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SmartX Review – Didn’t Like it for Focus!

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You want some good light shed on the popular brain supplement, SmartX, right? You want to find out how effective it really is and why exactly I don’t like it, isn’t it?

Well, my smartx review will looking at different aspects of the supplement like the reasons I don’t recommend it, how exactly it works, the ingredients, side effects, dosage, benefits, customer reviews, how long it takes to kick in and so many more.

This review is a brief one but it goes deep into the product. I believe it will be of great help as you go about making your final decision on it.

If you need any help, shout out to me in the comments area and I’ll come to the rescue. Okay?

Sweet! Now to knowing smartX better. 🙂

Product: SmartXSmartX Review

Price: $65.00 + other options

Size: 30 Capsules

Best Place To Buy:

Guarantee: 100% guarantee

Overall Rankings: 88 out of 100

Why I Don’t Like SmartX

The product is great and does work for most folks. Some of the people who have used it have reported fairly good results with it.

But personally, I find it rather ineffective compared to what we are told by the company’s marketing team. I had high hopes with the product but it ended up discouraging me when it came to focus and concentration.

If you are also expecting spectacular results with it, you are more likely to get disappointed. It works averagely.

If you want a much more potent system for boosting your focus and productivity, you should consider nitrofocus program, it’s my #1 recommendation for focus.

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If you want deep concentration, as well as brain training for natural concentration, all in the same program, the best system to use is brainev.

It is my #1 recommendation for concentration because of its great quality.

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Most of the ingredients that make up smartX have been widely used in the past as well as now in helping boosting different aspects of brain function.

They have been used in single ingredient based supplement as most of them are potent enough on their own, if used in right quantities. These ingredients include:

• Folic acid – 500mcgSmartX Review

• Niacin – 10mg

• Vitamin B6 – 10mcg

• Vitamin B12 – 10mcg

• Proprietary blend – 510.05mg, it includes – vinpocetine, caffeine, ginseng, DHA, L-Glutamine, DMAE, phosphatidylserine, L-Tyrosine, Ginkgo, Huperzine A, Bacopa Monierri and schizandrol.

The ingredients have been explained in detail in the main website. The product is owned by Trevor Hiltbrand, the founder of Cerebral Success. He won a net worth $75,000 for the product on the show called Shark Tank on ABC.

Although I will be delving a bit into their functions in the “how it works” section below, you can always get more information on them as well as the actual studies supporting their formula on the main site.

How long it Takes to Kick in

Soon after having your dosage done, you will start getting your focus in about 30 minutes. It may take longer for some while others, much faster.

Basically, you should give it a maximum of an hour to be safe.

When it takes effect, you will stay for about 3 to 4 hours hooked on what you are doing. After that it will start losing power as that is its ideal half life.


The folks who have given it a try have different opinions about it. Although a good number has been happy with it, there are some who didn’t quite see the difference after taking it.

There are almost as many good ratings as there are bad ratings.


This means it was fairly good. The effects were moderate as opposed to the marketing claims of the product.

There are times when you don’t see any results with supplements either because of your reaction to the ingredients or the poor performance of the actual product.

That is why I recommend using nitrofocus over smartX as nitrofocus is not based on ingredients.

With nitrofocus, you are dealing directly with your brain while smartX has to go through a lot of chemical processes to release effects making it less effective.

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I don’t think there is any set dosage that you should be following. You should use when you need it.

That is when you feel you need to focus on some project or you require high concentration to study or work.

So, be sure to use when you need it most.

How it Works

This part goes deep into the actual ingredients that make up SmartX and how they work independently.

To start with, L-Tyrosine has been used greatly in people who want to boost their attention and learning abilities. It is basically used to modulate the release of a neurotransmitter called dopamine.

Vinpocetine is used to help with smoother blood flow which helps SmartX Reviewswith reducing pains and swellings related to blood flow.

On top of that, it boost the memory as it also increases blood flow in your brain.

Huperzine A is taken from Huperzia seratta.

It is known to deal with memory loss and other brain related disorders like Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Bacopin, also called Bacopa moneirri has been known to boost abilities to think and learn, as well as improving the memory.

L-theanine and Caffeine have been used to boost the overall performance of the brain as well as concentration and focus.

Vitamin B6 and B12 have been added to help with the metabolism of the brain.

DHA is well known as a very great nutrient in the brain which helps it keep the fluidity of the brain intact. It also helps with proper brain function.


The most popular benefits SmartX has been found to bring include:

• Improved attention and focus

• Improved memory

• Increased blood flow

• Dealing with Alzheimer’s disease

• Soaring your abilities to learn

Side Effects

Some of the side effects that were noted across most of the users of SmartX are jitters, anxiety and diarrhea. Although diarrhea was for relatively few people.

Jitters are noted because of the high amount of caffeine used.

There are others who also complained of losing appetite.

Ideally, the best way to make the most of the product and reduce the chances of getting the side effects is visiting your doctor before you start using it.

Where to Buy SmartX Online

I always encourage folks to purchase the supplements they want to give a try from the main website of the actual product.

In this case, the best place to order your bottle(s) of SmartX is Cerebral Success ( This is perhaps the safest place.

You can also get it on Amazon. But compared to Amazon, the main site is way cheaper and safer. Although, I do trust Amazon, you can buy from the store if you were planning to do more shopping online. It is the best.

Buy SmartX from Amazon here

Buy SmartX from Cerebral Success here

And that is all about the SmartX supplement by Trevor Hiltbrand.


This product will work averagely for you. What the sales team for this product tell you is not what you actually get when you use it. So be wary.

If you want something that is sharp and really deep in quality effects when it comes to focus, you should consider using Nitrofocus.

It gets to the brain directly and makes your brain focus sharpened in a matter of minutes using special neuro-technology.

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If you want to know more about a particular aspect of it, you can always leave your comment below, I’d be happy to get back to you.


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