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Diagnostics are very expensive ventures to undertake and especially when you are doing research using a facility that does not belong to your organization, it may cost a fortune not to even mention the availability of the machine at the very time of need.

This is why at times the need arises to understand the manufactures, sellers and cost of such machines since you may want to get them for your labolatory, clinic or an institution that you are an interested party in or maybe you already want to buy the systems and you are simply looking to compare the prices and the quality in the market to get the most value out of your money or maybe you heard about this company known as compumedics Neuroscan.

And you want to learn more for whatever reason, then fine, since I have prepared this review for you so you can understand this manufacturer, their reputation, costs and know their products in detail. If I do leave out anything in this review that you feel may be of use or importance to you then please contact me via the comment section below and I will be sure to get back to you.

Without further ado lets get down to business!

Name: Compumedics NeuroscanNeuroscan Review
Owner: Compumedics Neuroscan
Price: depends on product
Best known for: high tech brain development
Rankings: 80 of 100

What is Compumedics Neuroscan?

This is a very highly regarded company based in the US, it has a commanding stand in the field of brain development.

Iit is a manufacturer of equipment that majorly helps medical practitioners in the field of clinical neuro-diagnostics and research, which is simply using this machines which use very varying means that are very highly technical to do monitoring of vital signs of the brain and neurological status of the brain to do evaluation of a patient’s brain who has acute brain injury.

How Compumedics Neuroscan Works?

Compumedics are a company that manufactures varying products that assist in the field of neuro diagnostics and research, they have many products listed on their website for assistance to the professionals in the medical field some of this products include;

Quick cap electrode system- which are offered in a variety and have the ability to provide high speed Neuroscan Reviewand consistent application of up to 256 electrodes according to the company they are manufactured with highly elastic material that is breathable known as lycra and have soft neoprene electrode gel reservoirs for enhanced patient comfort all placed according to the international standard of 10-20 electrode placement, various sizes are available from small to large and additional extra small sizes for new borns and infant.

MicroMagLink RT meant for EEG/fMRI and EEG/MEG- With this system you get to choose the number of EEG channels and provides a unique system that has the ability to record the pulse sequence and not compromise the EEG data at the same time, this machine with conjunction neuroscan amplifiers can record EEG data through the pulse sequence in up to 3 tesla MRI scanners, it has a feature enabling online and offline of reduction of the ballistocadiogram and pulse sequence artifact and not compromise the integrity of the EEG.

Curry 7- is a neuro imaging software which is split into quite a number of different pieces which have individual licenses which can stand alone or work together when required, due to its complex nature, architecture, expanded functions and great data handling means the ease of use has been carefully considered to make the process of using the system a simple one, some of the features that are included include;

1. Complete ability to process data from filtering to source analysis
2. Supports events, it has template based event detection
3. Integration of EEG, MEG, ECoG, ECG, MCG, with MRI, fMRI, CT, PET, SPECT
4. Sensor coherence and source coherence source analysis

But I Love Raikov Effect better than Neuroscan.

Raikov effect offers you a more valuable tool as it has 5 tools and more Dubuffet. I recommend you take it.

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The major product of this company which can be considered as a major machine in the face of the planet came from a partnership between Compumedics Ltd and Barrow Neurological Institute (BNI) Neuroscan Reviewwhich mainly had really useful services for example sharing of patient databases for epilepsy, autism, and dementia.

It is known as the orion lifespan MEG system which is a system like no other on the face of the earth; Dual header dewar – for adults and pediatric use; Adult dewar contains 192 gradiometers, pediatric 144 gradiometers, it also has 2nd generation axial gradiometers and Sampling rates up to 10kHz with 24-bit resolution also SQUID sensitivity of 3 fTrms/sqrt(Hz) at 100 Hz with Integrated Helium reliquification.

It also brings along 32-256 channels of simultaneous EEG and CURRY Integrated Data Acquisition and Analysis, with Real time event averaging, STIM2 for auditory, visual, tactile stimulation and lastly Synchronized Full-HD digital video the capabilities of this machine are simply not comparable.

What is Included in the System?

What is included in the system really depends on what you purchase, there are a lot of different items with very many different qualities so what you choose or require for your clinic or laboratory really determines what comes in the package;

For example the micromaglink has several things included in it.

They are:

1. fMRI compatible – gmfg

2. MEG compatible

3. External clock sync  – it’s possible and there various channels to choose from with an online artifact detection

4. several real time fMRI artifact correction and has a handicap connector.

Cost, Discount and Free Stuff.

There are no discounts of free stuff here since this is a serious company manufacturing high quality Neuroscan Reviewproducts but the price really depends on the type of product that one is purchasing and also the amount that you are ordering, so to find the price of an item that this company manufactures you would have to get a quotation from them via their website.

My Personal Thoughts.

I like this company from the fact that they are a very credible company with a backing of scientific research having gone into their products which makes them very easy to trust.

Of course they have the best machine for neuroscan making them the  best in the market and am sure anyone would like to work with the best of course.

They have a slight problem though from the fact that they manufacture machines made for professionals within the field,  so purchasing such for your own personal use could be quite difficult and expensive.

Personally i recommend the Raikov effect since it is cheap and a variety of uses can be employed on it by individual users.


This is a company that is reputable and only provides the best, it a company that you can trust to work with and not have a hard time since you will conduct business very professionally.

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