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Real Subliminal Store: Benefits, How to Use it, User Reviews & More


You are looking for a trustworthy and reliable store where you can find a collection of subliminal messages that can help in your personal development, right?

You may have heard about Real Subliminal as one of the viable options to go but I’m guessing that you are wondering if it really is a reliable store that you can get high-quality subliminal messages for different areas of your life, right?

Well, in my real subliminal review, I will be taking a comprehensive look into the store and will be addressing different aspects like how it works, what you get when you purchase their subliminal products, the cost, customer reviews, and more.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Name: Real Subliminal

Official Website:

Best Known For: Subliminal messages

Ratings: 80/100

What is Real Subliminal

This is a store that provides a vast collection of subliminal messaging audio products in CD and mp3 formats to help you improve different needing aspects of your life.

You get to buy different audios and mp3s for the specific areas you want to work on, and then go ahead and listen to them as you work on those areas.

There are over 200 subliminal products targeting various areas including positive thinking, health improvement, building confidence in sports performance, brain training, learning musical instruments, addiction, boosting creativity, sexual enhancement for both men and women, how to succeed in business, eliminating fear and personal development, just to name a few.

The resources are based on a mind improvement technique known as Subliminal Messaging where subliminal messages are used to change the beliefs and perceptions that you have built over the years which causes you problems.

Subliminal messages are quite a popular brain and self-improvement technique that has been found to have a positive effect on those who work with it in the long term.

How Real Subliminal Works

The audio resources you get from Real subliminal are meant for brain reprogramming.

Brain reprogramming basically means that you change your negative current beliefs about different things to much more positive ones to help you improve how you see and approach those things.

Through this reprogramming, you can do things such as lose weight, stop procrastination, attract more money, as well as stay motivated and focused on whatever you are doing.

Brain reprogramming here is made possible through subliminal learning.

Subliminal learning works by sending information directly to your unconscious mind. Once these messages are sent to your brain frequently, the outcome becomes the same thereby leading to a change in your self-beliefs.

When this is done consistently on your mind in larger and much more focused quantities, much more positive changes can be experienced in the area you are trying to improve.

Our beliefs, habits, and self-made concepts of life are stored in the subconscious mind and by targeting this part of the mind with subliminal messages, you are able to change the negative song that has been playing in your mind all this while and help you become more positive and able to overcome the negative effects in your life.

However, subliminal messages or subliminal learning doesn’t work just by listening to the audios you get from the Real subliminal store.

You have to make it work by also putting in physical effort towards the areas you are targeting.

For instance, if you are using subliminal messages on weight loss, you should aim to listen to them subliminal tracks and work out as well. If you are using subliminal tracks for overcoming fear, you should listen and then make an effort of facing your fears and overcoming them.

As humans, we like to find an easier way of doing ways without necessarily putting work but it’s important to note that, subliminal messaging may not work for you if you do not put in the effort to change whatever it is you want to change on, on the outside.

It is not an instant fix and so you must purpose and be committed to complementing subliminal effects with your personal effort so as to achieve what you want.

Ideally, subliminal messages act as fuel for doing the things you normally have a hard time with.

Subliminal messages can work through subliminal audios by using the audio tracks provided by the Real Subliminal store or by using subliminal visuals, or both.

Subliminal 360 software is an example of a subliminal based product that offers subliminal visuals as well as audios to help you have a much better experience with subliminal messages.

However, it is entirely up to you how you want to interact with subliminal messages as long as you use them consistently and follow that up with personal effort.

What is Included in the Store

1. Over 200 Subliminal Tracks

To start with, you get access to all their subliminal audios for different areas and you only need to choose the category that is related to the area you want to work in your life and then you narrow down to that specific area to get the specific track that best real subliminal store productsfits you.

All of their albums contain three 10-minute tracks that have nature or ocean sounds and once 10-minute silent track totaling 40 minutes of playtime.

They mostly use between 20-30 different positive affirmations which are well split between the first 3 tracks. Therefore, to get the most out of this, you are advised to listen to all the tracks 1-3 in full.

The 4th track, the silent track, also contains very key affirmations from the first ones and since they have been shortened you can listen to them anywhere without being distracted e.g when sleeping.

2. Provision For Creating Custom Subliminal Tracks

Other than the provided tracks, you still have the opportunity to create your very own subliminal tracks so that you can target more specific areas of your life and even get to use affirmations that have a deeper and more personal effect on you.

However, you should know that you can only get the customized tracks in mp3 format only and you cannot resell the tracks. You only get to use them for personal reasons only.

The store retains all the rights to the tracks you make but the good thing is that they also won’t sell them. The tracks are only yours and yours alone, for your own personal use.

