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Neuroactiv6 Review: What You Need to Know!

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Taking care of your brain is a must, especially in the current hectic world.

Unfortunately, people have the time to get their home spaces looking good, taking great care of their cars but never their mental health.

The brain requires constant attention because we really need it to accomplish most of our tasks and even remain generally healthy.

For this reason, Neuroactiv6 comes to play, to help you take care of your brain in a good and beneficial way.

Is it worth it? Does it do what it says it does? Don’t worry because through this Neuroactiv6 review, I will help you find out all of that.

I will help you uncover what it is, its ingredients, its mechanism of action, how to take it, benefits, customer reviews, video review, pro’s and con’s, the side effects, where to buy it online and my final thoughts on it.

So, let’s jump right in.

Name: Neuroactiv6

Best Place to Buy:

Servings: capsules

Ratings: 8/10

What is Neuroactiv6?

This is a supplement that is said to have been formulated in a unique way, using researched ingredients, in order to boost brain energy, focus and general brain function.

The manufacturer claims that they have carefully designed this supplement to ensure that it includes bioactive ingredients, nootropics as well as polyphenol compounds to help lower cortisol levels, promote healthy inflammatory response, raise BDNF protein as well as lower oxidative stress.

You will see all these in great detail within the “Ingredients” section.

The good thing about this supplement is that you won’t have to take many pills, as they have made it into a good, tasty drink with the consideration of the right dosage.

The company behind this product is called NaturalCell.

Neuroactiv6 Ingredients

The brain supplement has been made using a number of well known ingredients in the brain improvement industry. They include:

* Turmeric – This is a root that is best absorbed than any other curcumin.

It generally boosts cognitive functions and is an antioxidant.

* Ashwagandha – This has been proven to help in focus, the enhancement of mood, reduce stress and generally improve cognitive function.

* Coffee Fruit Extract (Neurofactor) – It increases BNDF levels when taken 

thereby supporting neuroprotein levels in humans, something that helps the brain remain active.

* Citicoline – This one is actually a natural brain nutrient that studies have shown helps with focus, increasing brain energy, speeding up formation of brain membranes, attention and recalling information.

* Organic Mediterranean Berries, Fruit and Vegetable BlendNeuroactiv6 ingredients – These have been proven to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and also lower cognitive decline and generally improve your cognitive function.

* Grape Seed Extract – This helps with reducing oxidative stress and promote a healthy inflammatory response.

* Active B Energy Complex – This ingredient boosts brain activity and prevents brain shrinkage.

How it Works

Neuroactiv6 works in these ways;

* Provide the nutrients required by your brain to help your brain decrease oxidative stress.

* Reduce cortisol levels so that the overall performance of your brain is enhanced.

* Energize your brain so that it’s protected from declining and aging not to mention getting it to perform well generally.

* Fight inflammation so that your risk of Alzheimer’s is reduced and reduce stress too.

* Increase BDNF levels in the brain to help in the creation of new neurons as well as maintaining optimal health levels of your brain.

Benefits of Neuroactiv6

* Neuroactiv6 greatly increases your mental speed, clarity and alertness

This has to do with the citicoline that energizes the brain making it work as it should.

* Boosts your mood

If you feel a little bit off in terms of mood, this supplement could offer you the boost you need by helping balance your brain’s cortisol levels.

* Helps with memoryNeuroactiv6 benefits

Memory fades because of many things such as stress, some brain diseases or even the brain being fatigued.

This supplement helps improve your memory through its ingredients thereby helping you think faster, much clearer and retain information for long periods of time.

* Increase libido

This is a crucial area in relationships and the ingredients used in the formulation of this supplement have proven to help improve your sex life greatly.

* Help with cognitive decline and aging

Neuroactiv6 provides your brain with important nutrients that help your brain remain active and young.

How to Take The Supplement

The right dose for you is just one scoop of the supplement a day.

And many people say they take it as a smoothie.

Where to Buy Neuroactiv6 Online

The best place to order your bottle would be on

Pro’s and Con’s 

The Pro’s

* The supplement boost cognitive functionsthe pro's

* The company behind the product is legitimate

* The supplement has been formulated using natural ingredients

* There are no side effects associated with the use of the supplement

* Ingredients have been well researched

* Company offers a 60 days money back guarantee

* The supplement is NON-GMO, gluten free, soy free and dairy free

* The supplement has a good taste (to most people)

The Con’s

* The supplement is expensive

Customer Reviews on Neuroactiv6

Positive Reviews

This is what some of the happy users said:

* The supplement really works

* The supplement has give her, her life back

* Very pleased with the product and has even recommended it to friends.

Negative Reviewscons and disadvantages

And here is what people who didn’t like it said:

* Wished there was no steavia in the supplement.

* The taste was not so good.

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The Side Effects

The company claims that you will not experience any side effects because the ingredients that have been used are natural and have been well researched. 

And I also didn’t see anyone who had gotten side effects after having it.

However, people are different and it is always good to avoid the supplement if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. 

Moreover, it is wise to consultant with your doctor before using the supplement.

My Final Thoughts

Neuroactiv6 is a good and healthy option for your brain and I recommend it.

The company is very transparent on everything about how the supplement works and its ingredients and ensure that it is natural to avoid any risks.

Many companies are not keen with offering this and this is why I feel Neuroactiv6 has your best interest at heart.

However, that is my opinion and I would like to point out that how best the supplement works depends on your health and reaction to the ingredients.

So be sure you visit a doctor to know if, based on your health and other factors, you should use it.

And that is pretty much it with Neuroactiv6.

In case you have any thoughts, questions or feedback on the supplement, please drop them in the comments and I will be happy to look into them and respond. 

Make sure you leave a comment or you will be haunted by Casper, the friendly ghost. 🙂

Here’s to healthy minds! 


4 thoughts on “Neuroactiv6 Review: What You Need to Know!

  1. i think i may be needing this supplement! Thank you for the review of this product. I understand that you mention about improving ones memory. I need something that would really really improve my memory. I really have a bad memory / short term memory. I also think I that I am a selective listener. anyway, thanks in advance! 

    1. Sure AJ, 

      Give it a go and let me know how it works for you.

      Have a good day! 🙂

  2. Pentrental says:

    I agree, taking care of the brain is a must. Some things are important like sleep and engaging activity, but what also can help along the way is a good supplement, and it looks like you found a nice one here in NeuroActiv6. I’ve heard lots of good things about turmeric so that it’s an ingredient is excellent. I like that these ingredients are all pretty natural as well. I’ll definitely be saving your amazon link for when it’s soon time to re-stock the supplement cabinet, well done!

    1. Thanks for stopping by,

      We really appreciate. 

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