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Name: Pinky and The Brain

Genre : Comedy

Created by : Tom Ruegger

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Voices of: Maurice LaMarche
Rob Paulsen

Theme music composer : Richard Stone

Opening theme “Pinky and the Brain” performed by: Jess Harnell
Dorian Harewood
Jim Cumming
Rob Paulsen

Composer(s): Richard Stone
Steven Bernstein
Julie Bernstein
Gordon Goodwin
Carl Johnson

Country of origin: United States

No. of seasons : 4

No. of episodes: 65 ( list of episodes)

Executive producer(s): Steven Spielberg

Producer(s) : Tom Ruegger
Liz Holzman
Charles M. Howell IV.
Peter Hastings
Rusty Mills

Running time : 7, 11, or 22 min

What It Is

Pinky and the Brain is an American animated television series .

It was the first animated television series to be presented in Dolby Surround and the fourth collaboration of Steven Spielberg with his production company, Amblin Television , and produced by Warner Bros.

The characters first appeared in 1993 as a recurring segment on Animaniacs .

It was later picked up as a series due to its popularity, with 65 episodes produced.

Later, they appeared in the series Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain.

Pinky and the Brain was inspired by the strange personalities of two producers of Tom Ruegger ‘s earlier show Tiny Toon Adventures , Eddie Fitzgerald and Tom Minton , respectively.

Ruegger wondered what would happen if Minton and Fitzgerald tried to take over the world.

This series is purely entertaining for kids, it also includes a wide variety of in-jokes, movie spoofs, and outrageous dialogue that only older viewers can truly appreciate.

It’s all innocent fun, but if you watch and listen closely, you’ll quickly realize that the writers and first-rate voice cast were having the time of their lives, inventing absurd plots and one-liners purely for their own creative pleasure.

What The Series Talks About.

Pinky and the Brain are two laboratory mice living at Acme Labs whose genes have been spliced.

The Brain is a genius, whereas Pinky is quite insane.

Before each night is done they come up with a plan before the dawning of the sun to take over the world.

Their twilight campaign is easy to explain In order to prove their mousy worth they’ll overthrow the Earth.

On one or two occasions he actually succeeded in taking over the world(brain), but due to some issues he always went back to the drawing board.

Due to said mature humor, the WB actually gave the show a primetime slot for a time during their Sunday Night runs.

However,due to Executive Meddling , the show was eventually turned into Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain — curiously premiering when several episodes of the original still had yet to air and thus briefly airing concurrently.


a) The Brain
The Brain (voiced by Maurice LaMarche ) looks and sounds a little like Orson Welles .

Brain actually crosses paths with Welles (voiced by Jim Cummings ), who is working as a busboy in a Hollywood restaurant; they find themselves inadvertently yelling in unison, “Things will be different when I take over the world!” In “Project B.R.A.I.N.” Brain’s name is the backronym for the project: “Biological Recombinant Algorithmic Intelligence Nexus”.

His tail is curly and bent he often uses it to pick the lock of the cage and his head is large and wide, housing his abnormally large brain.

He is highly intelligent and develops complex plans for global domination using politics, cultural references, and his own inventions toward his goal.

He seems coldly unemotional.

Brain has a sense of humor and has even fallen in love; with Trudie in the episode “The Third Mouse” and with Billie in “The World Can Wait”.

Due to his stature Brain has been compared to and a pop culture depiction of
Napoleon Bonaparte .

According to the creators, Brain wants to take over the world not for the sake of being a dictator, like his rival Snowball, but because he believes that he could do a much better job of it than the people currently in charge.

Brain has even helped save the world by doing everything in his power to prevent Snowball’s evil schemes, knowing that a world under Snowball’s rule would be the worst-case scenario.


Pinky (voiced by Rob Paulsen) is another genetically modified mouse who shares the same cage as Brain at Acme Labs.

Pinky’s appearance is the complete opposite of Brain’s—while Brain is short, has a crooked tail and pink eyes, and speaks in a deeper, more eloquent manner.

Pinky has a straight tail, blue eyes, and a severe overbite, is taller than the Brain, and speaks in a higher pitched voice with a Cockney accent .

Pinky’s name was given to him by Brain himself when insulting the two scientists responsible for their gene splicing while talking to himself.

Pinky is more open-minded, kinder, and happier than Brain.

Troubles never ruin his day, arguably because he is too scatter-brained to notice them.

He steadfastly helps Brain toward world domination, even though Brain usually berates, belittles, and abuses him.

Pinky actually seems to enjoy this, laughing after he is hit. He is obsessed with spending a lot of time watching television in the lab .

Pinky often points out flaws in the Brain’s plans, which the Brain consistently ignores.

The issues Pinky brings up can ironically lead to the downfall of the given night’s plot.

He is also arguably Brain’s moral compass and only real friend.

Pinky also has shown signs of intelligence despite his supposed childish stupidity.

c)Snowball the hamster

(voiced by Roddy McDowall ) is Brain’s former friend who was also made intelligent by gene splicing and has a similar desire for which Pinky and the Brain are sometimes forced to stop.

d)Billie (voiced by Tress MacNeille )

is a female mouse and another result of gene splicing. She is smarter than Brain and also has the goal of world domination. Though Brain loves her, she fancies Pinky. In the episode “You’ll Never Eat Food Pellets In This Town Again”, it is revealed that Brain is married to Billie (who in real life is Sheila, and hates playing Billie), who pretty much only agreed because he’s famous, and eventually kicks him out and makes Brain live in his restaurant. It is later revealed that the events were just a dream.

e)Pharfignewton (voiced by Frank Welker) is a racing mare , with whom Pinky falls in love.

f)Larry (voiced by Billy West ) is a white mouse who was created as a response to demands from Kids WB executives to include additional characters on the show.His presence is sporadic as the writers of the show believed that including an additional character would ruin the chemistry between Pinky and The Brain, as they worked best as a comedy duo, and a third character would therefore be out of place and unnecessary to the plot.

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My Thoughts.

I think this is a great series for both kids and adults.

I however think that some of the topics on the series would be difficult for small children to understand.


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