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Piracetam Review: All The Essentials in a Brief!

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Looking for information on Piracetam? Look no further because this post has tackled all you want to know about the brain supplement.

It is great that you are digging deep on piracetam before getting it in your daily routine, it will help you determine if it really is your best fit.

In this brief but very deep Piracetam review, you will get to learn the following about the racetam; what Piracetam is, how exactly it works, dosage, benefits, customer reviews, the pro’s and con’s of using it, side effects, where to buy your bottle of it online and then my closing thoughts on it.

Without anymore delays, let’s get to learn more about it.piracetam from pure nootropics

Name: Piracetam

Best Place to Buy: www.purenootropics.net

Servings: 30 or 90 capsules 

Half Life: 4-5 hours

Ratings: 70/100

What Piracetam is

This is a nootropic in the racetam family that is used to boost cognitive function.

Its other names include memotopril, pyracetam, pyrrolidone acetamide, fezam with cinnarizine, 2-Oxo-pyrrolidine and UCB 6215 nootropic.

It was developed in 1964 by Cornelius E Giurgea in Belgium by a company called UCB pharma, and is a synthetic derivative of the GABA neurotransmitter.

Its legal status is as follows;

* In UK and Australia, it’s only available on prescription and can be legally imported for personal use.

* In the US, it is available but cannot be sold as a dietary supplement.

* In Canada, it cannot be legally sold but can be imported for personal use.

How It Works

Like a few other racetams, the mechanism of action in Piracetam is not quite clear but through research here is how the drug has been found to work by experts.

– It works by influencing blood flow in the brain thereby increasing oxygen flow more easily and with this, the memory is brain improvementimproved.

– It modulates glutamate receptors and thus improve synaptic plasticity which is responsible for learning and memory.

– It also works by influencing the acetylcholine levels through musuarinic cholinergic receptors which is important in having an enhanced cognitive function.

– Piracetam also influences the permeability of neurons found in the brain, therefore allowing nutrients to enter much easily and cause toxins to be removed.

Benefits of Piracetam

* Improve Cognition. This is especially with people that are experiencing degenerative diseases and also elderly people.

Piracetam helps improve the way their brain works help them become more productive.

However, if you are healthy, Piracetam will also help you in cognition, so don’t worry.

You could use it to boost your general brain cognition and to perform your tasks in a much better way.

* Improve Memory. This is the number one reason why most people purchase Piracetam. That tells you that it really does work in improving your memory.

*Helps With Anxiety. Piracetam mostly helps with social or generalized anxiety but for severe cases this drug should not be Aniracetam vs Piracetam anxietysolely depended on.

It’s good that you work with Aniracetam, or in extremely serious cases, seek professional help.

* Protects the brain from aging. Piracetam will protect your brain from the decline of the neurons located in the brain.

So, to protect your brain from aging which causes ailments in the brain, you could use Piracetam.

* Boost Sensory Perception. Although there hasn’t been enough clinical research to prove this, Piracetam could help improve sensory perception by increasing the levels of acetylcholine.

Video Review

Here is a helpful video that you can watch on this racetam. It handles how piracetam feels (at 07:04), clinical studies (at 08:33) and more. It is long but quite valuable. Enjoy. 🙂

People’s Reviews on Piracetam

Below is what people who have used the drug were saying about it.

Positive Reviews

* A customer said that she has been using the drug and noticed some improvement in productivity and did not experience any side effects.

* There was also a person that said the drug really improved his memory.

* Another person said that the drug has really helped her improve in sleep and mood and is glad to have discovered it.

* Another one said that the racetam really works.

* Another person said that the drug made him despise taking alcohol.

Negative Reviews

* A person said he stopped taking the nootropic because its effects are quite inconsistent.

* Another person said the drug really did not do much for him.

Generally, the user reviews gave mixed reactions, but many of them are those from people who got good results with it.

Therefore how well the drug works for you can only be determined by giving it a try, although there are high chances of it working well.

How To Take Piracetam

Here is how you should take this supplement:piracetam dosage

  • For Children: 40-100mg
  • For Adults: 1200mg 

Maximum dosage: 1600 mg taken three times a day which totals to 4800mg.

How to Stack Piracetam

You can also stack the drug in the following ways for better results:

* With choline sources such as citicoline or Alpha GPC, one time per day, to avoid the depletion of acetycholine which could cause fogginess and headaches.

* With other racetams such as Aniracetam to boost memory, creativity and mood much better using four parts piracetam and one part aniracetam, one to two times a day.

The Side Effects

These are mostly mild because the drug is safe to take and is well tolerated in most cases.

* Headaches

* Insomnia

* Muscle spasms

* Weight gain

* Diarrhoea

* Drowsiness

* Hyperactivity

Pro’s and Con’s

The Pro’s

* Piracetam is safe to take and is well tolerated.Phenylpiracetam pro's

This means that there are no adverse risks associated with taking the drug and if there are side effects for some, they are mild.

* Absorbed quickly in the body.

* It boosts memory really well among other things in the body.

The Con’s

* It has an awful taste. However, just endure the taste or take candy afterwards to help with that.

* Takes a little bit of time before the full effects can be experienced.

* Not available in most supplement stores.

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Where To Buy Piracetam

You can order your bottle of Piracetam at Pure Nootropics store.

This is one of my favorite supplement stores which have gained quite some reputation and trust from many brain enthusiasts.

The store does 3rd party testing for all their products and they also have a 30 days money back guarantee.

The store is also FDA approved which means they follow all the guidelines provided by the body when it comes to quality and safety.

Buy Piracetam from Pure Nootropics Here

My Closing Thoughts on Piracetam

I think this is a good nootropic and if used in the right way could be useful, most especially with memory.

For this reason, I recommend it to you.

It is really worth the try!

Just ensure you follow the recommended dose as directed. 

Also, it’s wise to inform your doctor before incorporating it in your routine, so that you can be advised on the way forward.

And that is all about Piracetam.

If you have any questions or comments on this product, feel very free to write them below and I will get back to you the soonest. Mostly in a few hours, or even minutes.

I hope I have been useful to you on this topic. Let me know below.

It’s been wonderful sharing this with you. 🙂


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