1. AJ

    I have to say this is very interesting. The fact that it can bring down levels of stress by brain wave activity is phenomenal. I think we are just touching the surface on this stuff, but this product sounds 100% accurate. I’ve experienced similar programs like this, but this looks to be the number 1 thing out there. Thank you.

  2. Ann

    This Neurofield software looks like an interesting concept. Software that works with the activity of brainwaves to reduce levels of stress in the body and brain.
    The mind/body connection is becoming more recognized, particularly with regard to chronic health conditions.
    Are there any specific health conditions it has proven useful for?
    Are there any supportive studies of using this particular neurofeedback method?

    • Dave

      Hey Ann, 

      Neurofield can be used in treating adhd, anxiety and depression, autism, aspergers, addiction and many others. Ideally, anything related to a certain brain disorder.

      As for research studies, This research resource  will be of good help to you. 

  3. ValerieJoy

    That’s great information about Neurofield software. I have never heard of using software for the brain, other than under medical supervision.

    It is amazing how technology has moved forward to the degree that this type of brain stimulation can be used independent of medical help.

    Well, I could probably do with using this Neurofield software if it were to give me the means to find inspiration and creativity. However, I feel it probably comes at a high price which is something to be considered.

    Thank you very much Dave for the opportunity to learn more about modern technology.

    • Dave

      Hey Valerie, 

      It sure does come with a hefty price. Neurofeedback softwares like these are super expensive. If you would like almost similar brain training results, I would recommend you use neurofeedback headsets like Muse.

      They also come in handy.

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