3. A mobile App

There is also offer a mobile app that lets you access the resources offered by the store as well as the custom tracks. You can download it on your device and use it to access the tracks you have bought.

How to Use Real Subliminal Resources

Using The Subliminal Tracks

When it comes to listening to their albums, these are the instructions to follow:

Step 1. Choose the subliminal track(s) for the area you to improve

Step 2. Buy and download them instantly or request subliminal CDs to get them shipped to your home address

Step 3. Once you have received the tracks, go ahead and listen to them. Here is how you listen to them.

* Listen once per day while seated and relaxed.

* Listen whilst driving, exercising, or driving and in this case, you have to listen twice or thrice for the sake of consistency.

* Listen while you sleep too since the subconscious mind is more accessible at this time and so the subliminal messages will reach the mind much easier.

You are not limited to any time or place just use whichever method you are much more comfortable with and one that will see you benefit.

Creating Custom Subliminal Tracks

If you want to create your custom tracks, this is the process to follow:

– Decide the area you want to focus on with the custom tracks

– Head over to the custom tracks creation area on their website

– Choose a suitable title to show the main goal of your album.

– Write a script of subliminal messages or affirmations for that area while paying attention to your requirements. It is not that hard to do this step but if you need help, there is a customer support team to help you out through this process.

– Lastly, choose music from a wide variety e.g nature sounds, jazz or classical music. You will be provided with the different types of songs you could use.

After that, the custom tracks will be created and you will be notified when they are ready for you to use.

When it comes to experiencing improvements with the tracks, the time frame of seeing actual results will vary from person to person but a time frame of about 2 weeks has worked for most people and even faster for some people.

However, for those using albums that deal with deeper personal development issues, may take longer to see results because it takes time to deal with those deep negative issues that you have come to accept within yourself as true over the years.

Note also that their products are completely safe for children and will not do them any harm as they only use positive affirmations that won’t in any way enhance any negative behavior both in adults and kids.

The store guarantees your album maximum privacy and its contents will not be shared with anyone else neither can it be sold to other people

Working With The Mobile App

To use their mobile app, here is what you should do:

First register on the app.

Next, use the same email you used to register with to make your purchase so that your albums will load automatically to your library.

However, in the case that you use a different email address, make sure that you contact them so that they can add your albums to your app account.

Next, you can now download your albums to the app, select what you want to listen to, and press ‘play’.

You can then select the other tracks you would like to add to your playlist and press ‘add to queue’ to add the tracks to your playlist. Do this with every other track you wish to add.

Real Subliminal User Reviews

Here is what some people who have used subliminal tracks from the Real Subliminal store say about it (4).

“I am a core introvert and I was looking for such things that can help me out. I don’t really bother with my personality but sometimes I am the way to introvert which causes so much hassle for me and people around me.”

“So my dad bought this for me, the Mp3 messages from here are really effective along with soothing. It helped me in building my confidence and improve in my communication Along with that, the messages are really easy to listen to, it can be anywhere and anytime so yeah it’s good and people should try it out.”

Users have also said their ordering, delivery and general customer service is great.

Pros and Cons

The Pro’s

* The store has great subliminal products.

* Through their website they address key concerns about their products that you might have.

* They are well versed with subliminal information generally.

* Their products are safe to use by both adults and children.

* There is a full money-back guarantee

The Con’s

* They only use the English language so people that don’t know English well and need help with subliminal messages cannot get the help they need and cannot create custom subliminal tracks in any other language except English.

Real Subliminal Cost, Discounts and CDs Delivery

The cost of each subliminal mp3 track is $11.97 and each CD goes for $17.97.

The CDs are dispatched a day after you make your payment, from their distribution center in Nevada USA, Monday to Friday.

Their shipping is quite reliable because it takes 3-5 days within the USA and 7-14 days globally.

When it comes to their shipping costs you will be charged $1.99 for each CD.

You will receive a 10% discount if you buy 3 albums together, either in mp3 format or CD. You also get a 20% discount if you buy 5 albums and a 30% discount if you buy 10 albums.

The other good thing is that you get free shipping if you purchase 3 or more CDs at once.

It’s also worth noting that all their albums are recorded in English, so they recommend that you are conversant with the language a little bit to reap maximum benefits from the albums.

In the case that you are unhappy in any way with their products or don’t experience the change you would like, all you have to do is contact them and they will give you a full refund.

Order Your Real subliminal track here

That is all about Real Subliminal.

I hope this review has been useful and has answered the questions you had about this store.

If you have any other questions please leave them below and I will be glad to answer them as well. 🙂


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