1. Eliane

    This software sure seems very promising.

    I’ve known for years how powerful subliminal messages are and have experienced them in very positive ways during my life.

    I really like the idea of being able to customize the messages (images/music and texts). In a way, I’ve been doing this manually in order to train my subconscious mind. But I can imagine how much more power and tremendous effect someone can get from a solution like the Subliminal 360.

    Thanks for all the great info!

  2. Arie

    This sounds like an effective way to train your mind into feeling more motivated to work towards your goals. I might be interested in getting this as I think any motivation is good to continue going as well as using this to help fall asleep faster. I like the idea of being able to choose which affirmation to play along with a specific song in the background.

    My question is, which of the options do you think is the best deal in terms of the amount of content and the overall pricing?

    • Dave

      Hey Arie, 

      I think the “Everything version” is the best way to go. 

      You are getting everything the system has to offer and the good thing is that you won’t pay $147, the marked price. You can use the timed discount code to get a $50 discount and have it all for $97. 

      This is fair, as the simplest and limited version also goes for the same price. So using the discount offered right now will save hugely.

      Simply put, get the “Everything version” because it is cheap at the moment because of the discount. The other versions are more expensive compared to this particular version. Hope it is now clear. 

  3. Dave, this information was new to me and very interesting. I tried clicking on links to read about the different options available, but none of the links worked for me. Have those not been set up?

  4. Paola

    Wow awesome post!
    You seem to have a lot of passion and knowledge on self improvement.
    I recently went through a rough patch in my life but affirmations and meditation helped me through it and now i’m as happy as ever.
    This program seems complete and very helpful. It’s also awesome that you can use it on an app!
    I will definitely have to check it out in the future!



    • Dave

      Hey Paola, 

      Sorry for the rough patch but it is great to hear you came over it 

      Subliminal 360 is a really great program and I am confident you are going to love it.

  5. Jeannie Brickley

    Hi. I sure would like to improve my brain. Does it work on aging brains? I love the idea of it going so fast it bypasses your conscious mind and is only detected by your subconscious mind. It seems like a great program at an affordable price. I like the fact that they give you such a break with the premium program that it is the same price as the cheaper program. I also liked that you could download and try some of it for free to see if it is something you would like to buy. Thanks for a good review.

    • Dave

      Hey Jeannie, 

      You are welcome. 

      And it sure does work great on any brain so you don’t have to worry if it will work for you. 

      You are going to love it. 🙂

  6. Ivan

    Whoa, this thing looks amazing.

    I know the importance of positive affirmations and sometimes when my self esteem is low I try to say as many positive things as possible to bring it back up.

    I also love the fact that I can use this with music so I listen to relaxing music while getting positive affirmations.

    I would like to share this with my 14 year old brother – you said it’s not recommended for people under 18 – do you have any advice what I can do in this case?

    Thanks for all the info!!

    • Dave

      Hey Ivan, 

      You can use all the tracks with you brother except for the brainwave entrainment versions. All the other versions are great and very safe for all people. 

      This means, if you want to give them to your brother, you can go ahead and use the other versions.

      If you also want to know how to get your brother to listen to the other brainwave tracks as well, you should make sure his mind is strong enough to take in the frequencies. 

      And to do this, I recommend visiting a doctor before you start using them. This way you will avoid all the problems of using the frequencies on a weak brain.

      The thing is, most teenagers, not all, have weak brains which can be hazardous to tamper with as they are still growing and have not yet become mature. But there are other teens who are already strong enough to benefit from them.

      The most important thing is to know where his brain is in terms of strength.

      I hope you now understand it. 🙂

  7. Khan

    thanks for a great article Can I sign up for more ?

    could you please write me something about How can I make Pictures Subliminal Messages for my self to blink on computer screen
    through any software ?

    like I suppose the picture should be of Size= facebook post size, Font = Arial, Font Color= Blue, Background= White, Position to blink on screen=Center.

    may I use different size, font style, background and position ?

    Is it ok ? plz give me some suggestions to make more varitions and freedom about it , also If I want to have a Smart Touch Screen Phone, so is just Picture of that phone is enough or I should I also write that I am using this phone ?

    what should be the blink time : like 10 milli sceond ? or 20 ?

    also what is the capacity of Subconscious mind to get the message like can I put a Picture of house n car & just write using image editor that I am having this house/car/bike , would it work ?


    • Hey Khan,

      I think the other best flashing software you could use is the Dream Manifesto. It has the the picture flashing provision which could work for you.

