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Onnit Total Human Review: Best Nootropic in 2019?

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Hello guys and welcome to this review!

Am sure you would like to sleep better, stay focused and generally perform your best in terms of cognition, isn’t it?

I also know that you have discovered the Onnit Total Human supplement pack and would like to find out if it really does what it promises, right?

Well, in this onnit total human review, we will be tackling all the important details about the supplement such as what the supplement is really about, how the pack works, the benefits, dosage, the best place to order, side effects, the pro’s and con’s and my closing thoughts on it.onnit total human supplement review

So, let’s get rolling right away.

Name: Onnit Total Supplement Pack

Best Place to Buy: www.onnit.com

Ratings: 7/10

What Onnit Total Human Supplement Pack is All About

This is a combination of supplements that help you achieve optimal cognitive performance, sleep better, boost your energy and keep your health levels high.

The supplement pack has been formulated using the best naturally occurring nutrients and ingredients to help you stay healthy.

Total human has two packs, the day and night packs which help give you optimum effects when you need them.

– The Day Pack helps you remain focused, boosts your energy and also ensure that your energy is supported throughout the day.

– The Night Pack, on the other hand, helps you sleep better after a long day and nourish your body so that you are fresh and energized when you wake up.

Aubrey Marcus is the founder of the Onnit company. He created the company with the intent to help people easily get important nutrients and vitamins that will help them perform at their best.

The company has actually grown to be quite famous especially because of their highly effective brain supplements like Alpha Brain, New Mood and Shroom Tech, to name a few.

When it comes to nootropics, it is among the top online stores in the industry.

How The Onnit Total Human Supplement Works

The two supplements that come with it have been formulated in a unique way to serve the right purpose at the right time of the day.how total human supplement works

They have also been infused with amazing minerals, vitamins, herbs and aminoacids to help you achieve optimal cognitive performance and also stay healthy.

That is why once you take these supplements, you will remain focused, sleep well, stay in a good mood as well as have healthy and strong bones.

They work to provide you with bettering your whole health in general! 

The combination of the 2 packs, as well as the ingredients used to make them, makes for an enhanced mind as well as good health levels throughout.

Benefits of Total Human Supplement

1. Helps you sleep better

Sleep is essential for the brain to function at its maximum.

So, to find a supplement that helps you sleep better is amazing because sometimes it can be hard to get sleep.

Good sleep equals reduced stress, improved memory, reduced risk of depression and so many other benefits.

2) Help boost cognitive functiononnit total human supplement night pack

Cognitive function encompasses important things such as memory, attention and reasoning.

All these are very crucial in everyone and that is why Onnit total Supplements come in handy because they boost cognition and help you function better, thus retain information much better, remain focused and even reason more appropriately.

3. Provide the body with the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

With this, you are able to perform the way you really should, generally, and also stay healthy.

How To Take The Supplements

During the day: One Packet A Day which has 8 capsules.

During the Night: 8 capsules

However, I would strongly encourage you to visit your doctor before taking them to advise you further on how to take the supplements based on your specific health status. This will help you ensure that you get good results.

Side Effects

There are no common side effects noted with the supplements. So I can’t list any.

However, you should note that you may have side effects based on your current health condition and other factors revolving around you, individually.

This means you will want to be careful with how you take them. Be sure to consult with your doctor and follow the recommended dose to avoid the effects of overdosing.

The ingredients used are mostly natural so the side effects are really mild.

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Pro’s and Con’s 

The Pro’s 

* The supplements provide the body with nutrients and vitamins needed at each time of the day.

* The supplements are very effective. They actually work as they should if taken the right way and also at the right time.

* They are readily available for customers.

* They are formulated using natural ingredients therefore the risks of side effects is reduced.

* They are legitimate products made by a well known legitimate company.

The Con’s

* The supplements are a bit expensive.

* Too many ingredients have been used (although this also explains why they are quite effective)

Where To Buy Onnit Human Supplement

You can get it from the company’s website, which is www.onnit.com.where to buy total human onnit

This is the store where you can also get other of Onnit’s top brain products like the ones I mentioned as well as others like Vitamin D3 spray, Krill oil.

It actually has other products you might find useful, so do check them out if you have the time.

Also, you can buy from www.amazon.com if you had the plans to buy products online in bulk. You will have an easy time ordering since you can order them all together.

Buy Total Human From Amazon.com Here

Customers Reviews on The Product

The reviews on this product varied from person to person depending on how the product worked for each person.

Here is a glimpse of what people thought of the product:

Positive Reviews

This is what those who loved it had to say:

* Works if consistently used.Phenylpiracetam pro's

* Good product but a little bit pricey.

* Helps with sleep and remaining focused.

* The supplements are worth it.

* Supplements are highly recommended.

Negative Reviews

And here is what those who complained about it weren’t happy with:

* Company does not give feedback to customers.

* Products are overpriced.

 Video Reviews

Here is a video on onnit that will shed more light on it for you. Enjoy. 🙂

My Closing Thoughts

Onnit Human Supplement is a great supplement and has proven to work well if taken the right way.

I therefore recommend you give it a try.

It is a legitimate product made by a company that has been in business for a good time now and has built a huge reputation over the period it has been operating.

So its safety shouldn’t be a concern.

And that is all about Onnit human supplement.

I hope I have answered all the questions you might have had about it.

However, if you have any other questions or comments on this product, you can write them below and I will get back to you in a few minutes or hours. (Basically, before this day ends)

Looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂


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