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Subliminal Power 2 Review – Great But Not The Best Software


You are looking for a review of the newer subliminal power software version, Subliminal Power 2, to see if it is really good enough to give you the kind of subliminal messaging experience you wish to get, right?

Well, my subliminal power 2 review will be showing you what the people who have tried it out are saying about it as well venture into other areas of it like what it actually is, how it works, what is included in the system, my personal best alternative, how to use it, cost, free downloads, and the available discounts if any.

I am hopeful that this review will come in handy for you as you make your decision and will also get you exactly what you desire out of a subliminal software.

Here we go.

Name: Subliminal Power 2

Size: 400 subliminal programs (in 15 sections)

Author: Bradley Thompson

Cost: $67

Best Place to Buy:

Known for: Subliminal software

Rankings: 83 out of 100

Subliminal Power 2 Customer Reviews

Well, most of the users of this new version have used the first version of subliminal power.

And they all said there is a huge difference between the two because the results with the new version were more profound and really benefiting.

I also have to agree with them on that. The company has added many great features that were not present in the old version, which has boosted the value of it.

So if you have used the first one, I can assure you that there are more exciting features you are going to love like brain training videos, brainwave entrainment videos.

And this is only scratching the surface.

Some people are asking if, by any chance, this software could be a scam.

I would like to let you know that it actually works. Even if it doesn’t work as great as I would have liked it, it definitely does work and many folks are pleased with what they get off it.

So it is well worth the try.

Get your copy of subliminal power 2 here

What is Subliminal Power 2?

This is a subliminal software that is meant to change your mind, perceptions, and self-concepts to become a better person through subliminal messages.

When the subliminal messages are detected by your subconscious mind, they make a huge impact on your brain that helps you subliminal power 2 softwarechange the things you want to see improvements on in your life.

There was the first version of this software that was a little too limited in terms of features and functionality. And this new one has kind of filled in the gap and given the users the kind of quality experience they would like to get.

The whole Subliminal Power program was created by Bradley Thompson, who is an old stone in the industry. He ventured into brain stuff back in 1999 and has created a number of products within this niche.

Some of them include a hypnosis book called ” Developing Your Own Subliminal Studio “. He has now stepped foot into hypnosis, among other areas.

How it Works

As with most softwares, this one uses the visual subliminal messaging method to deliver subliminal messages.

This is where you have a list of positive affirmations flashing on the screen of your computer as you keep using it to surf or do your personal projects.

The flashing allows positive and inspiring messages and photos to be detected by the subconscious mind which is the one that is responsible for your beliefs, perspectives, and your concept of life.

When they are constantly playing on your screen, they gradually get to change the way you see things and how you view life, in turn helping you to improve your life.

There is also a music system, unlike other typical subliminal systems, that lets you enjoy relaxation music as you use the software, which is creative of them.

There are other valuable resources you get in this software that you are going to find value out of.

Things like brainwave entrainment sessions that take you into deep mental states of relaxation, focus, and others, movies section, and more.

Things I didn’t Like About Subliminal Power 2

While I recommend the system to anyone who feels is going to get a deeply impacting experience with subliminal power, and the fact that it also works quite well, there are things that didn’t make me happy about it.

The first thing is the music. Just like the first version, it comes with music that is not really enjoyable.

People have described it as strange and quite confusing, which somehow decreases the value of the sessions.

The other thing is, I feel that in spite of adding more provisions to it, which shows a lot of effort, which I highly appreciate, I still feel it is limited.

It is definitely better, far better than the original program but there are still many places that can be improved.

My personal Favorite Subliminal Software

Subliminal Power 2 is great, but if you want a more detailed software with more provisions and better functionality in terms of speed and efficiency, I would recommend you use Subliminal 360.

It has more than 350 subliminal tracks, more than 4,000 affirmations, 25 brain hacker sessions, two methods of delivering messages which include the visual and audio, and are all working impressively, and many more.

It works far more efficiently than subliminal power and I believe you can see why I say the latter is shallow.

Subliminal 360 is actually the best software in the market according to my research.

Learn more about Subliminal 360 here

What is Included in the System

When you decide to purchase your own copy of this program, this is what you will get:

1. The Main copy of Subliminal Power 2 which includes features and provisions like:

• Main subliminal power application (app)subliminal power 2 software

• Subliminal editor

• 6 x 30 minutes brainwave entrainment sessions

• Custom made subliminal mind movies support

• Brain training videos

• 400 ready-made subliminal programs

2. Lifetime updates for free

3. Full-time support team

4. 14 days money-back guarantee

How to Use Subliminal Power 2

When you want to play the messages on your screen as you work, this is the way to set things up properly:

• Choose the subliminal program that matches your area of interest

• Choose, from the 15 available sections, the section that is most suitable for you

• Then choose the sessions and subliminal messages you want to work with (you can use the brainpower sessions, laptop millionaire, success, and others as you want)

– You can also add your own messages using the editor

• Add your own inspirational photos

• Choose your preferred background music

• Customize your needs (like speed, font, alignment of messages)

• Save and launch!

• Let the software start flashing the messages as you keep using your computer

Who Shouldn’t Use Subliminal Power 2

This program is not recommended for those who are 18 years old and below because it uses a very powerful brain-altering science technology called brainwave entrainment.

We encourage you to read our beginner’s guide on brainwave entrainment to understand it better.

It can be dangerous for young people whose minds are still developing.

Cost, Discounts and Free Downloads

The whole system together with all the resources that is dragged along with it will have you cough out $67 which is pretty fair as it matches the things you are getting.

There are no discounts for it, you get to pay the marked price to access it.

Get your copy of the subliminal power 2 here

As for the free downloads, there’s plenty. You are going to get more than 4,000 freebies from the program when you subscribe to their newsletter.

Get the freebies of Subliminal power 2 here

And that is all there is to it.

If you have any questions about this system, feel at home here, and leave your question below. I will be more than happy to help you out.


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