1. Chase

    80 out of 100? This program seems so cool. I really wonder what program might receive a 100! One time in high school, a friend of mine showed me something like this (I think) that used brain waves to control a function in a program. I was floored. And I’ve always wanted one. I never knew it could improve your brain waves though – but one question: do you have any recommendations for the actual acquisition device? I really want to buy one, but have no idea where to look. Thank you so much!

    • Dave

      Hey Chase, 

      I suggest you contact the support team of openvibe. They will surely help you get one. I also recommend you try out Muse Headsensing Headband, if you really love brain stuff. 

      It’s the best neurofeedback device on the market right now. You are going to love it.

      Cheers 🙂

  2. Jamie Clay

    Hi Oscar!

    I don’t think I would purchase this software because there is no About me page of the creators.

    That concerns me and makes me suspicious.

    I’ve never thought about using a technology like this to improve my mental state. I do however play brain games.

    What makes this different than the brain games that are on the market?

    • Dave

      Hey Jamie,

      Brain games are great because they help target certain areas of the mind like focus, concentration and reason but when it comes to the overall results that the games and open vibe brings, the latter is far better than brain games.

      Open vibe will benefit your brain more on the long term than playing brain games would. 🙂

  3. Tim

    That is really cool! I knew about devices that measure brain signals but to have a program so well thought out and put together, such as the BCI program, for free is really an amazing thing! I just love futuristic technology like this. The many applications this technology could be used in promises a very fun filled future, coming soon.

    I’ll try it out and see how great it works for my brain. Thanks again.


  4. Tyler Redlev

    This is actually game channging!! I’ve been searching out material related to brainwaves and mental health. Great that I’ve come across your site..

    Can you relate this method to the bineural beats effect?? There was a time when the famous “Gates of Hades” bineural beat spread out to all internet. There were people freaking out!!

    • Dave

      Hey Tyler,

      I am glad you have value from my post. Brainwave sure does come in handy as it really helps us change mental states we don’t find good at any moment. And that is what Binaural beats do.

      Speaking of binaural beats, I would like to talk a bit of The Gates of Hades. The thing is, that track was mainly aimed at getting people into the deep horrific mental states that makes you experience a state of immense fear, horror and even give you the illusion of death, and even a slight experience of it.

      But not all beats are like that. The Gates of Hades, as the name hints, was a track that was meant for people who like scary things and who would like to take them to their ultimate extremes. But people misunderstood it and thought all brainwave entrainment tracks are like that.

      Moving onto your next question, brainwave entrainment and open vibe are related. See, brainwave entrainment tracks are made using EEG machines that track the activity of your brainwaves. Then tracks with frequencies that are able to change your mental states are made to help change the states you don’t like.

      Now open vibe is an eeg software that helps with monitoring your brainwave activity and showing you the actual activity on a screen. This is called Neurofeedback, and is closely linked to brainwave entrainment.

  5. Eli

    Hey there, 

    Thank you for the detailed info on open vibe. I haave heard really great things about and decided to learn more about it so that I can see if it makes a good fit for me. Turns out it does!

    I like brain stuff and free stuff, and all these have been combined in the software, so it’s really something I cannot miss out on. Thank again.

    • Dave

      Hey Eli, 

      I have seen you like free stuff and brain stuff as well. Right? Well that makes two of us. 🙂

      Do give it a go and see how powerful it can be for you. 


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