1. Marta

    Hi, how many times per day should I use subliminal360? I know that for making an affirmation work, you should read it three times per day. But if you buy such a software, does it mean that you should keep the computer opened almost all day long? It’s a great stuff, but I wanted to know how do you exactly use it. Thank you!

    • Dave

      Hey Marta, 

      I would recommend you use it whenever you are using your computer, this way your brain is in constant exposure of the subliminal messages. It makes the rewiring of the subconscious mind seamless. 

      When you play them every time, you will also get used to the idea of knowing that you are playing them in the background and so you will be doing things normally with the exception of your mind being improved. 🙂

  2. mike

    Even though I’m not familiar with the Subliminal Flash program, I am familiar with the theory, and I like and can’t help but to believe in the benefits of using subliminal flash programs.

    I think there can be no better way to force messages into your subconscious when you look at a computer screen for hours at the time.

    What do you consider the main differences between Subliminal Flash and the 360 software?

    • Dave

      Hey Mike, 

      The main differences between subliminal flash and subliminal 360 is that subliminal flash has a limited number of categories of subliminal messages that it comes with.

      If you look at subliminal 360, you will notice that you are getting almost three times of subliminal messages in many categories than what you will be getting in subliminal flash.

      Also, subliminal 360 has the option of using either the visual subliminal messages which flashes the messages on the screen or the audio subliminal messages which help you convert the messages or affirmations to mp3 files and play them as audio.

      I also find the quality of the tracks in subliminal 360 to be very clear and of high quality in terms of sound effects. 

      With this, I believe you can see that the creators took quite some time in developing a subliminal software that would give the users the best subliminal experience possible. That is why I recommend them over subliminal flash. 

  3. BrandonW

    Hey, me again.

    I noticed this is definitely a cheaper option than your Subliminal 360.

    Would you recommend this to someone who is new to these types of programs, to maybe start out with this option first?

    And another question, is it a one-time fee or is it a monthly subscription?

    Thanks for this reviews!!

    • Dave

      Hey Brandon, 

      Subliminal flash sure is cheaper but with it comes a few tracks and very few other provisions to help you change your subconscious. And if you compare it with subliminal 360, you will notice that there are so many things that the software has left out that subliminal 360 has included.

      It is just as it has always been said, you get what you pay for.

      I strongly advise you to use subliminal 360 as you will be getting all the benefits subliminal messages have to offer unlike subliminal flash which gives a portion of them.

      It is the best to start out with as it has provisions that are friendly to the beginner, the intermediate as well as the advanced user of this science.

      About the cost, when you purchase the subliminal 360, you will only pay a one time fee. There are no other costs included after purchase. Most subliminal softwares are paid for only once, you will hardly find any that asks for a monthly subscription.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

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