      I haven’t understood the other questions. Could you please elaborate more using clearer English so that I can help you out as best as possible? Please?

      I’ll be waiting for your response,

      Cheeers mate, 🙂


  8. Michelle

    Great post. Love improving my mind and the easiest way I find is through audio or audio and visual combined. You talk about the Brain Hacking sessions using brainwave entertainment. Is this similar to binaural beats?
    Could really do with some good affirmations to listen to and this seems to cover a lot. Might be my next “taking care of me” purchase.

    • Dave

      Hey Michelle, 

      Yes, the brainwave tracks are similar to binaural beats. They use the same science, brainwave entrainment, which is mainly aimed at helping people get into better mental states than they are in at the time of their using the tracks.

      The tracks bring a quick mental shift, which is great.

      Do purchase them, I’m more than sure you are going to get immense value from them.

  9. BrandonW

    I must say, this is pretty amazing. The technology we have access to these days are just unbelievable.

    They say the mind can be your best friend, or your worst enemy, and this goes right along with that saying.

    Sometimes we train ourselves to be negative negative negative, all the time, without even realizing we’re doing it, and it’s all because of the effects (or is it affects?) of our sub-conscious mind.

    I could see how this product would have people doubting it if works or not, but I have NO DOUBT that it would. As I am a believer of the sub-conscious mind we all have.

    Thank you for the review!! I’m glad I ran across this cause I’m surely getting it for myself.

    • Dave

      That’s true Brandon, 

      Your brain can either make you great or super disgraced. It has been designed to take in everything that we feed it, both good and bad. 

      And if you spend most your time investing the good stuff in it like using the subliminal messages, the result will be a rewarding one that will bring you peace, harmony and happiness.

      That’s why I have taken the time to build this website to help people know how best they can get their brain to work great and in turn improve the quality of their lives, which is what we’re all after, right?

      I strongly advise you to use the subliminal 360 when you get it so that you can see the negativity and conflict in your life go away for good. 

      I’ll be waiting to hear your experience with the software. 🙂


  10. dreamgirl93

    The software seems like a good one.

    I had heard before about subliminal messages so I know the meaning of the term but they never used to work for me.

    What I like the most about this software is that you can choose the messages and images yourself. I don’t focus on training my subconscious mind in my everyday life, I only focus on working on my goals and I think that this also programs my mind in the process. But I find Subliminal 360 very helpful for someone who wants to program their mind. I will be surely checking it out.

    Thank you for the recommendation and detailed information!

    • Dave

      You are welcome 🙂 ,

      Subliminal 360 is something you are going to get immense value from because it will not only help you program your subconscious mind, but also help you achieve the goals you have set in your life.

      The thing is, flashing the subliminal messages constantly on your screen will keep injecting the goals in your mind and make them feel part of you. As this happens continuously, you are going to notice that you are becoming positive about achieving your goals and find them very easy to achieve.

      And when you have this kind of mentality, bringing the goals to reality isn’t a difficult job.

  11. Leonard

    Hi. In a second review I read that only the Basic Version is fit for Mac! The other two, like Awesome, cant be Played on the Mac. Is this true??

    Yours, Leonard

    • Hey Leonard,

      Glad to have you here. 🙂

      All the versions of subliminal 360 work great on any Mac with the El Capitan version upwards. The only issue you might get when using a Mac is creating your own subliminal mp3s.

      This is still being worked on but is not accessible at the moment.

      Other than that, you shouldn’t have any other issues.

      I hope I have answered all your questions.

      If you have more, send them my way and I’ll help where I can.

      Have an awesome day mate. 🙂

  12. Sally Marzouki

    But is there limit for how many affirmations to use in each recording?
    The mp3 file for custom subliminal is 10 mins.
    And whatever number of affirmations I record, I get the file 10 mins long.
    We don’t know if the affirmations are repeated or not or even if the app ignore some affirmations if I added many like if I added 50 affirmations.
    Cuz it is strange that the file length is 10 mins always regardless of that you used 4 or 10 or 50 or 100 affirmations!

    • Hallo there Sally.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Well. The software is designed to allow you to create custom subliminals that last 10 minutes.

      This means that the number of affirmations you feed as you create them will be created to last for 10 minutes.

      If you give it more affirmations that will take more than 10 minutes to play, they might get overlooked and only get the ones that will fit the 10 minute range.

      Hope I have answered your question.

      If you need more help please let me know and I will be happy to help.

      Have a good one Sally. 🙂

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