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Oxiracetam vs Aniracetam – Oxiracetam is Great But…

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Do you want to be sure which supplement, Oxiracetam vs aniracetam, is the best? You want a well detailed analysis of the two products, isn’t it?

Well, my quick comparison will be looking at both the supplements Oxiracetam vs Aniracetamusing the factors most buyers put into consideration as they pick their preferred supplements.

I believe this quick read will give you the insight that you need to help get the perfect fit for you without a shadow of a doubt.

In any case you get something you feel you want to know more of, am always here. Just ask the question in the comments below and I will answer it as soon as I possibly can. Okay?

Great! Let’s get right into the comparison.

Oxiracetam vs aniracetam – Brief Introduction

Aniracetam and Oxiracetam are both powerful supplements. They belong to a class called the racetams. The first racetam to hit the market was piracetam, from which the two other came.

These two products are way more potent than piracetam even aniracetam capsulesthough they are not really regarded as such. Almost anyone who has tried any of them beside piracetam has clearly seen the significant difference.

Starting with Oxiracetam, it has become quite popular in increasing alterness, motivation, sensory perception, thinking abilities, attention and enhancing the memory.

It hasn’t gotten an approval from USDA yet but it has been widely been used by Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss sufferers.

Coming to aniracetam, it has gained reputation in treating anxiety and stress, increasing focus and motivation, boosting creative skills, increasing the retention capacity of your memory, bringing good moods and bettering your vision.

Let’s get to know more of each.

Aniracetam vs Oxiracetam – Dosage and Effect

Oxiracetam works optimally with a dosage of 600mg to 2400mg every day. But it is best if you divided the doses to about 3 a day. There are others who find 400mg good too, but they are very few.

Oxiracetam capsulesThe best place to start is 600mg and increase the dosage with time as you get more used to it. The effects will start to be felt within an hour of taking. And they will be sticking around for about 7 to 8 hours.

With aniracetam, the best dosage is 750mg to 1500mg which can also be spread through the day. This means taking 750mg dose once, three times a day.

The effects you get start heating up after 30 minutes, which is faster than oxiracetam. But its half life is shorter as it goes to about 1 hour to 3 hours.

Oxiracetam vs aniracetam – Side Effects

Oxiracetam has got only one side effect if used as directed. And that is a mild headache which is only for those people who fall short of choline.

If you notice this, you should consider stacking it with a choline supplement like CDP Choline. If overdosed, oxiracetam can bring side effects like indigestion, insomnia, gastric bypass problems and restlessness.

Also, don’t take it a few hours before sleeping as it may interfere with your normal sleeping patterns.

No side effects are seen with moderate doses of aniracetam. But if you take extremely high doses of it, you are likely to experience diarrhea, vertigo, insomnia, anxiety and nausea.

When you are taking this supplement for the first time, you are also likely to note a bit of mental fogginess which won’t last long.

Oxiracetam vs aniracetam – Price

Oxiracetam is sold at different prices in different stores. But the Aniracetam vs Oxiracetam coststore I have come to trust called Absorb Your Health, it is priced at $37.99.

This store is one of the cheapest out there. And I love them because of their reliable support and high quality products, it is great!

Anyways, that is the cost of 600mg of a bottle of 100 oxiracetam capsules.

Aniracetam, in the same store goes for $27.99 which is a bit cheaper. For this much, you get a 750mg bottle with 100 capsules of aniracetam. Looking at it fairly, Oxiracetam can be a wise pick considering the half life.

Oxiracetam vs aniracetam – Health Benefits

The health benefits you take from oxiracetam are increasing vividness, boosting mental and physical energy, enhancing critical thinking, improving your memory, hiking your abilities to learn and boosting concentration and focus.

Benefits of aniracatam include better vision, low levels of anxiety and stress, more motivation and focus, elevating your creative skills, increasing the retention of your memory and improving your moods.

So they are almost the same, with just few differences. Although when it comes to dealing with anxiety and stress, as well as adding to your motivation and focus, aniracetam is certainly the best.

Final Verdict!

Overall, both supplements are great considering the benefits they bring. They have a good reputation in the market and most people use them daily. But since we need to settle on one of them, we have to make a decision.

So which one is the best?

If you want a supplement for better cognitive performance, that will give you quicker effects and will last for a short while without interfering with your normal routine, aniracetam is the product for you.

It lasts for about 3 hours and gets up and running in just 30 minutes. It is safe to say it is sort of a quick fix.

But if you wish to get something that will take a bit longer to kick in and take even longer in effect, then oxiracetam can be a good one for you.

However, you can stack them up and use them at different times. It is completely safe to do that.

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And that is as far as the comparison goes.

If you wish to ask a question, or leave a comment, feel free to do it in the comments section below. I’ll be on it as soon as possible.


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  1. Hey, thanks for the thorough comparison. It is exactly what I was looking for.

    I will try out and see how well it works for me.

    I really appreciate the way you have done a proper analysis of every aspect of the two products. It has really gone a long way in helping me make my final decision. 

    Good day.

    1. You are welcome Selina,

      Glad to hear that you found the post helpful.

      We have done many other similar comparisons that we would encourage you to look at.

      Just look through the comparisons categories and you’ll see them.

      Have a lovely day as well. 🙂

  2. Awesome article,the benefits of using these supplements are numerous,I thinks it depends on the need of the buyers and their favorite,even taste also could be the factor which will compel someone to buy a product that has same value with another product,for me I would prefer Aniracetam based on the functions I read about with the price affordability,thank you for sharing this helpful write-up.

    1. You are welcome Abayomi, 

      Always a pleasure to help. 🙂

  3. Thank you for breaking it down between Oxiracetam and Aniracetam. I have been considering taking cognitive supplements for sometimes now. Just to see if my performance and focus will be better or not but there are many in the market. Thanks for the clarification. I think Aniracetam will fit into my lifestyle. 

    1. You are welcome Nuttanee, 

      Be sure to let us know how Aniracetam works out for you.

      We’ll be waiting for your feedback very soon.


  4. Hi Dave! I hadn’t read anything before were these two were being compared and I found your post very useful. I prefer a slower but more endurable effect so I incline the balance towards Oxiracetam. Thank you for enabling us to make well informed decisions. Comparing health benefits, price and side effects has given me a broader view.

    1. You are welcome Henry, 

      Thanks too for dropping by and for your thoughts.

      Be sure to let us know Oxiracetam works for you.

      We will be waiting to hear your feedback on them.

      Have a fantastic day!

  5. Thanks for the review of the two supplements: Oxiracetam vs Aniracetam which can improve brain power. 

    I was actually searching for a good supplement to give me quicker better cognitive performance even if it doesn’t last for a very long time. So I think that your analysis shows that Aniracetam will be my choice. 

    Thanks for this product review comparing two useful supplements.

    1. You are welcome Chris, 

      Glad to hear that the post was helpful.

      Please be sure to share your experience with Aniracetam after a while.

      Have a great day!

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