1. Johann

    Hi, in your experience are the effects permanent? Or does continued use make it permanent? If so can you recommend tracks that have a permanent effect on you besides paraliminals? Thanks!

    • Hey Johann,

      The more you use the paraliminals the stronger the effect you will feel, and the longer the effects will be. So you have to use them on a continuous basis to find them really useful.

      Besides paraliminals, I would recommend you use subliminal guru store that uses subliminal messages or hypnosis live store that uses hypnosis. These are my personal best stores to help rewire the subconscious mind.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

      • Johann

        I have tried Hypnosis Live before and I can feel they’re great. Is it really true that listening to the tracks for 21 days straight make it permanent? thanks for the advice!

        • Hey Johann,

          The effects are much stronger in you when you use them as often as possible.

          When you use them for 3 weeks, you are surely going to feel a long lasting effect. But the benefits can only be completely permanent in you if you focus your mind on the actual aspect you were using hypnosis for and can remember what the sessions tell you to do.

          Ideally, there are 3 things that can make the effects permanent in you, and they are doing the sessions with full concentration, believing what you are listening and visualization of the picture drawn in your mind throughout the day.

          If you do this for 3 straight weeks and then you drop the sessions and keep doing visualization, they can be permanent depending on the intensity of your visualization

          Hope this helps. 🙂

  2. Johann

    Wow, that is intense. So, it can really be permanent if you really put your mind to it and if you really put in the effort. That sounds.. meticulous but it’s worth doing a try for 3 weeks if you have time and patience. Thanks for the reply! It really opened up some new realizations for me.

    • You are always welcome Johann,

      And yes, you really have to put your mind into it. That’s the secret behind it.

      Am always here if you need help with brain stuff. 🙂

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