairly effective and good to use for anyone who feels it is the right one, there are some things I’d like to point out which I was not happy with.

To start with, the background music is not quite sweetening as you would think or hope.

I appreciate the extra effort but it can definitely get better than this. I have also seen many other people make complaints about the free audios in other user reviews.

The other thing is the editor where you get to make your own subliminal messages or edit the provided ones. The editor is very ineffective and you will often get problems when using it.

Finally, the software is very limited in terms of features and functionalities. You only get about 1500 affirmations for all the 22 categories in it.

There are other softwares out the try which have much better features and are far more efficient than Subliminal Power.

My Favorite Subliminal Software

One of the softwares I’m telling you beats subliminal power is my personal favorite called Subliminal 360.

The name itself hints what you get there. It is the best all-rounded subliminal software I have seen.Subliminal 360 Reviews

Firstly, it has two methods of delivering the subliminal messages, the visual and the audio method.

The visual will flash the messages on the screen while the audio converts the messages into mp3 files and play with much better music than the audio subliminal power offers.

It also has 350 audio tracks and more than 4,000 affirmations. (See why I was saying subliminal power is limited?)

I also found out that their affirmations are well-thought-out and targeted that they will have a much stronger effect than you’ll get with other softwares.

It is the best subliminal messages software I know.

And I’ve barely scratched the surface with this personal favorite software. There are other great things it comes with like 25 brain hacker sessions, training videos, and more.

Learn more about subliminal 360 here

What is Included in the System

With subliminal power, there is nothing included other than the actual software.

But there is a new version of this software that has been launched. It is called Subliminal Power 2.

The only other thing that could be of interest to you is the guarantee.

They give you a 28 days guarantee in which you can return the system and get your money back if you are not satisfied.

How to Use Subliminal Power

If you decide to give it a try, this is how you will be using it:subliminal power reviews

• Select the subliminal program you want to use. (It could be brainpower, being a laptop millionaire or happy person, anything.)

You can also create your own messages using the editor.

• Click on the “OK” button and you will immediately launch it.

It mostly works on Windows. I have not seen anyone who has said uses it on a Mac.

Subliminal Power Cost, Discounts and Free Downloads

The whole subliminal power program will cost you $39.95. And you will be getting immediate access to it soon after you have made your purchase.

On the discounts, there is none given. In fact, they feel the price is too low, as they say, they will be raising it real soon because they feel the value you get off of it is not justified in the price.

If you want the free download of the system, there are lots of freebies offered to those who subscribe. You will get tons of resources for subliminal messages which you can get quite some value out of.

Get the Subliminal Power Software Here

And that is all there is to this software.

If you have any questions, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Here’s to subliminal messaging and improving our brains. Cheers!


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  1. Hi,

    I’m interested in getting some of these freebies. I’ll subscribe. This is a very nice review. I appreciate that you have been honest throughout the whole post stating the things you like but without diminishing the things you don’t like about this software. You have encouraged me to give it a try! Thank you very much!

    1. Improve Your Brain Power Team says:

      Hallo there Henry, 

      Thanks for stopping by.

      You are also welcome and we are happy we helped. 🙂

      Be sure to let us know how the software works out for you.

      We look forward to hearing from you.


      The IYBP Team

  2. I’ve been doing some research lately on the power of subliminal messaging. I can see the benefits and I’m ready to give it a try. So stumbling on this article was really timely for me. I appreciate the recommendation of your favorite software, Subliminal 360. I like that it’s flexible enough to let you create your own message.

    Thanks for the helpful ideas!

    1. Improve Your Brain Power Team says:

      Hallo there Linda, 

      Thanks for stopping by.

      We are happy to hear that our post came just in time for you. 🙂

      And we are also glad to hear we helped.

      We wish you the best as you give the program a try.

      We also look forward to hearing your feedback on it.

      We will be waiting for it once you have given it a go.

      All the best.


      The IYBP Team

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