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Reading mind is something only possible in the fiction movies you say, I tell you are wrong, understanding your mind, using it and making it work can tremendously improve the way your mind works and this is possible through a device that can read you mind hypothetically.

If at all you are on this review then you must have heard of NeuroSky MindWave Headset and you would like to know more about it, well and good as I am going to tell you everything about it from how they work, the cost, discounts if at all there any to help you determine if this is what you need to train your brain.

If I do leave out anything that is of concern to you about the product you can always get back to me via the comment section below and I will get back to you and hook you up with the necessary information.

Great! Now lets get down to business.
Name: NeuroSky MindWave Headset
Best Place to Buy:

Owner: NeuroSky
Field: Personal Development
Rankings: 95 out of 100

What is NeuroSky MindWave Headset ?

This is a headset that reads your brain waves and uses the information to control a whole lot of applications, when connected to compatible apps, it can perform numerous tasks from watching movies to playing simple games.

It is manufactured by NeuroSky a company based in the US, silicon valley that was formulated in 2004, the company mostly focuses on making innovative biosensors, for use as electroencephalogram EEG biosensors.

It has produced hundreds of breakthroughs to see the production of low cost or affordable consumer level brain monitoring techniques, they also concern themselves with electrocardiogram ECG biosensors that assist various parties in the development of solutions that can be used to monitor and make analysis of many cardio bio-signals for consumer wearable.

How it the Nuerosky MindWave Works?

In its design it looks like any other headset except for that it does not have speakers there is an ear clip that extends on the left side, that attaches to one’s earlobe, the reference of the headset and the ground electrodes are located on the ear clip, there is an adjustable arm going upfront to the fore head that has an attached sensor which is known as the EEG electrode.

It is a simple design that feels surprisingly comfortable when you are wearing it; it is perfectly fitting therefore no itching or fatigue associated with having them on.

Neurosky mind wave has a weight of 90 grams which is pretty light you might even forget you are wearing it at all, has sensor arm going up measuring a height of 255 mm by a width of 155 mm by a depth of 92 mm, the sensor arm headed down has a height of 255mm by a width of 155 mm by a depth of 165 mm.

It is powered by triple AAA batteries with up to 8 hours of battery life, they are not rechargeable.

You can set up the device via Bluetooth to an android or IOS devices for android it has to be 2.3 or later and for iOS has to be 8 or later, alternatively you could use a desktop computer or a Mac running the latest operating system in windows has to be from XP to a later version for Mac OSX 10.8 or late.

After it is successfully connected install the proprietary software to give the device full functionality, this one comes in different disk with normal installation. All of the devices come with an upfront tutorial showing you basically how to wear and use it.

Considering that this device uses electroencephalogram it is a relatively safe method that does not do any type of tampering with your brain.

The huge number of neurons in your brain release certain frequencies as they are processing to control your whole body and generate thoughts this electrical activity is what the EEG reads, these are frequency bands that the scientist have agreed to divide the frequencies.

They are:

1. Delta waves when in deep meditation and deep sleep with frequencies between 1 and 3 Hz
2. Theta waves when in normal sleep and normal meditation with frequencies between 4 and 7 Hz
3. Alpha waves normally when in relaxation or in acts or self reflection running frequencies between 8 and 12 Hz
4. Beta waves when in active thinking or a state of focus anxiety and high alert running frequencies between 13 and 30 Hz
5. Gamma waves this is in conscious perception running frequencies between 31 and 50 Hz

Of all of this the neurosky mind wave is capable of measuring outputs of the raw brainwaves of between 3 and 100 Hz, it also outputs power spectrums Alpha, Beta, theta and gamma, it has extremely high quality EEG/ECG signal analysis.

There are over 100 plus applications for both mindwave and mobile EEG headsets, this are inclusive of apps developed by neurosky themselves and third party apps, they have a wide range of apps from games, wellness, education and Neuroscience apps for research and development.

So basically the sensors on the mindwave detect faint brainwave signals safely and passively use the modern creations of neurosky technology to interpret the meaning of the brain signals and use it to cause various effects on the application hence giving various activities of your brain the ability to control the applications and you the ability to control such activities.

What is Included in the System?

There are various packages included in the system for various activities the first is meant for games is the mindwave brain wave starter kit which comes with three unique apps; Brain visualize, speed math and Mindwave mobile tutorial more of the apps can be downloaded from the store and a mindwave mobile EEG headset.

Another meant for the games is the MyndPlay bundle which comes with a movie player a wide range of assortment games over 9 games to be specific.

The second set are for education whose starter pack includes mindwave mobile EEG headset and three unique apps more can be downloaded from the store.

There is also the mindwave that includes over 10 apps ranging from fun and games, education, health and more and an environment where the computer is transformed to your own personal tutor and of course the Mindwave headset the white version of it, which is not Bluetooth enabled.

There are various packages which pretty much offer the same stuff they are; for wellness, research and app development.

Cost , Discounts and Free Stuff

You can get the device on Amazon. And I find buying it from amazon very convenient especially if you were planning to buy other things there.

Buy Neurosky mindwave device from amazon here

How to Use MindWave?

Once you have everything ready as per the instructions I gave there above in terms of software installation and everything else all you have to do is put the mindwave headset on and select the app you want to use, then watch as action happens, you will slowly learn how to control the games, music or even videos as time goes.

My Personal Thoughts.

There are so many varying apps that you can use from the store that are free to others that you can pay so you will definitely be covered.

There are various packages for different activities all you have to do is choose the one you require.


This is an amazing product, prove that scientific advancements will keep surprising us, it is a product I would definitely recommend to my friends and family for its safety and mostly for its benefits.

If i have left out anything that you deem necessary please send in you question or comment via the comment section below and i will get back to you.

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