Peak Brain Perfomance Trainer Review –

Are you looking for something that can help you to change your mood to a state of happiness and help you enhance memory ,success and health?

And i know you are wondering what the peak brain happiness trainer is and if it can do all that i mentioned there above right?

Well, look no further because in this review i will explain what it is ,how it works ,cost,benefits, what is included ,how to use it as well as my personal thoughts about this amazing product.

With that said, lets get started on the peak brain happiness trainer.

Name: peak brain performance trainer
Author:Jonathan Cowan,Ph.D,BCIAC
Best known for: helping people enhance their mood,memory,success and health
Rating: 90-100%

What Peak Happiness Trainer is.

Definition: this is a technological device that improves brain function for better focus ,memory, mood ,happiness and less stress.

This device provides a long lasting help with a variety of problems,that affect human beings in their day to day lives for example,stress among others.

This device is a complete training system for :

*enhancing feelings of happiness,gratitude,satisfaction and peace.

*decreasing stress.

*training better focus and memory for best performance.

*increasing awareness and mindfulness.

This device is essential because learning to monitor and create our own happiness is the fundamental basis for feeling good about our life and situation.

This wireless system is designed for individual use ,general public or professional use by performance ,trainers ,therapists ,coaches ,sport psychologists and counsellors.

The company behind this product is called NeuroTek, LLC , d/b/a Peak Achievement Training ®.

It was founded in the year 1993 however in 1997, it developed new technology to address an unfulfilled market for peak performance training products meeting price and performance requirements.

The founder as i mentioned earlier on is Jonathan Cowan and is a well known and respected researcher and pioneer in interactive performance enhancement training .

He is a peak performance specialist that understands that Neuro video feedback ™ technology has the ability to improve people’s lives by increasing their focus and decreasing stress.

He earned his PhD from the university of California San Francisco where he worked with Dr Joe Kamiya ,the discoverer of brainwave biofeedback .

Dr. Cowan is committed to making this powerful technology widely available for consumer,professional and Institutional use.

Based on the research i have done there are people that have used this device and according to them,it has helped them live their lives much better .

How it Works.

This device works by detecting brain waves called Neureka related to this experiences showing them to you and then teaching you on how to increase them.

What are these Neureka brain waves?

Neureka is the brainwave signature for the good feeling we get when we learn something new.

A special protocol in the trainer processes the brainwave information from the sensors on your head and show the level of neureka on the PC screen to train you to be happier ,healthier and more successful.

When subjects learned how to improve their neureka they were happier by 30% .
Studies now show that present happiness predicts future health therefore i think ot is safe to say that this is a way to enhance general wellness of people and promote longevity.

The package includes three DVDs and two CDs that are specifically selected to train your mood to the right direction.

You simply play them on your large screen on the right of your computer’s screen .

As you begin to feel better the display gets larger and music will be louder.

With these instant feedback about your feelings you will be able to enhance them by directly activating the part of your brain that produces these feelings the Prefrontal Pleasure Centre.

The results with out a doubt a very long lasting.


I was not able to find out how much it costs but for you to find out on pricing you have to first sign up or call them on the numbers they provide at their website .

What is included.

Special propriety biofeedback protocols with screens and sounds that respond to your brainwaves.

Special bonuses on the installation discs.

A quick guide to doing sessions.

Support by email and phone

Two detailed manuals(PDF files ) including lesson plans.

An internal battery that will run for 4-6 hours .

Three dry sensors which make training very convenient.

The lightweight ,comfortable Brain Link Pro.

Wireless blue tooth transmitter.

Training videos to simplify the process step by step.

Benefits of the Peak Achievement Brain Trainer.

It is very comfortable and has a lightweight.

It is well tested.

You can start to understand and control the results in less than two minutes of training .

It is ideal for group training and clinician’s home rental programme.

It is a unique combination of hardware and software with specialized methods.

How To Use This Device

The device comes with two detailed manuals that will guide you on how to use the device.

I prefer that you read them so that you don’t miss out in any way on information on how to use the product and also for best results.

My Thoughts About This Product.

I think that the peak brain happiness trainer is a good product and you should consider purchasing it if you really want to enhance your mood ,health and success.

I mean it definitely speaks for itself,the company is world class,the founder is a well renowned researcher in this field and plus the evidence by the people that have used this product saying how it has helped them lead healthier and happier lives.

Its good to note that for good results you could consider purchasing separately this device together with a Mood Elevator that helps you lift your moods and a Timer that reminds you every few minutes to remain happy .

The decision is however yours to make whether to or not purchase this device.


I hope you found this review helpful to you and i hope that you found it educative .

I have tried to give you this information to my level best and in case i left something out please feel free to add it in the comment section as well as any questions.

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