1. Diane Coulter

    I noticed that making your own mp3’s only works on Windows not a Mac?

    • Hey Diane,

      Do you mean to say that you were not able to make your own mp3’s with your Mac? Don’t fret. 🙂

      I have had time to chat with the creators and they told me that it is currently impossible to create the mp3’s on your own with a mac since the software hasn’t been fully optimized for mac’s operating system.

      Although, I was told that they are working on that at the moment. 🙂

      What you could do to be able to create them with your Mac is to install the latest windows on your Mac and use it to make the mp3’s. A Mac technician can help you do that.

      I hope this helps.

      Cheers. 🙂

  2. Anna

    There is so much selection on this site that I have now book marked it to go back and look at all there is on offer.
    I suffer from depression and anxiety so there is lots on here that could help.
    The categories cover just about area of your life that you or would need help with.
    Thank you

    • Dave

      You are welcome Anna, 🙂

      Be sure to check them out, they are going to come in handy for you. 

      It’s always a pleasure to help. 🙂

  3. Avareth

    I’ve always been interested in things like this, that target your mind for growth. I appreciate how much information you provided on each point, and that you included the section about who shouldn’t use the brainwave tracks.

    I’m old now, but out of curiosity, why shouldn’t those under the age of 18 be using those tracks?

    • Dave

      Hey there Avareth, 

      I am happy I have helped you get valuable information. 

      I have said that the tracks aren’t great for those people who are under the age of 18 because some of the brainwave entrainment tracks have not worked so well for all teenagers.

      Although not all of them, some of the teenagers have weak minds that may be affected by the science the tracks come with. Brainwave entrainment alters the mind and this may prove to be dangerous to those people whose minds haven’t fully developed.

      The best way to know if your kid (who is below 18 years) responds well to the tracks is by checking in with a doctor or asking the doctor if it is safe to get him to listen to them a few times and then enquire how he feels after listening to them.

      If he says he doesn’t get the benefits they offer and gets a wierd feeling, then that’s not for them, but if he gets the benefits he can use them, but with moderation. 

      Hope this helps. 🙂

  4. sheikave

    I did use one platform like subliminal guru which is Noisli. I thought it was fake but decided to give a try.

    I was blown away by how well I was in focus when doing my research work as being an affiliate marketer.

    You can get pretty distracted when you are connected to the internet.

    When you try to focus on creating content it can be tempting to not open other tabs and start searching for unrelated terms.

    But with Noisli, it helps to calm my mind focus better. I create more content when listening to it. I bet the subliminal guru work the same way. And for the fact that noisli helped me very well, I will surely use subliminal guru.

    • Dave

      Hey Sheikave, 

      I have also used Noisli numerous times to increase my productivity and it worked out so well for me. 

      I like the various nature sounds they have that calm down the external and mental chatter, and help you really focus on your job.

      I would also recommend you try out Nitrofocus Brainwave Program for productivity, it is a whole better than Noisli, although it is a paid program. But it comes with brain training benefits on top of improving you focus and rate of productivity, you are going to love it. 🙂

      When it comes to subliminal guru, I would say this is going to blow your mind more than Noisli.

      It helps change your negative habits and also cultivate new useful and very positive habits that will cumulatively change your life for good. Do try it out and see for yourself. 🙂

  5. Marta

    Hi Dave,
    Thank you for this exhaustive review.
    I entirely agree with you; these tracks that influence your subconscious can change your life.
    I was skeptical before starting listening to such tracks.
    But I saw changes in my life and also in my attitude, for that reason I’d recommend them to anyone.

    • Dave

      Great to hear that you have tried them out Marta,

      At least we now have someone who can share their success here with the tracks. 🙂

      When anyone hears about subliminal messages and their ability to influence the subconscious mind, it is very natural to become skeptical. 

      But it is until you get to try them out that you realize that they actually work. And you did that.

      Thanks for your testimonial.

      Hope to hear from you again. 🙂


  6. Sukumar Thingom

    This is extremely interesting. I must admit I have been sceptical of the efficacy of the subliminal music but of late, I have been convinced that they are indeed effective for overcoming many of our modern-day ills. It’s nice to note that Sublimal Guru has even options for “customising” our own music according to our needs. Thanks for a lovely post. You have also mentioned the type of people who should be avoiding the brainwave version. That’s such a useful info.

    • Dave

      Hey Sukumar,

      Subliminal messages are really effective especially if you are the type of people who gives yourself lots of self talk. if you encourage yourself to do things, or “advise” yourself quite often, which is something many people do frequently, then you are sure to get good results with the subliminal messages in subliminal guru.

      Do let me know how you find the tracks when you have used them for a few weeks. I will be waiting.

      Have a great day.

  7. Rae Anne Pond

    This is an entertaining idea. I’ve heard of using subliminal things to correct negative behavior in criminals but never to improve traits in non-criminals. Have you tried this yourself? Do you feel it is safe? I have Bipolar Disorder and PTSD so I wouldn’t be able to use some parts of it. But I have a very compulsive and addictive personality so I would be worried it would work overtime on me. What do you think?

    • Dave

      Hey Ann, 

      I have used subliminal messages on numerous occasions and they have worked every well thus far. They help you build your beliefs as well as instil and master new perspectives of life that come in handy in overcoming the negative energy in you.

      And yes, you can use the subliminal messages in this store. They have proven to completely safe for people with these health issues, unless there is another health issue you have, or don’t know that you have.

      My advice to you is to first to consult with your doctor if you are safe to use subliminal messages with the intensity of your health issue, to be perfectly sure before you start using them.

      Hope this helps. 

      Have a wonderful day Ann. 🙂

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