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Seeing White Light During Meditation – Strange Experiences Explained!


Meditation can be quite interesting at times and many people who meditate tend to have many unnatural experiences during their sessions.

There are people who claim to have visions, others, strange sensations and others report of seeing various lights of different white light experience when meditatingpatterns.

Among the lights, some people see swirling white lights or pulsating lights. This may get you, as the meditator, puzzled, excited or lost based on how you perceive them.

We will be focusing on the whole experience of white light, what it means and how you should see it so as to increase the value of your meditation while having this experience.

How The White Light is Experienced During Meditation

Meditation experiences vary with the meditators and the type of meditation you are doing. Many people who have had the white light experience explained it differently from one person to the other. Some tend to see a pure a white vibrating light coming upon them, absorbs them for a while and then it vanishes.

Some see light that seems to be white or yellowish and others have a deep experience of changing lights. When they get deep into meditation and as they proceed deeper, the color of the light changes from white to red to orange then to indigo or another color.

Other meditators say that there are huge balls of light that suddenly appear while a good number of other meditation enthusiasts say it is a small cluster of sparkling white lights. They come or run across their front and then disappear completely.

More to the lights, some have said to have heard strange sounds and sensations that really scared them, and the more they meditated, the clearer the experiences got.

These unexpected experiences have made a number of people become happy because they see them as good signs. On the other hand, others view them as bad signs and get afraid to continue with their meditation session and end up opening their eyes.

Many have said they actually concluded the session and went to think about what just happened.

What Research and Experts Say About The White Light Experience

There have been numerous suggestions about the possible cause of the appearance of lights during meditation. However, meditation and mental health experts have given 2 possible causes of the occurrence.

First, it could be the result of the opening of the “third eye”. In meditation, specifically chakra meditation, the third eye is one of the chakras (energy wheels) that are present in our bodies. And it is after frequent meditation for months or years that you get to activate the third eye.

Once it is opened, you are likely to have many experiences during meditation than you have had in the past. You may see white sparkles of light or you may even see different shapes and colors. A better explanation for this is using the mechanism of action of the brain, and focus on the conscious mind.

When your conscious mind is completely awake, you get to make it function at higher abilities than normal. The conscious mind creates mental images and experiences when you are alert, which explains the phenomenon during meditation.

Second, research studies have also explained the lights to be the same occurrence that happens when a person is deprived of external stimuli such as sound and sight for a prolonged period (1)(2).

These lights could be an indicator of the improved ability of the brain to form and rearrange synaptic connections in response to experience or learning.

How You Should Handle the White Light Experience When Meditating

Essentially, the occurrence of white light as you meditate should be viewed as a natural event that happens during meditation. And you should neither be fascinated nor confused by it.

It is something that will come around once in a while, not often. And if you concentrate on it, you are likely to lose focus on your practice which will in turn make you lose the value and essence of the practice.

That is why it is important not to dwell too much on the light. Simply acknowledge its presence as an event that happens while you are meditating and then direct your attention back to your session.

Meditation experts of various meditation schools have given different reasons for the occurrence of the lights during meditation, but they have all provided the same way of handling the experience.

That is, when the lights appear, accept them as part of your practice but do not spend a lot of time wanting to figure out if they are a good sign or not, or you will become distracted and wander away outside of the essence of meditation.

Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, said, “Be where you are, otherwise you will miss your life.”

Let them come and go on their own and do not assign any emotions or expectations to them or you will be disappointed and make your progress on meditation be slow.


2 thoughts on “Seeing White Light During Meditation – Strange Experiences Explained!

  1. Thank you for this wonderful article, since the COVID19 outbreak I have to admit that I have been meditating more and but not getting the results that I usually get. I have visions of people dying and how we are losing the battle with COVID19.

    I have never had the white light experience, but right now, I need it more than anything.

    I have a friend that has always said I need to open up my third-eye, I did not understand her at that time, but with the information given in this article, I am going to practice focusing on the conscious mind more to guide me through my meditations. Very informative and a great education for me to keep working on my meditation.


    1. Improve Your Brain Power Team says:

      Hallo there Bobby, 

      Thanks for stopping by.

      We understand what you are saying.

      The covid-19 pandemic has really affected the lives of so many people.

      And we are all worried about it all the time.

      However, meditation can help reduce the constant worries and concerns about it even as we follow what we have been advised by the health experts.

      Keep meditating and focusing on what your meditation type recommends and you will soon get it right.

      We wish you the best with your meditation.


      The IYBP Team

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